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Product Information
Radiant Red Dog Harness by SunGrow: Comfortable, Soft breathable fabric: Adjustable from 14 to 20”: Safe Padded neck opening: Easy Snap on and off: Secure Straps & D rings
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Price: $8.95


BRIGHT RADIANT RED COLOR--- The Radiant red color will make your pet stand out from the generic harness. Take your dog for a walk looking all jazzy and fresh in this SunGrow harness.
SOFT BREATHABLE FABRIC--- The mesh fabric has great air permeability and is completely breathable. It can be worn all day long without irritating your dog in any way.
FULLY ADJUSTABLE--- The chest strap on the harness is fully adjustable from 14 to 20" wide, ensuring a secure fit for different sized dogs. The neck opening measures 11" and has been designed with comfortable soft padding, with no strain or pulling on your doggies neck.
DOUBLE SECURITY--- This safety harness gives you the confidence to walk your pet without worrying about your dog slipping out of her leash or collar. The strong buckle closure and heavy duty metal D-rings provides a strong and secure attachment of the leash.
EASY SNAP ON AND OFF--- No more hassle with leashes and collars around your dog's neck. Simply have your dog step into the harness, clip the buckle closed and attach your leash to the D rings and you are good to go!