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Product Information
Collapsible Silicone Microwave Hot Air Popcorn Popper Bowl With Lid and Handles
4.79 / 5   (56 Reviews)
Price: $10.99


INSTANT HOMEMADE POPCORN: Enjoy making fresh, healthy, and fluffy popcorn in 2-3 min at home! You can now have your delicious popcorn from the convenience of your home or office using only your microwave. Hot and fresh and always in time, Have it ready in Just 2 - 3 minutes! Excellent for movie nights and parties!
MADE OF PREMIUM MATERIAL FOR YOUR SAFETY: Made from food-grade FDA approved BPA Free and heat-resistant silicone. No fear of getting burned when removing from the microwave. Use our popper\'s convenient handles for easy and safe grasp. Completely safe for your health as well, it is made from 100% quality food grade silicone, BPA free and PVC free!
ECONOMICAL AND HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE: Avoid the expensive and full of preservatives popcorn products on the market and make a healthier snack at home, Popped and ready without the need to add oil if you want to enjoy your popcorn in an even healthier way. Our Microwave Popcorn Popper is the tasty, economical, and healthy alternative to those greasy and expensive microwavable popcorn.
COLLAPSIBLE FOR EASY STORAGE: If you have a small space, you can still buy this popcorn maker. Despite measuring 8.3 by 8.1 by 2.7 inches, the bowl has a convenient collapsible design where you collapse it into a much smaller size, about 2 inches in height. This feature enables you to store it comfortably in your drawer or a cupboard for the easiest future access.
MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We are confident that you will love our big size popcorn popper that comes with suction lid and convenient handles for support. Proceed to buy with no fear, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not 100% satisfied, we offer you a 30 day full money back guarantee.


bol pour préparer le popcorn très pratique

12 Mar, 2019
Permet avec un tiers de tasse de maïs de réaliser un grand bol de popcorn. Salé ou sucré à votre convenance. Très pratique. more »

Très bon produit

11 Mar, 2019
Parfait, rapide et efficace pour faire des pops corns en quelques minutes au micro onde. Se replie et ne prend pas de place more »

Coppa per Popcorn

05 Mar, 2019
Utilissima coppa in silicone con coperchio, per fare tutti i popcorn che si vuole in pochi minuti. Infatti basta mettere i semi di mais al suo interno e inserire la coppa nel microonde. Dopo pochi min... more »

Molto comoda e ben fatta.

05 Mar, 2019
Un'accessorio ben fatto e molto utile per chi come me ama i pop corn e non vuole, ogni volta che li prepara ,doverli travasare in un recipiente per gustarseli .Silicone di buona qualità... more »

plat popcorn

05 Mar, 2019
merci a #RankBoosterReview  de m avoir permis d acheter ce plat tres pratique pour le micro onde je peut faire des pop corn a mes enfants et tous le monde et ravie   #Sponsoris&... more »

Ciotola pieghevole per forno a microonde, in silicone, per popcorn(recensione)

04 Mar, 2019
  Questa ciotola e bellissima. Funziona benissimo , e comoda e in più per conservarla non occupa spazio perché e pieghevole. Fare i pop corn ora mi e veramente comodo.  ... more »

Ottimo prodotto

02 Mar, 2019
Ottimo prodotto, utilizzabile credo solo per pop corn data la natura flessibile non adatta a contenere cibi pesanti che potrebbero causarne la flessione.   Unica cosa che non ho capito &egr... more »


02 Mar, 2019
Simpatica ciotola in morbido silicone per cuocere i popcorn al microonde. Basta mettere un pugno di mais con un cucchiaino d'olio e impostare qualche minuto alla max potenza il microonde... il ris... more »

Ottima ciotola!

02 Mar, 2019
Ottima ciotola, realizzata in robusto silicone con un bel coperchio. La ciotola si ripiega su sé stessa facilmente, in modo da occupare meno spazio, ma resta ben stabile in piedi quando serve.... more »

Bol à pop-corn pliable en silicone.

