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Product Information
FLY CATCH - Glue Trap Flies Mosquito Moths Fruit-Flies Repellent - Disposable Non-Toxic Sticky Glued Paper - 5 Traps (1.5\" x 25\")
5.00 / 5   (2 Reviews)
Price: £6.90


Best to Trap Hordes of Flies - Not Suitable for One or Two Flies as Hordes Tend to Attract Each Other
Eco Material Safe to Handle - Non-Toxic Adhesive Lasts Months
Flowery patterns are printed on the background for the visual effect, which is convenient to use.
Package - Pack of 5 Traps / Each Trap is 1.5\" x 25\"
Patented / ISO Patented / Certified ISO9001-2000 & ISO14001-2004


work a treat

02 Oct, 2017
I bought this not really expecting much but hoping for something , anything to happen as im not used to these pesky little flies we seem to have here out in the country . I am super impressed , its... more »