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Product Information
5 inch Mobility Ball & Deep Tissue Massage Ball High Density EVA Foam Roller Ball for Back and Leg, Trigger Point Massage, Therapy, Stretching, Rehabilitation, Muscle Tension & Knots Eco Friendly
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Price: $11.99


PERFECT SIZE - Tissue deep 5\'\' massage ball Gather the advantage of smaller massage balls and foam rollers, it is the perfect size to perform a concentrated massage to any specific areas of the body by multi-dimensional roll capabilities, made for hittig the point to massage piriformis muscle and the small muscle groups around your hips, glutes, lower back and inner thighs.
BOOST FLEXIBILITY AND ENHANCE RANGE OF MOTION - One of the most valuable myofascial release tools for Crossfit, Yoga and Fitness Enthusiasts. Helps to increase circulation to sore and tight muscles, providing relief from pain. Perfect Fitness massager for myofascial release, trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage throughout the body.
FIRM, DENSE AND DURABLE - It is one durable tool in your Mobility Toolkit that won\'t split in half, won\'t fall apart, and won\'t flatten with repeated use...Ever. Guaranteed.
TAKE WITH YOU TO ANYWHERE - Free of chlorides, phenols, heavy metals, latex and all toxics, The Deep tissue massage ball is made of recyclable EVA foam reducing its production impact on the environment. So you can take it with you to anywhere you want as companion, and relief your self when you feel musle sorness and tension.
FASHIONALE COLOR - The green color is the sign of youth and energy, take it with you then your mood will be cheered up by the beautiful color and your body will be gentlely reliefed. we hope everyone who buy our massage ball have a colorful and exclusive life.



30 Sep, 2018
Works better than my pt more »