01 Mar, 2019
Aaaah du pop-corn bien chaud devant un bon film il n'y a rien de mieux, avec ce bol 2 a 3 minutes au micro onde et le tour est joué !!! more »

Ottima ciotola per fare i pop corn al microonde

27 Feb, 2019
Avevo già un vecchio contenitore per fare i pop corn, di quelli con il coperchio con i gancetti laterali, e siccome era davvero molto vecchio ho pensato di comprarne un modello meno ingombrante... more »

Lovely piece of equipment. Should have found this earlier

25 Feb, 2019
Was tired of buying microwave popcorns and than a miracle. Found this product on line from Amazon so I buy, the 99 p packets of popcorns and just some salt and butter. Than straight into my belly. Rea... more »


23 Feb, 2019
I LOVE popcorn. I’m the guy who buys the large tub of popcorn at the movies and finishes it during the coming attractions. I enjoy popcorn cooked with oil and salt and I enjoy popcorn cooked in... more »

Collapsible Silicone Microwave Hot Air Popcorn Popper Bowl With Lid and Handles

21 Feb, 2019
Really neat devise. Great way to control caloric intake. more »

Family fun!

12 Feb, 2019
I bought this popcorn popper bowl for my son's teacher, and got the best response from her! She said her 8 and 4 year old love to have movie night at home, and they really prefer being able t... more »

Easy to use, money saver

11 Feb, 2019
This thing is easy to use, much cheaper than the mechanical alternative, and saves us loads of money by being able to buy seeds in bulk and just regular oil and it comes out Movie Popcorn quality. I g... more »

popping up

10 Feb, 2019
I also do the traditional way to make popcorn until I got hold of this popcorn bowl. It is way simple than my way. All I need to do is to put some organic corn into the bottom of the bowl and sti... more »

I like it like that!

06 Feb, 2019
This little thing is nifty! It handles heat very well and pops every kernel to near perfection. All my popcorn lovers need to try this one out! It’s worth the purchase! #RankBoosterReview #Spons... more »

Good product but I suspect it has fillers in the silicone

30 Jan, 2019
The popper works great. It is a very easy way to pop fresh popcorn. My only concern is that it has fillers in the silicone. It does not pass the pinch test. more »

Super easy and money saving popcorn maker

28 Jan, 2019
As a family of popcorn lovers we used to spend lots of money on prepackaged microwave popcorn. We got this amazing easy to use easy to clean and easy to store microwave popper and we have already save... more »

I Love this!!!

23 Jan, 2019
My husband has a serious addiction to popcorn.  He prefers using kernels to buying straight up microwave popcorn thats prepackaged.  I agree with him that freshly popped kernels are much bet... more »


06 Jan, 2019
Lieferung kam schnell.  Das ist eine super Popcorn-Popper-Schüssel die ihren Zweck erfüllt.  Ich kann dieses Produkt weiter empfehlen. more »

Silicone Popcorn Popper Bowl

21 Dec, 2018
I tried the bowl and instantly fell in love. It worked as advertised and I was so happy there were very few unpopped kernels.  The instructions were very simple to follow also. Great quality for... more »

Popcorn schnell und praktisch!

10 Dec, 2018
Habe diese Popcornschüssel nun bereits 2 mal ausprobiert und die Ergebnisse sind sehr gut! Macht wesentlich weniger arbeit als im Kochtopf und ist einfach zu reinigen! more »

Excellent popcorn popper

05 Dec, 2018
I just tried this silicone microwave popcorn popper. It made very good popcorn in around 3 minutes. It comes with a lid.   more »

So much fun! Easy to use

05 Dec, 2018
This popcorn popper is a blast to use and a quick way to get a convenient low-calorie snack that cost very little.  It is good quality. #RankBoosterReview https://www.amazon.com/Collaps... more »

Make Your Own Popcorn in the Microwave!

03 Dec, 2018
Microwave popcorn in the bag costs a lot of money, but with this reusable silicone popcorn popper bowl, I can use my own popcorn kernels to make exactly the amount of popcorn I want. No more wasting e... more »

Easy Storage

02 Dec, 2018
This bowl collapses for easy storage. Works great!!!! more »

Très pratique

02 Dec, 2018
Les plus: Sans BPA, pliable, éfficace. Les moins: aucun J'ai acheté ce produit car je suis fan de popcorn. Et j'en ai eu assez d'acheter les sachets en carton dé... more »

Très pratique

01 Dec, 2018
Les plus: Sans BPA, pliable, éfficace. Les moins: aucun J'ai acheté ce produit car je suis fan de popcorn. Et j'en ai eu assez d'acheter les sachets en carton dé... more »

Works great!

30 Nov, 2018
Pops just about every kernel and without all the additives & preservatives! Add as little or as much flavoring as you want! Pair it with a few movies and makes a great gift!!  Definitely wort... more »


25 Nov, 2018
It is an easy way to save on Microwave popcorns and they are more healthy. more »

The best ever!

