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Product Information
Stretch Strap by SunJolly - 10-Loop 79-inch Strap with Instructional Guide for Stretching, Athletes, Yoga, Physical Therapy Strap, Rehab, Dance-Workout Instruction Included
4.92 / 5   (13 Reviews)
Price: $9.99


★SUPREME VERSATILITY: Extra long stretch strap facilitates a safe and effective full body stretch. Perfect for yoga, Pilates, ballet, CrossFit and physical therapy, warming up with a stretch strap helps to prevent injuries and enhances muscle recovery.
★10 SHOE-SIZED LOOPS FITS ALL FEET: Ten integrated loops are large enough to accommodate most athletic shoes for ultimate convenience. Loops also provide comfortable handholds the entire length of the strap for stretching to your personal max.
★DURABLE NON STRETCH STRAP: Stretch strap is made with a premium quality woven nylon that will not stretch. Authentic design proven to be durable and long-lasting; will not easily wear or tear even with heavy use, unlike imitation straps.Measuring 79\"in length, the stretch strap is also comfortably sized to work for any individual.
★TAKE THE STRETCH EQUIPMENT :Anywhere with you and never miss your daily stretching routine! The muscle stretch band stores in a nice box and takes very little space in your luggage. With FREE WORKOUT INSTRUCTION, you will get good tips on stretching and tightening your muscles.
★Allows you to benefit from PNF stretching without a partner.


Great for stretching

01 Jan, 2018
This is great for stretching. I love that it has the different loops and can be used multiple ways more »

Stretch strap for Yoga

21 Dec, 2017
I have friends who use these and say they do a good job of helping you stretch.  We personally used it in the car and strung it from the two hangers in the car and kept our clothing on hangers on... more »

Well made

12 Dec, 2017
well made Stretch Strap by SunJolly - 10-Loop 79-inch Strap with Instructional Guide for Stretching, Athletes, Yoga, Physical Therapy Strap, Rehab, Dance-Workout Instruction Included  Price... more »

Good for a beginner

07 Dec, 2017
I am just beginning to use this everyday. I used to do yoga many yrs ago, but am totally out of shape after an accident. I want to be more flexible and this is definitely helping. Easy to use pic... more »

quality is very nice

28 Nov, 2017
I bought this for my wifes friend who was looking for one to try out as shes getting into some gym thing. and asked me to look for one well i found one and this was not a dissapointment. you will lovc... more »

Perfect Pre Workout

28 Nov, 2017
In an effort to get healthy I decided to start doing Yoga, I was told to buy a stretch strap to help loosen up my muscles before I started my Yoga session and before doing other workout exercises... more »

Very nice

26 Nov, 2017
Loving this strecth strap it's so versatile with it's design it makes it easy to put your hands arms and feet into the slots and strecth, definitely a great addition to add to your training or... more »


23 Nov, 2017
I needed this to help with stretching and it's a great quality product. Has the resistance needed and easy to use more »

Fun, Effective

18 Nov, 2017
This is a really fun, effective, addition to your workout. I was using a regular stretch band & didn't realize how limited I was until I now. There are so many amazing ways to use this band. I... more »

Perfect for stretching, and Yoga.

17 Nov, 2017
I go away quite a bit, and always like to workout, without taking too much equipment with me.  That is why the SunJolly Yoga Stretch Strap with loops will be very useful. I can use i... more »

Great Yoga Strap

14 Nov, 2017
https://www.amazon.com/SunJolly-physical-Multi…/…/B074W6TR82 Pilates or Yoga it does not matter this stretching cord is great for both. This stretching cord is very well made from durab... more »

Stretch Strap

09 Nov, 2017
I bought this because my daughter needs to stretch to be able to do flying positions as a cheerleader.  She is able to use this on her own easily.  She is eight years old.  She likes th... more »

Perfect for me

08 Nov, 2017
If you want to have better mobility and flexibility, the stretching strap is for you. I can now hold my posses longer with this. I'm short so the addition of all the length loops help a ton. more »