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9 Inch Healthy Green Ceramic Non Stick Fry/Frying Pans,Small egg/Omelet/Omelette Pan,Hommate Organic Ceramic Titanium Pan/Cookware/Skillet,Non Toxic,PTFE/PFOA Free,Oven Safe 400F,Dishwasher Safe
4.90 / 5   (20 Reviews)
Price: $18.99


●Healthy & Safe -- Completely PTFE / PFOA free & FDA approved. The green-friendly interior is designed with an organic, water-based ceramic coating for a safe, natural, healthy dining experience.
●Superior Non-stick Performance -- Made with a water-based ceramic coating ideal for cooking messy foods like eggs, omelets, cheeses, and vegetables. The special non-stick surface also makes cleanup quick and easy.For better maintaining and extend the life time ,please do follow non-stick coating care instruction on card before use
●Dishwasher Safe & Ultra Durable -- Interior is reinforced with titanium element for scratch-resistant and pro-grade durability. The scratch-proof surface protects against high heat, promotes longer use. This product is dishwasher safe and shielded from rust and corrosion.
●Oven Safe & Even Cooking -- Special bottom design for even heat and non-wobbling. Designed for professional multiple cooking use, this pan is oven safe, and can withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees F. Subtly sloped edges and a reinforced flat bottom ensures even heat distribution without hot spots, so food cooks evenly.
●Convenient Design -- Lightweight aluminum body and elegantly crafted oven-safe handle. Equipped with a sleek, gorgeous stainless steel handle built for convenience and style. The specially designed handle last longer than plastic handles that crack, chip, or melt. The light aluminum body promotes easy cooking in the kitchen.


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10 May, 2018
One of the best non-stop pans I've used in a long time.  The ceramic coating allows you to cook without any fat, super easy to clean and it can go in the oven and dishwasher,  definitely... more »

Great pan for cooking healthy

19 Mar, 2018
Hommate Hommate 9 Inch Non Stick Frying Pan Nonstick Frying Pan,Omelette Pan,Small Frying Pan,Egg Pan,Omelet Pan,Egg Skillet Nonstick Fry Pan Nonstick Green Ceramic Frying Pan,Healthy Non Toxic,Ove... more »

Awesome for Nonstick

13 Mar, 2018
What an awesome nonstick pan!   Made scrambled eggs and not a single egg stuck.....keep in mind... I still added butter but still....nothing...you'd have thought the pan was completely... more »

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26 Feb, 2018
One of the best non-stop pans I've used in a long time.  The ceramic coating allows you to cook without any fat, super easy to clean and it can go in the oven and dishwasher,  definitely... more »

Nice pan.. Does what I expected it to!

15 Dec, 2017
  Nice pan, nothing is sticking with the foods I've fried or cooked. Everything slides right out. I'm liking this pan! more »

The 9" Hommate Tipan Ceramic Frying Pan - Preferred Over a Rachel Ray Cookware Set and Spurs JCs Cookware Project of 2018.

04 Dec, 2017
This 9" Healthy Green Ceramic Titanium Non Stick Frying Pan by Hommate sold by Phoenix Sapphire on Amazon was the reason for this realization all of a sudden this Sunday morning and officially pa... more »


03 Dec, 2017
it works more »

Awesome quality, great for everybody

02 Dec, 2017
This pan is great quality and ideal for everybody. If you are a beginner, this is the pan for you as its really hard for you to mess it up when cooking with it. Food doesn't stick and burn easi... more »

This skillet is a tough little bugger!!!

30 Nov, 2017
I like this skillet and it is tough as nails.  As most do when a product has claims of excellance you try to prove it wrong.  I don't know why human nature works that way.  But with... more »

Love this Pan! I now make perfect eggs!

27 Nov, 2017
I have wanted one of these pans since I saw them on TV, but didn't believe they were as great as the TV commercial. I was wrong, this Pan is perfect. I didn't even use button or oil on the pan... more »

I may have to get more in bigger sizes and for gifts!

27 Nov, 2017
This pan truly is non stick, heats up very quick, with a nice even heat. I tried eggs in it, and the ease of use was great. My only complaint is the handle did get slightly hot but it wasn't too b... more »


24 Nov, 2017


21 Nov, 2017
This is my go to pan for my eggs, and my pancakes. I like to use it to cook my smaller things in because it is the perfect size and nothing sticks to it. My pancakes will just slide right off and onto... more »

Perfect size

21 Nov, 2017
My daughter love this pan. It doesn't stick it just perfect rhank you #rankbooster  more »

Love this Pan!

17 Nov, 2017
Y’all this skillet just gave me life. One I didn’t use any oil to make the egg. It slide all over the pan and this is just what I need to cut the fat out. Would highly recommend. more »

Love it

12 Nov, 2017
I absolutely love this pan it is great to make eggs in or anything else and super easy to clean. I like it so much that i want one in every size and color. I think this is the best pan i have ever own... more »

Great companion to the 12 inch.

12 Nov, 2017
I bought this one after my 5 star experience with the larver version. This one is just as good and works great for smaller portion cooking. The nonstick surface works really well with everything I hav... more »

Easy cook - Easy clean

10 Nov, 2017
I️ am really happy to have a pan that doesn’t need oil to be nonstick. It is also easy to clean! What more could you want? more »

9 inch and 10.5 inch Hommate Organic Ceramic Titanium Pan

19 Jul, 2017
These are the nonstick ceramic coated titanium aluminum fry pan by Hommate. The sizes are 9 inch and 10.5 inch. These pans are oven safe up to 400 degrees. The ceramic coating is PTFE and PFOA free. T... more »