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Product Information
2 Twisted Triple Knotted Rope Bone for Dogs (20”) by SunGrow - Heavy Duty Cotton - Brightly Colored Chew Play Toys, Suitable for even Medium & Large Breed Dogs : Cleans Pup’s Teeth as they play
4.80 / 5   (5 Reviews)
Price: $16.95


CONSTRUCTED WITH SAFE, DURABLE MATERIALS --- Heavy duty and 100% pet safe, the amusing pair of SunGrow Triple Knotted Rope Bones are ready to be played with right out of the package. Made with tightly twisted, durable cotton yarn, these fun and long lasting 20" (51cm) long chew toys for dogs are designed for daily play and are easy on the teeth of your beloved pets. The cotton fiber is free from chemicals and plastics, safe for dogs of all ages.
INTERACTIVE TOY FOR BONDING AND EXERCISING --- Perfect for playing tug-of-war and other games with your family dog, the strong and enticing SunGrow Rope Toy for Dogs provides stimulation, entertainment and exercise for the whole family. The triple knotted twisted rope bone is great for dog and family bonding time, two new playmates getting to know each other or one dog chewing on the rope by himself. A fun way for both you and your dog to get a workout while enjoying each other's company.
HELPS PREVENT UNWANTED CHEWING --- Some dogs, particularly young puppies who are teething, will inconveniently chew on things such as furniture, shoes, socks and other personal items. By providing your puppy with the SunGrow Knotted Rope Bone to chew on, he will focus on his toy instead of causing unnecessary destruction to your home and property. The knotted and twisted design combined with the sturdy cotton material help this rope toy withstand the the puppy teeth without fraying or ripping.
COMFORTABLE WAY TO CLEAN DOG'S TEETH --- Not only are the attractive and charming SunGrow Twisted Rope Toys for Dogs fun and addictive, they are also a great way to help prevent dental diseases in your canine companion. By allowing your dogs to chew on the soft, yet durable knotted rope bone, they will inadvertently be flossing their gums with the cotton rope fibers and cleaning their teeth while they play and chew with their new favorite toy.
BRIGHTLY COLORED AND EASY TO FIND --- If your family dog, like many other dogs, likes to hide his toys, the brightly colored SunGrow Triple Knotted Rope Bone is easy to find. Whether it's under the couch, on the bed or in the doghouse, the vibrant red and grey striped dog toy will stand out and be easy to recover. Feel free to play fetch or tug-of-war outside with the colorful rope without worrying about losing it in the yard.


toughest toy I've ever purchased

21 Sep, 2017
I have ordered a lot of different dog toys over the last 6 months, due to the fact that I was matched with a service dog that gets easily bored when he's at home and not 'working.' Sadly,... more »

Great toy!

06 Sep, 2017
This toy is very durable for being a rope toy! Most rope toys my dog gets are shredded within the first day and these ones have lasted sense I ordered them! Like 2 weeks almost now! Trust me great siz... more »

My Dogs Love This Toy!

20 Jul, 2017
When I gave my dogs these rope bone toys they started playing with them right and have not stopped playing with them since. They throw them around, chew on it and love when you play tug of war with th... more »

Dog Loves It!

09 Jul, 2017
My puppy absolutely loves this toy! I was extremely satisfied with it. Usually they are built very skinny and this one was perfect with thickness and twisted. It also came a 2pk so that was a great ad... more »

These are the best

09 Jul, 2017
 these rope toys are HUGE! Definitely with the price, and nicer than I've seen at the pet stores recently! Rope and knots are tough and durable. My Sassy-girl and the neighbor's bull... more »