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Product Information
OfsPower Rearview Rainproof Membrane White 2-PCS Anti Fog Mist Glare Scratch, Waterproof Rear View Film, Mirror Window Protective Car Accessories, Circle
4.90 / 5   (10 Reviews)
Price: $6.99


WATERROOF MEMBRANE : Universal design to fit all standard rearview mirror film for car/vehicle/truck/trailer to stand out of possible dangers when it is rainy, foggy or misty day.
ANTI-GLARE : Not only made to resist water but also against strong sunlight, reduce the reflection effectively.
OPTICAL NANO MATERIALS : Nano coating film with 99% penetration to clarify faint sight in a rainy or foggy day and PET to feature anti-scratch for longer usage.
EASY TO INSTALL : Clean the mirror with cleaning kit first, spray water to the rearview mirror, tear one of film and paste to the mirror, remove the bubbles with scraper to make the mirror evenly and smoothly, then tear off another side, done !
PACKAGE INCLUDE : 2 pieces rainproof film, a set of screen cleaning kit, please do not hesitate to contact if there is any questions



06 Jan, 2019
Easy to apply and does what it says... #rankbooster #Efficient #EasyToApply #Wonderful more »


27 Dec, 2018
Makes it easier to see! more »

Easy to apply, clearer view

17 Dec, 2018
This is an inexpensive and safer way of driving when we have bad weather. At first,  I didn't think it would really make a difference or even work.  To my surprise,  it comes in han... more »

Great product

12 Dec, 2018
Great product. This car film with rearview mirrors is very very usefull and reaky easy to set. It works perfect on rainy days, even on heavy rainy days. This item provide a clear vision to keep you sa... more »

Very convenient

10 Dec, 2018
When it rains, my rear view mirror always get a little foggy, and has rain drops all over it. This makes it very difficult to see clearly, and can be dangerous as well. This rear view mirror film real... more »


06 Dec, 2018
 #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Ofspower Very easy to install and with bad weather in the forecast, I am grateful for the quick delivery. more »

Great Idea and Great Value

03 Dec, 2018
You really can't put a price on the value of clear sight when driving in inclement weather. This set goes right over the existing rear view mirrors and provides a fog-free, scratch-free, crystal c... more »

Let's see it

02 Dec, 2018
Very nice, well made and easy to install. It actually does work. The evening after i installed it, it rained and worked just as described. more »


01 Dec, 2018

Great Rainproof Membrane

01 Dec, 2018
I have no clue what this thing is made of but it's pretty awesome!!! living here in texas and it'... more »