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Product Information
Beauty4Lyfe Retinol Vitamin C Serum for Face: Anti Aging Skin Care Serum to Minimize Wrinkles and Fade Dark Circles - Daily Hydrating and Firming Facial and Eye Serums for Younger Looking Skin 2 fl oz
4.57 / 5   (49 Reviews)
Price: $9.99


✔️ WRINKLE REDUCER: This topical serum helps to fill in fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful appearance; apply to the skin twice daily focusing on areas under eyes or where wrinkles are present
✔️ FIRMING FORMULA: Packed with powerful ingredients like retinol, our serum hydrates and helps enhance collagen production to firm and lift skin; formula also helps to protect skin from sun damage
✔️ DARK SPOT CORRECTOR: Vitamin C works to improve skin discoloration, helping to fade dark circles, redness, age spots and acne scars; effortlessly evens skin tone for a beautifully glowing complexion
✔️ SMOOTH AND BRIGHTEN: Regain your youthful glow with this serum that delivers liquid vitamin C straight to your skin; continued use will smooth wrinkles and brighten skin, revealing your natural beauty
✔️ NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Formulated by our team of in-house chemists, our formula contains all natural ingredients including Vitamins C and E; each is an antioxidant that helps to nourish and heal skin


Vitamin C serum

05 Jun, 2019
I love this stuff. Use it every morning and it really helps my skin  more »

Soothing, Smoothing & Pleasant

01 May, 2019
I absolutely love all serums, moisturizers, eye creams and collect as many as possible. Vitamin C has so many benefits that I had to try this one out. Some products I have used in the past had a st... more »

Most Amazing

27 Apr, 2019
This vitamin C serum for face is most amazing, I have been using it for several months and the results are amazing.  It helps with minimizing wrinkles and fades dark circles.  It hydrates my... more »

Love how it made me look and feel

29 Mar, 2019
used product as directed and after a couple weeks I definitely will say I noticed a difference.  more »

Great Serum

26 Mar, 2019
This is a great serum. It reduces dryness therefore the wrinkles are minimized. more »

Did not receive

30 Dec, 2018
I am not sure what has happened with the package for this item, but it has not arrived. Again, as with another item I didn't get, it shows as delivered on Amazon's shipping, but I don't kn... more »

Beginning to Notice

20 Dec, 2018
I have almost used half of this bottle, and I can see some lightening under my eyes. I cannot see a difference in my skin tone, firmness or evenness. I will keep using and post an update at a later ti... more »

Beauty4lyfe Retinol Vitamin C Serum

14 Dec, 2018
I like this in the summer to help with my skin that is effected by the sun.  It seems to help smooth out the surface of the skin on my chest that has been slightly burned and damaged.  I use... more »

Love it!!!

05 Dec, 2018
I have been using this for over a month now and I can really see the difference in my fine lines. I love the way my skin looks it's amazing.  It goes on so smooth. I wish I had gotten this a... more »

I'd say it works

05 Dec, 2018
I'm 50 years old and I have been using this stuff for a month now. I see a big difference already. I will be ordering this again.  #Blogbooster #rankboosterreview #sponsored #beauty4lyfe more »

This serum is making my skin younger

05 Dec, 2018
This serum is making my skin younger and  I love it. It fits my requirements for skincare: great ingredients, leaves my skin fresh and hydrated not greasy, and I enjoy using it. The serum smells... more »

love this serum

05 Dec, 2018
great serum for skin after 30+ i advise to use it at night on clean face reduce wrinkles and dark spots more »

Works pretty good

28 Nov, 2018
I liked this one. Works pretty good. I’d buy it again.  more »

great quality

24 Nov, 2018
Great qualilty. Works as directed. It has made a good difference in my complection Works well on dark spots. i. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii.   more »

No results yet, too Soon

23 Nov, 2018
Don't notice any difference yet but it's nice, non greasy. Will update later    https://www.amazon.com/Beauty4Lyfe-Retinol-Vitamin-Serum-Face/dp/B077MRCRY5 #RankBoosterRe... more »

Feels great!

23 Nov, 2018
LOVE this vitamin C serum - I swear I can see results already and love the way it leaves my skin feeling - ck it out here --> https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077MRCRY5/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_U_x_7C49Bb2FS3HA... more »


21 Nov, 2018
Not great too watery I expected more of a serum.  more »

It works!

20 Nov, 2018
My mom swears by this stuff!  She's in her mid 60's and wants her skin to look good. She says she has seen improvement in less than two weeks. She likes it so much that I bought her a sec... more »

Great aging skin care serum !

20 Nov, 2018
I love it ! Makes you look 10x younger  more »

Still need more time for proper results.

19 Nov, 2018
I bought in hopes to help with not only my aging skin but also to help with the dark circles under my eyes.  I really haven't noticed much of a difference as far as my circles are concerned,... more »

Great product

15 Nov, 2018
Works as described! Lightens up dark circles and patches on skin. more »

Absorbs quickly!

15 Nov, 2018
No scent, absorbs quickly, leaves skin feeling clean.  Will update review after using for some time, but as of now, I like the product.  more »

Works very well

14 Nov, 2018
This stuff works really good i was actually suprised with the results on how good it really works ! I wouldnt mind on considering purchasing more no questions asked ! Definitely would recommend purcha... more »

Not impressed

14 Nov, 2018
I've been using this anti aging surem for two weeks now and have yet to notice a difference. My skin isn't tighter my bags under my eyes haven't improved and it's not really even benef... more »

Works great

12 Nov, 2018
It is not greasy and has no odor. I barely have to use any at a time so i imagine this will last a nice long while.  #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #HimanshuNautiyal https://www.amazon.com/B... more »

Feel it tightening my skin in a good way!!

