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Product Information
Toothbrush Heads,8Pack Replacement Toothbrush Heads Compatible with Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush,EasyClean,Power UP,HealthyWhite,FlexCare,DiamondClean and More Sonic Snap-On Brush Handles
4.56 / 5   (25 Reviews)
Price: $14.89



1.Q:When do I need replace?
A:Blue suggestive brush prompts you to replace the sonicare toothbrush heads for phillips. Dentists recommend replace sonicare brush heads at least once every 3 months.
2.Q:What is the material?
A: Our sonicare replacement heads are made with DuPont Tynex Nylon which has been recognized as the great material in the oral care synthetic filament industry.The rounded bristles help prevent gum damage and deliver a comfortable brushing experience.
3.Q: Is it difficult to install?
A: No,snap-on system for easy installation , sonicare brush heads replacement easier.
4.Q:Will it be noisy?
A:Design of metal shockring, it can balance sonic care replacement brush heads deepclean for phillips vibration and reduce noise achieve deep cleaning.The philips sonicare toothbrush heads are fixed firmly on the base. The premium internal components ensure perfect operation every time.


-FlexCare (+)/ FlexCare Platinum
HX6921/HX6930/HX6950/HX6972/HX6973/HX6992/HX6995/HX9140/HX9141/HX9142/HX9170/HX9171/HX9172/HX9182/HX6970/HX6934/ HX6902/

-HealthyWhite (+)
HX8923/HX8911/HX8918/HX6710/HX6711/HX6712/HX6721/HX6722/ HX6730/HX6731/HX6732/HX6733/HX6750/HX6761/HX6781/HX6782/HX6780

HX6510/HX6511/HX6512/HX6530/HX6552/HX6581/ HX6582/HX6220/HX6231/HX6201/HX6211/HX6212/HX6221/HX6250/HX6252/HX6253


-Other Model

Not for Essence/E-Series/Advance/Elite/CleanCare/Extreme
Not for Screw-on Philips


Fit Sonicare Perfect!

14 May, 2019
not much more I can say on these- perfect replacement heads, have held up as the name brand ones- great deal more »

Nicely Packaged and cute color rings

11 May, 2019
#amy  #sonicare  #toothbrush heads #sunartac  The case in easily fits in a drawer for later use. Fit my Sonicare Perfectly. Contains 8 pack of sonicare toothbrush heads with 8... more »

These brushes are great!!

26 Apr, 2019
These off brand toothbrush work great on my phillip sonicare toothbrush. They clean my teeth really good. I would def recommend them for anyone that wants some good brushes for your teeth and dont wan... more »

Great !

23 Apr, 2019
These are great to replace my old toothbrush heads with fresh new ones. Fits my Philios Sonicare.  #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Sunartec more »

Why pay twice as much for the exact same Replacement brushes?

23 Apr, 2019
These are great.  They look and feel just like the name brand only these are way less expensive.  Recommend. more »

Good set of toothbrush heads

23 Apr, 2019
This is a good set of toothbrush heads, worked realy well with my philips soniccare electric toothbrush. I must say that the heads are a little bit different than the original, so it took me a few day... more »

Bristles are not to hard or too soft

16 Apr, 2019
it fits the snap on handle toothbrush of my daughter. Its easy to install. The bristles are just right texture, not too hard for the gums and not too soft as well.  more »

Better price than store prices for just one.

16 Apr, 2019
I like they not expensive. They fit great. They look good quality. They look durable. I like them a lot. They do clean teeth. more »

Perfect fit

11 Apr, 2019
#diamondclean #Rankboosterreview #sponsored works perfect, easy fit, easy to change heads, soft bristled  more »

As good as the real thing

10 Apr, 2019
I have a sonicare toothbrush that I love but hate the cost of the replacement heads so reguarly buy compatible heads but have found all are not equal. Some have been great while others are too hard an... more »

Fit two different brands

10 Apr, 2019
These are great quality little toothbrush heads that fit on two different brands of sonic toothbrushes making them very versatile and at a much better price than the original name brand heads. A++++ f... more »

09 Apr, 2019
Fit my toothbrush perfectly! more »

Works great

08 Apr, 2019
Fits well and cleans my teeth well just like the toothbrush heads that came with the toothbrush. more »

Lot of brushes

07 Apr, 2019
These fit well.  They look and feel as good as the original.  There are 8 in each pack which means I won't have to order new ones for quite a while.  I'm pleased with my purchas... more »

Electric toothbrush heads

05 Apr, 2019
These heads work well with my sonicare electric toothbrush and at a fraction of the brand cost! Worth investing in.  more »

starsAwesome product, amazing price!

03 Apr, 2019
These replacement brushes are the real deal. Arguably they are as good or better then the ones that come with the toothbrush. They are large. Much bigger than any replacement head I've ever tried... more »

great product

02 Apr, 2019
i like the product looks sturdy but i ordered the wrong one for my electric toothbrush but goodthing it fits my brothers toothbrush so i just gave it to him! so far so good more »

Great replacement heads for Sonicare

31 Mar, 2019
https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07LCMTZMP  #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored  #Sunartec more »

Quality replacement Heads

31 Mar, 2019
These are great, affordable heads that are compatible with my new Philips Sonicare toothbrush. I love how they have different colored rings around them so I can tell the difference between my husband&... more »

Fits my Sonicare!

29 Mar, 2019
This 8 pack of toothbrush heads fit my Sonicare electric toothbrush and looks idential to the original heads. I am amazed that I can purchase them at a fraction of the cost! I am looking forward to sa... more »

What a value!

29 Mar, 2019
I never understood why certain things cost so much (I'm lying, I know what capitalism is), or why there aren't cheaper alternatives for things we need. I mean, there's always traditional m... more »

fits Sonicare electric toothbrush perfectly

28 Mar, 2019
#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #8 pack toothbrush heads by Amy These fit my Sonicare toothbrush perfectly. Great quality!! more »

Great buy

27 Mar, 2019
These replacement toothbrush heads that are compatible with the sonicare toothbrush is amazing! They are exactly what my family and I have been looking for and needing. When you buy the sonicare tooth... more »

coupon code did not work. Over charged. Did not order product

07 Jan, 2019
coupon code did not work. Over charged. Did not order product more »