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Product Information
Yan Hou Tang Organic Taiwanese Jasmine Green Tea bags - 20 Counts Pure Flower Flavor Taste Sugar Free Loose Leaf for Detox Weight Loss relaxation and stress reduction relief SGS FDA Verified
4.56 / 5   (16 Reviews)
Price: $6.99


Original Grown and Made in Taiwan

- Organic Jasmine Green Tea - Internal Brand of Yan Hou Tang over 30 countries

- Verified by US FDA and Detected by SGS, safe and health to drink

- Original Grown in Taiwna High Mountain and Made in Taiwan

- Tea garden and fame include Ali Shan, LiShan, Da Yu Ling, Sun Link Sea

- Drink of Taiwan help to keep health, lose fat and enjoy life, let\'`s share to friends.

- Follow \"Yan Hou Tang\" ~ get user support, knowledge of health, promotion, discount and customer service.


perfect taste

11 Jul, 2019
Love this tea. Taste is perfect and full of flavor. more »


08 Jul, 2019
I love trying new things, and jasmine green tea sounded like an interesting product to try. I am a bit particular about my tea, but I was very pleasantly surprised by how great this tea tast... more »


28 Jun, 2019
This is an Organic Taiwanese Jasmine Green Tea. The packages includes 20 Count tea bags with a Pure Flower Flavor and Taste. It is Sugar Free! Great for Detox and Weight Loss, relaxation, and str... more »

Great Taste!

24 Jun, 2019
I Love My Tea, plus Excellent Taste! Thank You! more »

Nice Flavor ! Very Aromatic!

18 Jun, 2019
This Jasmine tea by #YanHouTang is very flavorful. Tastes like Jasmine Flowers. It's very smooth. It's also very aromatic.  Makes for a nice tea time either alone or with friends. Comes i... more »

Tastes great

07 Jun, 2019
This is some really good tasting tea. Me and my mom both love it more »


17 May, 2019
Some time ago I read an article about the taste changes of certain teas depending on the water used to brew it. They compared a few types of tea (green, English breakfast, and aged oolong from Ta... more »

Not for me.

05 May, 2019
I did not like the taste of this tea it was not for me. more »

Tea arrived damaged, I was refunded but never got a chance to try the tea.

21 Apr, 2019
I ordered this Yan Hou Tang jasmine tea and was really looking forward to trying it. I like the idea that it is sugar free and advertises that it helps promote weight loss, relaxation and stress reduc... more »

Rich but not overpowering

17 Apr, 2019
Love the flavor, convenient bags and reclossble seal more »

Love, Love, Love Hot Tea

15 Apr, 2019
As soon as I get out of bed in the mornings, I make a cup or two of hot tea. I love hot tea, all kinds of tea. This particular brand of tea, Jasmine Green Tea is said to be good for weight loss and fo... more »

Green Tea

14 Apr, 2019
I am not able to drink caffeine when I need that extra boost of energy so I have been trying different green tea items to help. My favorite is a V8 Energy with green tea but sometimes you just want ho... more »

Some of the best green tea you will ever try.

09 Apr, 2019
This tea is wonderful.  Smooth and relaxing and so refreshing.  Great price too. Recommend. more »

so yummy!

07 Apr, 2019
This Jasmine Green Tea is delicious. I am a tea lover and I have pretty high standards when it come to what kind of tea I want in my cup in the morning. This is a kind of sweet tea, I actually don'... more »

Great gift

22 Mar, 2019
The bags are thinner than expected but good quality. Gave this to my son’s teacher and she loved the taste. She turned it into homemade sweet tea.  more »


21 Mar, 2019
This is a lovely, brightly scented and strong Jasmine Green Tea. The aroma is very fresh and floral and very clearly jasmine. The tea itself is quite sharp, with a clean, crisp green tea flavor. I... more »