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USDA Natural Jojoba Oil (4oz) – Naturally Antiseptic Jojoba Oil for Your skin and hair - Jojoba Face Oil for reducing aging signs – Irreplaceable Organic Jojoba for soft and supple skin
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Price: $13.99


Our organic jojoba oil will definitely become an irreplaceable moisturizer in your everyday skin care since it contains a host of vitamins and is antibacterial and naturally antiseptic. Jojoba face oil is a really unique substance because it is structurally and chemically similar to the human sebum. All natural jojoba oil matches human skin perfectly, calms inflammation and can even remove your makeup easily.This essential oil can also protect you from the damaging effects of free radicals that can cause different chronic disease. Organic jojoba oil for face can help provide hydration and healing to your face and skin.

But what is really important is that our natural jojoba oil has the magic power to prevent wrinkles and other effects of aging with your skin. Furthermore, the use of jojoba seed oil won`t result in blockages of the skin pores or acne. You can also use it when you have sunburn or cracked lips. Our jojoba oil is full of proteins and fatty acids that are necessary for your hair growth. It is astonishing that oil jojoba can make combing or brushing much easier. All you need to prevent tangles is a few drops of natural jojoba oil. No matter what type of skin you have, you will undoubtedly feel good about jojoba face oil. The most interesting thing is that this natural jojoba oil is extremely useful for men as well. It is a great way to prevent razor burn and soothe your skin after shaving.

This all natural jojoba oil is extremely useful for pregnant women since it can help to reduce the appearance of the stretch marks. Our jojoba seed oil will also come in handy for those people who try to manage toenail fungus, as it penetrates under the nail and saturates the cuticles. Organic jojoba oil can be used for wound healing because it can promote growth of new cells, reduce oxidative damage, and protect from infection. The absence of triglycerides makes our jojoba face oil resistant to breaking down under high temperatures.


Great Quality

14 May, 2019
The shipping was speedy and the quality of the Jojoba oil is great. Well packed and no leaks. I was quite impressed with the quality of this oil for the price! more »

Great for dry skin on knees and elbows

14 May, 2019
Jojoba oil provides your skin with Vitamins E and B-complex and is excellent for soothing dry skin and wrinkles. I have always has trouble with dry elbows and knees. I have used coconut oil and it wor... more »