11 Nov, 2018
Wanted to try it out a bit before reviewing the serum, and I like what it has done so far. It feels good when you put it on and then put moisturizer of your choice on it. Told my 13 year old to use to... more »

Perfect for my Needs

10 Nov, 2018
Have only been using for a short time, but dark spots are fading, skin is becoming more even-toned, and experience less breakouts. I use this in combo with my derma roller because helps it absorb into... more »

Facial Serum

10 Nov, 2018
I enjoyed using this serum. After 6 days I have seen some positive changes.  My skin appears brighter and smoother.  I am hoping to see even more improvements as time goes on.  It is ea... more »

Seems to be working

10 Nov, 2018
So far this vitamin c serum seems to work as well as others I have tried.  I am happy with it. more »

Nice Product!

09 Nov, 2018
I am new to using Vitamin C Serum on my face. This is a very lightweight and non-greasy product that has not irritated my skin at all. I do like how fresh my face looks when I wake up the next morning... more »

Smooth and fresh...

09 Nov, 2018
This stuff is one of my favorites in the category of c serums. Why? It left my face feeling really smooth and really silky  Other serums I have used get the job done but this went the extra mile.... more »

Great Gift

09 Nov, 2018
My mom loves this stuff and the 2oz it comes in is a good size. more »

Great Face Serum

08 Nov, 2018
https://www.amazon.com/Beauty4Lyfe-Retinol-Vitamin-Serum-Hydrating/dp/B077MRCRY5 I just tried #Sponsor #Beauty4Lyfe retinol vitamin C serum#RankBooster#Review. I love the serum! I use it morning an... more »

Crazy amazing results for just $9.99.. what?????

07 Nov, 2018
This Retinol and Vitamin C Face Serum is packed with everything your skin demands to minimize wrinkles, diminish dark under eye circles, hydrate, firm and tone. Retinol, citrus,  jojoba oil an... more »

Hydration happiness

06 Nov, 2018
My face looks great and feels great! This serum goes on like a gloss a s almost feels like water across the skin, except it doesn't stop in 5 seconds. You can feel the hydration! #Sponsored #Ra... more »

Retinol Vitamin C Serum for Face

06 Nov, 2018
Wife ordered and has used a few times without any negative or alergic reactions.  Will update as she reports more.  #rankbooster #beauty4lyfe more »

Yep - does what it's supposed to

06 Nov, 2018
#Rankbooster #Sponsored #Lyfetrition http://a.co/d/1ox7jbw more »

Nice, quality is good. Strong only use a little.

06 Nov, 2018
Nice, quality is good. Strong only use a little. Could feel the burning sensation in a few minutes, so it's working. Don't leave on too long until getting adapted. more »

Feels great

06 Nov, 2018
This is a great serum; it's lightweight and not greasy. No skin irritation!  My skin feels hydrated, firmer especially around the eyes.  I can't wait to see how it does on... more »

Retinol Vitamin C Serum Might Work in the Future

06 Nov, 2018
The Beauty4Lyfe Retinol Vitamin C Serum has not worked for me yet. Any fine lines and wrinkles showed no improvement and any dark circles that I have also did not fade. I would have to use this Retino... more »

Good Quality

05 Nov, 2018
I am loving this serum so far since I started using several days ago. The texture and feel are smooth and non-sticky. The product absorbs into my skin completely and leaves my skin looking moistu... more »

A great purchase

05 Nov, 2018
Wonderful product with solid results. My skin is brighter, smoother, and looks more even toned. Very pleased. I really recommend this product. more »

Feels Nice!

05 Nov, 2018
Will have to use longer to really say anything about its use as as an anti-aging product,  but it feels great on the skin and definitly does make my skin feel softer! I spray this on after I have... more »

Stuff actually works to reduce wrinkles

05 Nov, 2018
If you're looking for something to help reduce eye wrinkles this stuff does work and is easy on the skin no harsh smell and within a couple of days I noticed the reduction in my eye line wrinkles... more »

Working Good

05 Nov, 2018
So far this serum is working pretty well. I use it for the dark spot on my face and around my cheekbone and neck area. So one area I use it to lighten a dark area and another I use it for firmness. I... more »

Feels Great--waiting for results

04 Nov, 2018
Just started using this product. So far it feels great, I feel like my skin looks fresher since using vitamin C serum. Non-greasy, a little goes a long way, no smell you can feel tightening. ... more »

Tightens my skin

03 Nov, 2018
This Beauty4lyfe vitamin C serum works well to tighten my skin and make it feel smoother. I use it in the morning and before bedtime because it says to use it twice a day. You don't have to use mu... more »

feels great

01 Nov, 2018
Beauty4Lyfe Retinol Vitamin C Serum is light and non-greasy. As I turn 50 in December, I realize that nature is making changes to my face. I want to slow those down and I feel that adding this serum i... more »

Awesome product

31 Oct, 2018
This product makes my skin smooth and helps my acne too.  I use it twice a day and see a big difference  more »