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Product Information
Mizzuco Black Garlic, 180G Organic WHOLE Black Garlic Natural Fermented for 90 days Healthy Snack Ready to Eat or Sauce
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Price: $12.95


About the Mizzuco Black Garlic
-Black Garlic selects seasonal high-quality garlic from Canada growing bases to ensured quality from source
-Unlike regular garlic, black garlic is sweet and mild like balsamic vinegar or tamarind. It has darker color, naturally sweet, softer texture and a mild yet savory taste, no smell after eating, not spicy, suitable for all ages.
-It is aged for 90 days in a special fermentation process under high heat, where it develops its darker color, softer texture and sweeter taste Never just 30 days, this means ultimatelavor, healthy antioxidants, fresher longer due to natural antibacterial properties, and sweetness.
-It contains many amino acids that are good for human body ,to eliminate fatigue, improve physical strength, solve constipation,protect liver,and improve the activity of the prostate,promoting sleep quality and also other functions.

*Net Weight:180G
*Direction:Ready to eat and can be added in any foods
*Preserving Method:Avoid high temperature or multiple temperature environment,please keep this product refrigerated
*It is normal that the precipitation may remains at the bottom
*Grown and made in Canada
*Date the production:on the bottle
*Suitable for barbecue, pasta, pastries, fast food, sushi etc.

*Note:Please keep refrigerated at the any time for the freshest taste.
Any question about it ,please feel free contact our Customer Service.


Best tasting Black Garlic ever....

01 May, 2019
I was recently introduced to Black Garlic and have had the chance to try it prior to this purchase. Comparing the one I tried prior to this one I have to,say that this one tastes better and seems to b... more »