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Product Information
Saaqaans BSR-01 Straight Edge Cut Throat Razor - Professional Barber Manual Folding Shaving Razor for Men with a Stylish Black Pouch + 20 Extra Double Edge Razor Blades
4.75 / 5   (4 Reviews)
Price: $10.99


YOUR SHAVE WILL LAST LONGER: When you use a normal safety razor, you need to shave every day. But using this shavette razor your skin only needs to be shaven every other day. You will look cool and by using a straight razor you will impress most of your friends and probably also yourself.
BETTER FOR YOUR SKIN: Three or five blade razors irritate the skin much more and you need to press it hard against your skin to use them. This is why this shavette razor is so great and often using for better skin care products than the average shaver. Your face will thank you later.
LOT OF BEARD TO SHAVE OFF: When you have a lot of beard to shave off, it is much easier to shave with this razor than other expensive razor because the beard gets stuck between the multiple blades razor and you often get a tugging sensation that irritates you. But with this shavette razor you can go much closer to your skin without sticking.
WHICH BLADES NEED TO BUY: This shavette uses half of a double-edge razor blade so you can buy any standard double edge razor blades like (Derby, Astra, Gillette 7 O\' clock etc) which are readily available in most supermarkets as well as online. For blade installation please see below in the description.
WHAT\'S INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE: You will get one branded straight edge shavette razor with 20 Extra double edge razor blades in a beautiful pouch with a manual instructions included in the package PLUS you will get FULL 30 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE in case if you are not satisfied with the product.


Great for leather work

07 Jan, 2018
I got this for my leather work, it's perfect for being able to cut shapes and waves into and through leather. The razor feels nice in your hand and you can get precise cuts. The quality... more »

Clean Shave

01 Dec, 2017
My son recently opened up his own Barber Business so he has been trying out different products to find the right equipment that suits him and his needs and he seems to think that this straight edge is... more »

works amazing

22 Nov, 2017
Craftmanship is on point, The blades were sharp, My shave was nice and clean. more »

Gives Very close smooth shave

10 Nov, 2017
My husband uses regular disposable razors, so I was trying to find something different, that's when I found Straight Edge Cut Throat Razor - Professional Barber Manual Folding Shaving Razor ... more »