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Product Information
Kitchen utensil set - cooking utensils - kitchen tools - spatula - free bonus: corkscrew wine bottle opener stopper - spatula - tongs - whisk - soup ladle - pasta server - nonstick utensils set
4.38 / 5   (8 Reviews)
Price: $12.00


NO MORE CHEAP KITCHEN UTENSIL SETS: Professional or home cook, this kitchen set of 8 cooking utensils gives you all the tools to make cooking much easier
COMPLETE COOKING SET OF 8: tongs + turner spatula + 2 stage whisk + pasta server + deep soup ladle + handheld strainer. 2 BONUSES: Wine bottle opener (corkscrew) and wine bottle stopper
DURABLE: The most durable utensils set in the market features thick handles designed using top-grade stainless steel, and utensil heads made out of durable silicone. Even with daily use, they\'re designed to not bend like plastic utensils, not break like wooden kitchen tools, and not rust like other metallic utensils.
NO MORE MELTING: Unlike rubber and plastic utensils that easily melt the minute you leave them in the pan, the high heat tolerance of the silicone heads prevents this from happening. The silicone withstands temperatures of up to 480F while remaining unscathed.
NO PLASTIC - NO SCRATCHES - NO PROBLEM: There is no trace of plastic in the entire construction. This kitchen utensils set is FDA approved to be completely free of BPA and latex. Order now


No plastic and No melting , set of 8

04 Sep, 2018
https://www.amazon.com/Kitchen-utensil-set-utensils-corkscrew/dp/B07GRNGNS4 #Rogert   #Kitchenset  , Kitchentools  nonsticks set  NO PLASTIC  and  NO MORE MELTING &... more »

New Kitchen Must Have

03 Sep, 2018
Every new kitchen deserves new utensils.   This set arrived quickly and well packaged.  Each of the 6 pieces is made of a brushed silver with black silicone. Each piece is sturdy.... more »

Great set

01 Sep, 2018
Set looks really nice and we'll made more »

Cannot review - damaged in transit, refunded

30 Aug, 2018
I am unable to leave a review on this product. I ordered it and the next day got the shipping notice. The following day I got an email saying my money had been refunded. I looked it up on Amazon to se... more »

Lost in transit

30 Aug, 2018
Lost in transit =(  #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Sportlian https://www.amazon.com/Kitchen-utensil-set-utensils-corkscrew/dp/B07GRNGNS4   Product description PERFEC... more »

Great value considering the items included!

30 Aug, 2018
What I like the most? It's stainless steel finish with black accents that perfectly matches with all my kitchen appliances and gadgets! Includes 8 pieces: spatula, wine stopper, cork screw opener,... more »

8 piece set W 2 Bonuses

29 Aug, 2018
You will love this set of 8 cooking utensils by SPORTLIAN. In this set you get Tongs, Turner, Spatula, Whisk, Pasta Server, Soup Ladle, Handheld Strainer and 2 BONUSES: Wine Bottle Opener and Stopper.... more »