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Product Information
Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum - 60ML-DOUBLE SIZE BOTTLE - Jojoba Oil, Green Tea, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Best Anti Ageing & Anti Wrinkle Serum - Organic Serum Hydrates & Brightens Skin, Reduces Dark circles, Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Eye
4.94 / 5   (18 Reviews)
Price: £14.89


✔ PREMIUM QUALITY HYALURONIC ACID - Our Hyaluronic Acid Serum protects your skin from the signs of ageing, using only the best natural ingredients. It helps to stimulate collagen, whilst reducing fine lines, wrinkles, crow\'s feet and dark under eye circles, as well as repairing sun damaged skin.
✔ 60ML DOUBLE-SIZED BOTTLE! - This is a deal you won\'t get from other big name brands. Most sell 30ml bottles for just a fraction less than what we sell our 60ml bottles for, yet we don\'t compromise on our quality. Our Serum contains the highest concentration of pure Hyaluronic Acid. It\'s odourless and free of impurities; Stay-Young is committed to using only the finest, most ethically sourced ingredients in our anti-ageing products, which are never tested on animals.
✔ ADVANCED ANTI-WRINKLE FORMULA - Our Hyaluronic Acid Serum is packed full of antioxidants and organic ingredients, such as Hyaluronic Acid, Organic Green Tea, Vitamin C & Vitamin E. It contains organic Jojoba Oil, which acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. Our powerful, yet gentle formula works to repair damaged skin, leaving it feeling fresh, hydrated, vibrant, smoother, firmer and wrinkle-free.
✔ SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Our organic ingredients are free from harmful synthetic additives, parabens, silicones, alcohol, fillers and artificial fragrances. Antioxidants protect your face from harmful free radicals, and fuel a brighter more youthful complexion; Enjoy everything you want and need for healthy glowing skin. Stay-Young gives you a natural and effective alternative to achieve your best skin ever.
✔ OUR NO RISK CUSTOMER CARE PROMISE TO YOU:- 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Our aim is to help you feel great about your skin - So if you\'re not 100% satisfied with our service, just get in contact and let us know. We\'ll try our best to help you! GIFT IDEA - Why not buy one as a gift for your loved one, as well as another for yourself!



07 Aug, 2018
my skin is smoothly after usage and i would recommend to purschase this serum for any type of skin as this is all natural ingrediance more »

Brightening serum

09 Jun, 2018
This serum is great value for money as it comes in a glass bottle and is double strength.  It is targeting and gets easily absorbed into my skin.  My skin looks instantly brighter and very f... more »

Great product

27 May, 2018
Love texture of this hyaluronic acid , it doesn’t leave oily skin ,absors perfectly also works as a primer before applying foundation  more »

very good for my skin!

24 May, 2018
very nice texture, good quality serum. more »

Smells nice

17 May, 2018
I got this for my girlfriend and she absolutely loves this stuff, it is none greasy and not to tick and not to thin, it makes her skin feel nice and smooth and hydrated and helps reduce rinkles. It... more »

Noticed the changes

14 May, 2018
This serum containing the natural minerals needed for the skin betterment is really effective and can see the changes within a week. I have sensitive skin and My skin has become smooth and lightly&nbs... more »

It works brilliantly - good for sensitive skin and for a main skin-care routine product.

13 May, 2018
I'm not really into skincare so I've never really experimented with multiple products before. The only things I use is exfoliating face wipes and Simple products (like their night cream, spot... more »


12 May, 2018
Nice big bottle that shouud last a while Not used it much yet but had no problems with it, my skin seem nice and soft. Happy with it so far. more »

As Described. Happy customer :)

10 May, 2018
I bought this serum after reading the great reviews. I've used it after shaving and it's made my skin alot smoother. A little goes a long way, you only need a little drop for your whole fac... more »

fantastic serum, perfect base for make up

10 May, 2018
I have bought a couple of these serums and this has got to be the best one ive tried, a little goes a long way, i only need a quarter of the dropper for my whole face, it sinks right into your sk... more »

wonderful serum

10 May, 2018
This is a high-quality vitamin c serum it is perfect for allowing you to take good care of your skin, it has powerful ingredients that will help you reduce the visibility of skin blemishes like wrinkl... more »

Very much liked

10 May, 2018
I'm using this serum for few days and I can feel my skin is a lot better, more radiant and glowing.  I did not expect this serum to be that good. I'm sure by the time I finish such a big... more »

5 star

09 May, 2018
My skin has never felt so good after using Hyaluronic Acid Serum , I have sensitive skin so cant use supermarket lotions but this has organic products like jojoba and green tea along with vitamins&nbs... more »


06 May, 2018
Feels great on your face, I put it under moisturiser as with other serum. It comes out in a dropper but don't use to much as it spreads very easily. Dry quickly and leaves skin feeling soft and sm... more »

Great serum

04 May, 2018
Got this serum yesterday and I must admit it is great. Obviously I will need to use it for good few weeks to see result but so far I'm impressed. I only need a very small amount to put on my face.... more »

Hoping for better skin

30 Apr, 2018
Getting on a bit now so have upped my skin care routine to include serums and creams that will benefit my skin  saw this great value serum that is bountiful of all the good ingredients that I&... more »

A Top Notch, China Made, Anti-Ageing Serum with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C + E

28 Apr, 2018
#Rank Booster Review # Sponsored by STAY-YOUNG  https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hyaluronic-Acid-Face-Serum-60ML-DOUBLE/dp/B078NH2G3F This Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C + E Anti Aging Serum comes... more »


27 Apr, 2018
I’ve only been using this product for a couple of days & I have to say I’m really impressed with how it’s going.  Leaves your skin feeling revitalised & smooth. ... more »