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Product Information
FLOUREON Phone Watch Repair Tool Kit Precision Screwdriver Set Repair Tool Kit 33-piece for iPad iPhone PC Watch Samsung and Other Smartphone Tablet Computer Electronic Devices
5.00 / 5   (21 Reviews)
Price: $6.99


1 × 105 mm Anti-slip Handle
1 ×115 mm Tweezer
1 ×60 mm Adjustable Extension bar
1×100 mm multi-angle soft extension bar
5 × nut driver: M2.5, M3.0, M3.5, M4.0, M4.5
8 × Torx screw driver: T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8, T91, T10
1 × Hex screw driver: H2.0, H3.0
3 × Cross screw driver:1.5, 2.5, 3.5
3 × Straight screw driver: 1.0, 2.0, 3.0
1 × Star screw driver: 0.8, 1.2
1 × Y screw driver: Y0.8
1 × Triangle screw driver: 2.0
1 × Screw driver: 1.5


Really love this set...

28 Mar, 2019
This is an awesome tool kit.  The 33 included pieces run the gamet of all that you would need to repair most anything.  I have used it to take apart and fix a watch, two toys, and a phone.&n... more »

Very handy

06 Feb, 2019
This little set was perfect when I needed to remove a phone screen to replace it when the screen was shattered. It, also worked great to fix a charging port on a phone that refused to charge any longe... more »

Great set

26 Jan, 2019
Great little set,  you can use for repair projects around the house down to fixing your eyeglasses, I used this for my water heater  to remove panels. Also used to repair my sunglasses. Mult... more »

Good buy!

24 Jan, 2019
#RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored #FLOUREON The colors are awesome and unique. Made with good material. Seem durable. Love the case! Good buy! Works great for different needs from phones and wa... more »

Very Nice Kit

22 Jan, 2019
#rankboosterreview #sponsored #floureon very nice repair kit.  nicely packaged.  will definitely buy for gifts in the future. more »

Floureon Watch Repair Kit

18 Jan, 2019
I recently bought this from Rank Booster and I love it. It comes with 33 pieces and it's so handy. more »

Screws on a screwdriver, brilliant

16 Jan, 2019
Why don't all screwdriver sets have these? A screw cut into the shaft to start holes. What an innovation! more »

Great tool kit

14 Jan, 2019
This is a great tool kit comes with everything that you need to get all those little screws out of toys for batteries watches phones repair I'm very happy with it it seems to be built well should... more »

Great Screwdriver Set For Repair Kit! By FLOUREON

13 Jan, 2019
FLOUREON Screw Driver repair Kit comes with a screw driver as well as bits and pieces all completing a set of 33 in the kit. Its called a repair kit because the screw driver bits can it small screw... more »

Great, just what I expected.

13 Jan, 2019
I purchased this because I make Jewelry and also repair computers. This set actually works perfect for both. Compact, neatly stored. I Love it!   https://www.amazon.com/dp/B073ZB8CL4... more »

Amazing set!

12 Jan, 2019
This tool kit precision screwdriver set with 33 pieces is absolutly amazing! Not only does it come with an extension and a bendab le extension, it comes with every tip I could ever need for my small f... more »

Precision Screwdriver Set

12 Jan, 2019
A well made multi-tool, it has just about every driver bit you will ever need. A thick sturdy case to hold everything in, it's also see through so you can see which bits you have for the job. more »

Handy little set

11 Jan, 2019
This sure is a handy little set! Would be a great addition to anyone’s tool set!  more »

Phone Watch Repair Toolkit

10 Jan, 2019
 Got as a gift for my husband he really likes it and uses it a lot. Great value for the price I would recommend this product to any one who works on any electronic devices.    #Ra... more »

Very Nice, High Quality Miniature Tool Set in Storage Box

09 Jan, 2019
I love the fact that these mini-tools come in a storage box. This little set has all the tools you frequently need in one place and easy to find. This has conventional flat heads and Philips head... more »

I love this set

08 Jan, 2019
I love this set they have all I need because have many this to use . I love .!!  more »

Great buy

07 Jan, 2019
This floureon phone watch repair tool kit is absolutely amazing. It comes with everything you need to fix any small projects or devices. The high quality metal it is made out of gives you the confiden... more »

prefect for PC repair

07 Jan, 2019
#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #FLOUREON This set is perfect for intricate repairs. more »

Compact set w a few attachments

06 Jan, 2019
I completely wore out my first micro set of drivers  and decided to try a different brand. Glad I did  well made and in s compact case. A++++!        #RankBoosterRevie... more »

Precision Set

05 Jan, 2019
Great set for small projects or repairing eyeglasses and such. The case is well made too so it can hold eveytjinge and keep it organized. Good buy!   #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored ... more »