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FOCUS² Pills - THÉ CAFFEINE FREE NOOTROPIC - For Focus, Concentration and Mental Energy - Boosts Mental Energy, Drive and Motivation - 30 vegetarian capsules
4.79 / 5   (14 Reviews)
Price: $10.95


✓ CAFFEINE FREE FOCUS² Dopamine Support pills are jitter free concentration pills
✓ FORMULATED to give a balanced mental energy boost for a clear and focused mind
✓ CONTAINS 6 ingredients including Magnesium that promotes learning and cognition


Like that they are caffeine free

25 Mar, 2018
I really like that these pills are caffeine free, unline a lot of the other nootropic pills out there on the market. These did seem to enhance my focus and allow me to complete my work tasks and homem... more »

It works

24 Mar, 2018
I could not believe it this actually works and it wears maybe even a little too well. Now I get so focused on something that I don't think about anything else. When before I had to focus on everyt... more »

FOCUS² Pills

24 Mar, 2018
I know that day to day stress is common in just about everybody, but I recently began noticing that my memory just wasn't what it used to be. I tried a few home remedies, but they just weren't... more »

You can feel the difference

23 Mar, 2018
I didn't think these pills would make any difference at all. Was I wrong. I started them as prescribed and in 3 days i was feeling sharp and at attention without that jittery feeling at all. Will... more »

Great for concentrating

21 Mar, 2018
#rankboosterreview #sponsored #paneuromix   great pills for concentration. Don’t take at night. Will keep you up. But good for in the mornings.  more »

Get back to you.

19 Mar, 2018
Cant wait to try them out. Let you know after a month. more »


16 Mar, 2018
I am so productive when I am on these! I am so happy to finally find a product that works for my brain fog. I have more energy and  I  feel my mood is lifted.   #ad ... more »

I see a little difference so far

16 Mar, 2018
FOCUS² Pills - THÉ CAFFEINE FREE NOOTROPIC - For Focus, Concentration and Mental Energy - Boosts Mental Energy, Drive and Motivation - 30 vegetarian capsules Paneuromix   OK... more »

Enhance your ability to learn & focus, improves memory & mood, highly effective small sized pills that really do make a difference that you can feel.

15 Mar, 2018
Let me start off by saying that I was skeptic, but then when I actually tried these FOCUS pills they were actually quite effective and I find them a helpful boost for your brain.  I seem to feel... more »


12 Mar, 2018
It really works! and even better it is vegan. more »

Great alternative to caffeine

09 Mar, 2018
I've been taking this Focus squared brand supplement for a couple of days now, and I can really feel a difference. I used to drink energy drinks and take caffeine supplements all day long in order... more »

Focus2 supplement for focus

07 Mar, 2018
Focus 2 by Paneuromix are known as an effective nootropic that helps with cognitive brain function and improves focus without the chemical drugs. They are 100 percent natural and are lab certified qua... more »

Boosts Mental Energy, Drive and Motivation

06 Mar, 2018
This nootropic additive helps me to accomplish the task. Definitely works. more »


05 Mar, 2018
~ What ~ This bottle of 30 natural Nootropic capsules is meant to sharpen memory and focus on tasks at hand. The bottle suggests the dietary supplement should be taken one pill in the morning. Contai... more »