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Product Information
Spiral Vegetable Slicer 3 Blades Multifunctional Vegetable Shredder Veggie Pasta Spaghetti Noodle Maker
4.50 / 5   (6 Reviews)
Price: $18.99


✔ EASY TO USE: The slicer is an easy-to-use, handy tool that makes zucchini spaghetti, cucumber ribbon strands, curly fries or long, spiral apple strands; and there is frame for storing 2 blades, which will save the kitchen space for you.
✔ CREATIVE DESIGN: Spiral Vegetable Slicer is perfect for small kitchen let alone the big one. What\'s more it\'s assembled by many different parts so you can wash them separately. With this tool you can get vegetables and fruit into the best shape you want in no time. Ideal for potatoes, carrots, apples, cucumbers...
✔ POWERFUL SUNCTION FEET: There are four power suction feet at the bottom of the machine which can sure that the spiral vegetable slicer on your counter tightly. Of course, you can remove it from your counter easily.
✔ THREE TYPES OF BLADES: Shredder blade (small holes), chipper blade (large holes), and straight blade. A storage compartment beneath the frame stores two blades and the third blade comes already in place.
✔ MATERIAL: The frame and blade plates of spiral vegetable slicer are made of high-quality, impact-resistant ABS plastic which is BPA-free and non-toxic. And the blades are made of durable stainless steel.


Excellent unit.

11 Mar, 2018
I love this unit and its versatility. Makes excellent spirals and much better than the cap and twist units. Does a great job shredding and slicing as well. Durable parts and easy to disassemble blades... more »

Spaghetti veggies!

06 Feb, 2018
This hand crank spiral Vegetable Slicer is just like the old school apple peeler machines. You place the vegetable in the middle and turn the crank what comes out the other end is spaghetti shaped veg... more »

Missing pieces

28 Jan, 2018
 I was disappointed when this item arrived today because two of the blades were missing and I was looking forward to be able to try it out and use it and make like spiral vegetable spaghetti for... more »

Spiral Veggie Slicer

21 Dec, 2017
This slicer is awesome! It is heavy duty and a great size to fit all types of vegetables and fruits.  more »

love it

13 Dec, 2017
OMG. It actually works like the videos say it should. I mean, everything is so simple. I love doing onions now because I just spiralize them then take a few swipes with a knife and viola! Chopped onio... more »


10 Dec, 2017
I love this thing! You can pretty much do any fun thing with vegetables that you want to with this thing and that makes eating them a bit more fun. I like trying to make ribbon chips from potatoes.&nb... more »