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Product Information
Percussion Foot Tambourine with Steel Jingles, for Cajon Accessories, Gecko
4.95 / 5   (37 Reviews)
Price: $14.67


Delivers a light jingle sound and brings a melodious song, good for both child and adult.
Four pairs of round stainless steeljingles provide bright and silvery accent.
Durable elastic nylon strap remains secure when playing and fits foot comfortably
Lightweight and simple style, shaking your foot and then bright and melodious plink comes out.
Suitable for percussion instruments, such as cajon, djembe, bongos, congas.


Daughter loves

14 Nov, 2018
My teenage daughter plays a few different instruments and creates and records her own music on her phone. She loves having this as an added element to her sounds. Nice quality and has held up nicely. more »

Happy kids!

26 Apr, 2018
I bought the tambourine for the children in the day care where I work. Thetoddlers love having music playtime. A music instrument helps the children with their motor skills and much more. The only thi... more »

Sweet sound

31 Mar, 2018
This Foot Tamborine by Mugig is fantastic. It's fun to use strapped to my foot and my grandbaby loves being part of the band with it. It is made of a nice sturdy wood and metal and it sounds great... more »


29 Jan, 2018
I love this tambourine! It is well made and sounds great! My husband puts this on his foot and plays the ukulele. It is a nice way to add sound and beat to your music by yourself. I have gotten a... more »


15 Jan, 2018
This is a cute tambourine.  I thought it was going to be a little bigger but it isn't.  The granddaughter loves it and that is what counts.  more »

great item, makes for a great musical gift for new mommies!

05 Jan, 2018
Delivers a light jingle sound and brings a melodious song, good for both child and adult. Four pairs of round stainless steeljingles provide bright and silvery accent. Durable elastic nylon strap... more »

Baby Relaxation

12 Dec, 2017
Although not my original plan, turned out to be the perfect lullaby for putting the baby to sleep everytime! more »


06 Dec, 2017
I love this tambourine! It is well made and sounds great! I have gotten a few products from Mugig so far and I love them! I love there logo and overall look. It is very sophisticated!  more »

Well made and sturdy

06 Dec, 2017
I am not very musical but figured I could at least play a tambourine! Made by GECKO, this Percussion Tambourines, Wood Blocks with Steel Jingles is made for playing with your foot but works well in yo... more »

6 year old loved it!

04 Dec, 2017
I really liked this product simply because of how small it was. The strap is secured tightly onto the wood as well. I gave this to my son as an early birthday present and he loves walking around and d... more »

Clickety Clack

03 Dec, 2017
Great product.This foot tambourine is a great addition to our music collection. Its made of thick wood and is very professional.It is going to make my son a great present for Christmas. I am hoping it... more »


02 Dec, 2017
Small in size but huge in sound. I like the way it looks and feels. Easy to play. Very nice. #Rankboosterreview #PercussionFootTambourine #easy more »


01 Dec, 2017
Gecko Percussion Tambourines, Wood Blocks with Steel Jingles, Cajon Accessories I bought this primarily for my two sons, who love music and dancing. They have had a blast with this tambourine! It&#... more »

Durable, Fun, Jingling

29 Nov, 2017
Really fun tambourines that kids will have loads of fun playing. Made well, easy to use, and the jingles sound great. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Mugig    more »

Great sound

29 Nov, 2017
My daughter is developing a love of music so I purchased this foot tambourine for her. I can also use it to tap along while I play the guitar when we do family music sessions with my brothers and neph... more »

Well Made Tambourine

28 Nov, 2017
This is my first foot tambourine and I must say it is really cool. It has an elastic strip on the bottom that attaches to the bottom of your foot so it is possible to play the tambourine while using o... more »

Foot Tambourine

28 Nov, 2017
This little tambourine has big sound!  It is a very nice quality and sounds great.  Just strap it on to your shoe and start tapping your foot.  I'm loving it! more »

Foot Tambourine

27 Nov, 2017
I got this little tambourine to have in memory of my adopted mother that passed away. She played tambourine in her band and I always loved hearing her play it. This one here is made of really nice qua... more »

Awesome little Tambourine

21 Nov, 2017
Its totally awesome to play my guitar and use this guy together. Awesome thanks guys. more »

High Quality Tambourine

20 Nov, 2017
My girls love making noise so I thought this foot tambourine would be a perfect toy for them! I’m putting it aside for Christmas but I had to check it out first. It’s very well made and wo... more »

Great Tambourine

20 Nov, 2017
This is a great little tambourine! I could hear it jingling beautifully before I even opened the box. I gave it to my young cousin as a gift and she absolutely loves it. She has great rythym and uses... more »

Nice Foot Tambourine

20 Nov, 2017
Gecko Percussion Tambourines, Wood Blocks with Steel Jingles, Cajon Accessories   This little foot tambourine is pretty cool. It has a strap on it that’s perfect for playing with your... more »

Fun toy for kids

19 Nov, 2017
my daughter loves playing with this. Great toy to keep them occupied more »

Great sound!

18 Nov, 2017
This tambourine really has a great sound. I bought it for my musically inclined son and he loves it! #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #mugig more »

This is really nice.

15 Nov, 2017
This is really nice. Made to look and feel professional. Sounds great.  It is made of wood and has the stainless silver jingles.  Can be used by adult or child. Tambourine has a strap so you... more »


15 Nov, 2017
I have to admit that I know nothing about tambourines at all, however, I know that kids love to play with them and well heck, I like to keep the beat to the music when my grandson and I are playing ar... more »


15 Nov, 2017
my son loves it and loves to make noise all long as hes happy and loves theproduct so do i keep up the good work  more »

really nice!

14 Nov, 2017
Love this tambourine...nicely made, good sound, very pleased!! more »

Very neat!

14 Nov, 2017
This is a good instrument to add to my collection. It seems pretty decently well made, and its sounds great. The elastic for the foot could be a little tighter, but otherwise I would say this is a sol... more »

Fun foot tambourine for children and adults!

11 Nov, 2017
I remember growing up playing the tambourine in church.  It was fun to hear the jingles that the  discs made while the choir sang and everyone clapped their hands.   When I saw thi... more »


10 Nov, 2017
Gecko Percussion Tambourines, Wood Blocks with Steel Jingles, Cajon Accessories.I got this for my 9 year old son who loves to learn and play musical instruments.He immediately love this.This is so sma... more »

Great Christmas Gift

09 Nov, 2017
As Christmas is coming I came across this foot tambourine made by GECKO and got it for my kids for Christmas.   This has an elastic strap band that can be easily put on your foot over a s... more »

Keeps things simple.

08 Nov, 2017
#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #GECKO https://www.amazon.com/Percussion-Tambourine-Jingles-Accessories-Gecko/dp/B071W8LPTH   This is an amazing little foot tambo. It's e... more »

Very Well Made

07 Nov, 2017
We were very impressed with the quality of this tambourine.  The wood detail is amazing and the jingles are steel and sound awesome.  The kids loved it but it was a little too big for their... more »

nice sound

07 Nov, 2017
Good sound for a small instrument. Enhances certain music sections.For the perfect sound , try putting a mic on the floor next to your foot. more »

very nice

04 Nov, 2017
very nicely made and works great.  has a great sound and is very easy to use and store away.  more »