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Product Information
Baby Foot Peel Peach Moisturizing socks - Intensive & Ultra repairing foot mask for Dry feet, Single Pack (1-Pack)
4.64 / 5   (22 Reviews)
Price: $15.99


A 30-MINUTES TREATMENT FOR YOUR FEET, VERY FAST, EASY AND COMFORTABLE Peach Foot care mask (1-Pair) design to keep your feet healthy. The creation of this foot moisturizer will improved and maintain the look of your dry feet to the smoothest, softens and improving look feet and heels.
SPA EXPERIENCE AT HOME: To de-stress and get flawless feet without spending much utilize this moisturizer mask at home. Designed with skin smoothing and moisturizing ingredients
BEST GIFT IDEA: This best peel off mask is great to share with your family and friends for them to enjoy a baby like soft, more attractive, pinkish and healthy feet like yours.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We designed this PEACH FOOT CARE MASK is here to give you awesome results. We believe in that you will get pleasure from the treatment and make your feet smoothest, however in the event that for some any reason the foot peeling mask does not relate to your desires, simply let us know and we will happily refund your money.


Baby foot peel

20 Dec, 2017
So much hype about foot peel masks and I love trying stuff so I got Pedi Pamper Foot Peeling Mask by Foot Peel. I was skeptical at first, I meen come on, one treatment for at home spa treatment? No sc... more »

No more dry rough feet!

26 Nov, 2017
I am in love with these peels. I love the way my feet so baby soft after using one. There's nothing better than using a peel after a nice hot soak and feeling such sweet soft feet!  more »

lovely feet

02 Nov, 2017
This product is absolutely great for dry ,cracking feet. The result I experienced were wonderful. My feet were terrible because I'm usually barefoot  and that is extremely hard on your fee... more »

Left feet feeling wonderful!

27 Oct, 2017
https://www.amazon.com/Baby-Foot-Peel-Peach-Moisturizing/dp/B0759WTCWW/ref=redir_mobile_desktop?_encoding=UTF8&ref_=ya_aw_od_pi&th=1 This item is a 30 minute treatment process for your dry,... more »

Will buy again

25 Oct, 2017
after I finished using the product my feet were really soft. Love it.  more »

Works great

25 Oct, 2017
Comes sealed wonderfully, easy to apply and remove works great.  Helped remove all dead skin off of my feet and made them feel soft.  The smell was plesant of the wrap.  over al very pl... more »

wish there were a few more

20 Oct, 2017
I loved what I was able to use of the product I just wish there was more than one in the package so you get could get a true feel for what it can do. I will however say that my heels were at least a h... more »

Foot Peal

20 Oct, 2017
Pack of foot mask. Intensive and Ultra repairing foot mask for dry feet. A single pack. You wear these for an hour and then aporox. a week later your feet will start pealing and all dry skin and callo... more »

Smells good!

18 Oct, 2017
I used this on my husband's feet and it worked pretty well! The excess dead skin and calluses loosed up and came off over three days after the the initial use of the foot treatment.  Defin... more »

Smells good

17 Oct, 2017
Smell was good. Otherwise it didn't do anything for me, even after taking a hot bath before I put these on. Came on time, wouldn't try again though. Better luck next time as I usually love... more »

I really like my baby foot peel

13 Oct, 2017
https://www.amazon.com/Baby-Foot-Peel-Peach-Moisturizing/dp/B0759WTCWW I do like this foot peel smells good and makes my feet real soft this is peach scented and smells so good all I do is wear the... more »

Definitely works!

13 Oct, 2017
I've been curious to try these for awhile, so I finally did. These definately work! Make sure to follow all the instructions. Also, it helps to soak your feet in warm water each day. It definately... more »

Leaves Your Feet Baby Soft!

13 Oct, 2017
I really liked this foot mask. It was easy to use with the provided instructions and I had no issues. My feet arent terribly calloused, but has some rough edges. This mask helped alleviate that proble... more »

At Home Spa Day

12 Oct, 2017
I've tried a lot of foot masks.  My feet can get gross!! I promised myself, that this winter my feet wouldn't get gross.  This foot mask will help !! I suggest you not only soak your... more »

Great Follow Up!

11 Oct, 2017
I recently tried the                             Best F... more »

Great foot peel

11 Oct, 2017
This foot peel is great I absolutely loved how it made my feet feel.  This  is easy to do at home and leaves your feet looking great for those that wear sandals. more »


10 Oct, 2017
I have been nervous about trying these for a while the peeling that I had seen in reviews made me anxious, but OMG! They reveal the smoothest softest skin. Much better than a pedi!  more »

Love it

10 Oct, 2017
I love this foot peel. It has made my feet so soft and smooth. I will continue to purchase them. I had no idea what a difference it would make. My feet were dry and rough but now they are flawless.... more »

Fresh Scent and Feet

09 Oct, 2017
I love this. I was confused about the product type because Amazon features peoples' feet peeling. This was only a 30 minute treatment which left my husband's feet feeling softer. He has no pee... more »


07 Oct, 2017
Great product. really loved it, I will definitely be ordering again. highly suggest! more »

Amazingly Soft

06 Oct, 2017
These socks are amazing.  Easy to read and follow directions, took no time at all to put the socks on and let my dry feet get repaired, took about 30 minutes in the sock and my feet felt so good.... more »


05 Oct, 2017
if you don't have the budget to pamper yourself at a spa... here are some great pedi items to help you and your budget out! I just got both of these and cannot wait to try them out! Definitely in... more »