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Product Information
Amteker Kitchen Tools Cooking Oil Grease Trap Filter Stainless Steel Oil Fat Separator Bowl with Handle&Mouth Oil Strainer Separat Oiler
4.33 / 5   (3 Reviews)
Price: $12.60


Gravy separator; create smooth, reduced-fat gravy
Strainer fits into gravy separator pitcher; filters fat and debris as gravy moves from pan to separator
Spout design, the soup mouth centralized design is not easy to reflux. Can effectively filter out the excess oil, eat more healthy
Made of SUS304 stainless steel, smooth and rounded, high pressure processing for connection bit
With a handle, not afraid of hot hand, filtered soup mouth fit in the bottom of the grease trap


Doesn't include a strainer

27 Dec, 2017
This doesn't have a built-in strainer which is really needed. It's also very small. This is good or bad depending on how you intend to use this. I separate small batches of stock with this aft... more »


17 Sep, 2017
I use this alot,really works more »

Much smaller than it appears

06 Jul, 2017
I give it four stars because it is exactly as pictured,  you just have to be very careful how you LOOK at the photo.  It looks like they're spooning something into the colander sized str... more »