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Product Information
Car Rearview Mirror Rainproof Film - 2 HD Anti-fog Anti-glare Anti-scratch Waterproof Universal Auto Back Mirror Screen Nano Protective Films (9595mm)
4.63 / 5   (8 Reviews)
Price: $7.99


🚖Product description:

❶Size: Universal(95mm X 95mm)

❷High definition

❸User protection, no shatter&no scatter.

❹Nano coating protective film,anti-water mist, rainproof, keep your rearview mirror clear at all times.

❺Anti Fog Rainproof Rearview Mirror Window Clear Protective Film, Keep you away from injury!

❻The product structure is from the inside to the outside is Protective film, Paste layer, PET material, HD and Micro-nano coating.

❼Anti-fog, anti-glare, anti-mist, waterproof, rainproof, which effectively protects your driving safety in a rainy or foggy day.

❽Application: Apply to the car rearview mirror, bathroom mirror, vanity mirror, and other glass mirrors, it clearer your sight and better view.

🚖How do I use them?

❶Clean the dust on the glass surface

❷Spray the evenly pure water on the mirror surface

❸Find and Tear off the No.1 label layer

❹Affixed the film to the mirror surface

❺Slowly paste from top to bottom

❻Tear off the No.2 label layer

❼Remove air bubbles and moisture

🚖Package Included:

2 *Car Rearview Mirror Protective Film (Rounded, 9.5 cm in diameter each)

2*Wiping paper towel

🚖Customers experience :

✔Really good and helpful in rainy, foggy weather.

✔It works in rain and morning fog. I hope it will do the same with snow or in colder weather.

✔After raining I can saw my view clearly, waterproof and fixed on my mirror.

✔This product is helpful for raining season.

✔Mirror is clear to see in the rain

✔It works when it rain and morning fog.


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