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Product Information
Bins & Things Modular Stackable and Expandable Hardware Organizer Bins with Drawers - Set of 4 Bins
4.73 / 5   (15 Reviews)
Price: $25.99


Bins & Things 4 Pack Craft and Hardware Plastic Storage Drawers

Bins & Things is the industry leader in stackable storage bins with our extremely durable small plastic storage containers with drawers. With a variety of ways to stack and link them together, you can purchase multiple 4 packs to connect as many drawers together as you need. Optimize your storage space and keep everything properly organized for when you need it. Features:

  • Small storage drawers: 6\"W x 6.9\"D x 4\"H each
  • Built with extremely durable thick plastic material that will never crack or break. No cheap or flimsy plastic drawers or containers that will break if you drop them
  • Easy to put together and take apart. Stack or link together side by side within seconds
  • Easy to open & close plastic drawers
  • Plastic dividers in each stacking drawer so you can section off each as you please. For example: Keep different sized screws in each section
  • Great for keeping inventory in warehouse, organizing your garage or workshop, small crafts and beads, hardware, fishing hooks and supplies, electrical connectors and components, screws, bolts, and much more!

Backed by our Satisfaction Guarantee. When it comes to storage, you expect reliability and durability. At Bins & Things, we manufacture only the best of the best to ensure all your small parts storage needs are met.


Great For Crafting

11 May, 2019
This Bins & Things Stackable Modular Organizer is perfect to store craft supplies. I do lots of crafting and this set of 4 bins with 8 compartments is spacious. It can hold a lot of items. It was... more »

The Organization Solution is here!

19 Apr, 2019
Perfectly stackable and neat!  They will fit into whatever space you have for them to fit into.  Organizing the garage was way more difficult before we got these bins.  There are little... more »

Well made

11 Mar, 2019
I have been busy working on getting my shed organized and I found these nifty little storage containers. They are easy to stack or connect side by side. They are actually bigger than I thought they wo... more »

Perfect for the garage!

04 Mar, 2019
These bins are great for the garage. They not only are a good size and come with 4 drawers they are a nice quality. My husband can but nuts and bolts in them along with any other garage related stuff.... more »

Perfect size

26 Feb, 2019
My husband is a wood craftsman. He is always buying new router bits and never has enough storage to put them up. These storage drawers are perfect for all his bits. They staxk nicely together.  more »

Hard to put together/take apart, great organizers

24 Feb, 2019
I wasn't sure what I would use these for, since I am always organizing things and have a million tubs and bins to do it with. But I liked the design and figured it might be good for smaller items... more »


23 Feb, 2019
I got these for my son legos for the small pieces that always get lost they are very durable and well made  more »

Great set of bins

22 Feb, 2019
this is a really great set of bins, I personally use mine for craft supplies of every sort. They really are universal, stackable and come with several kids if you choose to place them individually. Th... more »

Strong and feels like it will last !

22 Feb, 2019
I wanted some extra storage in my garage for all the nuts and bolts I had laying around and this did the trick. Each bin feels like nice heavy plastic that will take a beaten if needed and along the s... more »

Durable, Stackable, Storage bins.

21 Feb, 2019
Four bins that interconnect with one another in a few different ways. You can line them up and connect them side by side, or stack them on top of one another or different variations of such. They have... more »

Durable Set of Bins

21 Feb, 2019
These bins are really nice. They arrived packaged well. The plastic is strong, thick, and well made. They don’t come with instructions so you have to go back to the original listing or remember... more »

Bins and things Modular Stackable and Expandable Organizer bins

16 Feb, 2019
These expand by hooking the sliding slots on the sides of the bins.  To stack them, they don't have any type of way to keep them in place.  The drawers work well, and they are a good siz... more »

Great for storing desk accessories!

15 Feb, 2019
I plan to do a little diy with these bins and plan to store themm on my desk and use them to hold desk accessories. Push pins, paper clips, even some crayons and such as well there long enough for it... more »

The PERFECT Bin Container

11 Feb, 2019
I love this. It has removable parts so I can make each section whatever size I want. I use them for all my crafts!! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07KRP651X #rankboosterreview #sponsored #Bins&T... more »

Great stackable storage bins

10 Feb, 2019
 These stackable storage bins for grade in my garage for nuts and bolts and what nots seem to be built out of sturdy nice plastic highly recommended #RankBoosterReview  more »