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Product Information
Novelty888 MYSTIC 8 BUTTON - (15 Different Audio Answers) New Generation of traditional MAGIC 8 BALL.
5.00 / 5   (10 Reviews)
Price: $10.99


New Generation of traditional MAGIC 8 BALL. (Audio Answers)
New Fortune Teller Novelty 2018.
Best Desk Toys Ideal for the office, birthday gift, college dorm rooms, gifts.
15 different Possible Answers in AUDIO! - Yes, The answer is YES, Everything indicates YES, Definitely YES, No, Definitely NO, Most likely a NO, Everything indicates NO, I don\'t know the answer, Doesn\'t look clear yet, Ask me later,
You know the answer, I have no idea, Looks like a NO, Looks like a YES.


Big hit

18 Feb, 2019
My 9 year old absolutely loves this. My 5 year old also loves it. more »


13 Feb, 2019
This is such a fun and silly group game to play, asking questions and getting randon answers, we have laughed so hard! Lots of fun! more »

Mystic 8 Button

10 Feb, 2019
Fun! I have this on my desk for people to use. #RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored #Novelty888 Talking Button https://www.amazon.com/Mystic-Button-Different-Generation-Traditional/dp/B079N... more »

Updated Magic 8 ball!

04 Feb, 2019
This is a fun upgrade to the classic Magic 8 Ball. You ask a question *that can be answered with yes or no), push the button and hear your answer. I ordered it for my kids and they love it! Would be f... more »

Absolute 5 Stars!

02 Feb, 2019
My granddaughter and I are both magic 8 ball fanatics. They are so much fun. But the problem with the original ones is that you can’t read the fortunes, we usually have to try to finagle the bal... more »

Mystic 8 Button Magic 8 Ball

28 Nov, 2018
The Magic 8 Ball has evolved! Same thing as a magic 8 ball just a new generation! Still just as addicting and fun!  more »

A Winner

27 Nov, 2018
What a super cute, super fun modern version of the classic 8 ball magic predictor! I remember using the old school one back in the day and it was so hard to read, but with these, it talks to you so th... more »

Novelty 888 Mystic 8 button

20 Nov, 2018
Better than the old fashion Eight ball.  It speaks loudly and clear when it tell you that you don't have a chance.  lol.  We have had a blast with it already.  It livens up the... more »

Fun twist.

20 Aug, 2018
Fun twist to an old toy. No shaking needed just a few batteries. Just ask the button your question and press the button. Many responses available and at the right time creates a lot of fun. more »

Novelty888 MYSTIC 8 BUTTON - (15 Different Audio Answers) New Generation of traditional MAGIC 8 BALL.

26 Jun, 2018
I bought this as a funny gift for my husbands office and he loves it.  Even though I though it would be a little larger, it was well worth purchasing just so he can press the button every time so... more »