24 Nov, 2018
This has to be the best microwave popcorn bowl ever.  Popcorn cooks evenly, hardly any unpopped kernels!   Stores easily when not in use.  This works better than any other product... more »

amazingly convenient!!

19 Nov, 2018
This thing is the shizz diggity.. it is made with a good silicone material so has held up quite well to 7 kids using it mulitple times a day! I am especially impressed with how easily it can be cleane... more »

Enjoy fresh popcorn from the microwave

16 Nov, 2018
My husband doesn't like bag popcorn he says it always burns and taste funny. So when i saw this i jumped on it right away. I always keep popcorn kernals on hand. What i did was put a few kernals i... more »

Just like the bags but only cheaper!

13 Nov, 2018
Makes popcorn exactly like microwave bags do, but at fraction of the cost. I am purchasing 2 more for family that was here when I tried mine! #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #HousewaresSo... more »

Good quality

12 Nov, 2018
I purchased this for my son's birthday because he loves popcorn. It works awesome. The material is a good quality. Very few kernels are left unpopped. This was a good purchase. #rank-booster more »


11 Nov, 2018
Great space saver. Easy to clean. Husband loves it, he has popcorn all the time and loves this container. Collapsible Silicone Microwave Hot Air Popcorn Popper Bowl With Lid and Handles https://... more »


11 Nov, 2018
its a must have.  it didnt pop up on its own but other than that it works great.  it would be perfect for home or a gift.  you dont need butter or salt unless you want it for taste more »

just as its suppose to

07 Nov, 2018
It works just as its suppose to and it is a great way to make healthy popcorn I love it.  more »

Makes quite the mess

06 Nov, 2018
I thought this was a great idea. I hate the mess it makes making popcorn on the stove. This just transfers to the mess to the micrmicro. Thank you for letting be the your product.  more »

Popcorn leicht gemacht

01 Nov, 2018
Ich war doch sehr skeptisch ob es mit diesem Popcorn Maker funktioniert, da ich schon einige schlechte Erfahrungen mit Popcorn und Mikrowelle hinter mir habe. Aber zu meiner Überraschung funktion... more »

Lecker und schnell Popcorn selbermachen

30 Oct, 2018
Man füllt einfach eine kleine Menge (ca. 3 Esslöffel) Pocorn-Mais in die Schüssel, setzt den Deckel auf und stellt das Ganze in die Mikrowelle. Ich stelle die Zeit immer auf zweieinhalb... more »

Works well

28 Oct, 2018
Great for a movie and popcorn night more »

Love fresh popcorn

25 Oct, 2018
I love fresh popped popcorn. This is the caddiliac of popcorn makers. I never thought of something like this but I know I can put away the popcort. This is quality made and also saves money, and the m... more »

Popcorn but not so much!

21 Oct, 2018
The popcorn bowl wasn't what I was thinking it would be overall. It didn't pop as much popcorn that I thought it owuld but overall I was able to get it to pop just a little bit of corn. I thin... more »

Tolles Gerät für sehr leckeres Popcorn

18 Oct, 2018
Wir lieben Popcorn mit dem Silicone Microwellen Gerät ist es kinderleicht zubereitet. Das Gerät ist sehr klein handlich und kinderleicht anzuwenden. Die Verarbeitung ist sehr hochwertig. Wir... more »

its great

14 Oct, 2018
works very well its a good way to make pop corn thats not so fatting . more »

So Simple Yet Very Useful

08 Oct, 2018
So maybe this is just a bowl, I don't know, I haven't compared it to trying to pop in a cereal bowl, but the fact of the matter its that it really works and is clean and easy to use. In terms... more »

Bol à pop corn

06 Oct, 2018
Permet de conjuguer plaisir et expérience à réaliser avec les enfants, le principe est ingénieux et nois passons de bons moments tant à les préparer farce &ag... more »

Perfect for Movie night

21 Sep, 2018
I love the shareable bowl with lid AND handles. Easy clean up and storage with the bowl being collasible #RankBoosterReview #sponsored #HousewareSolutions https://amzn.to/2OHoKeq more »

Top Produkt, Top Preis-/Leistung

14 Sep, 2018
Das Produkt ist gut verarbeitet und wirkt sehr hochwertig. Es ist genau so, wie ich es mir vorgestellt habe und erfüllt seinen Zweck ohne Probleme. Auch das Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis stim... more »

Delicious healthier popcorn

26 Aug, 2018
This popcorn maker is awesome! It doesn't come with a recipe book but that's what Google is for.  I am now able to decide how healthy or unhealthy I want to make my popcorn. I found a&... more »