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Product Information
VIPpet Cat Corner Massage Self Groomer - Wall Corner Massage Comb Tool Grooming Brush for Long & Short Fur Pet Cats/Dogs/Horses
4.25 / 5   (4 Reviews)
Price: $12.99



Material: plastic+rubber

Color: blue/gray

Size(Length x Width):

13cm X 9cm X 5cm / 5.12\" X 3.54\" X 2\"

Weight: 170g



2* Brush

8* Screw

8* Strong stickers



1. The Cat Corner Groomer was designed to activate and stimulate your cat\'s unique senses.

2. You could put some catnip to attract the cat to tickle, and the brush can be easily removed for cleaning and installation.

3. According to the cat\'s lifestyle design, it provides the cat with a sense of friction. The durable plastic brush removes loose and fallen hair while brushing.

4. According to the cat\'s horizontal height, it is installed in the corner or corner of the home that the cat can reach.


Works, but not for our home

05 Jun, 2019
When we had cats in the past, I was constantly having to wash the doors and wall edgings where they would rub against them. And of course they loved being groomed, so when I saw this set of cat corner... more »

my cats used it.

21 Mar, 2019
These are so easy to install,I used the double sided sticky tape and fixed them to my desk,and they do not have to put in a corner. you can put these anywhere. My cats started rubbing their faces on t... more »

Cats Love it!

18 Mar, 2019
I took it out of the box & used on My Cats & they love it! But, I have Not Set up yet- We are Moving! more »

Cat groomer

14 Mar, 2019
My cat loves this. He is constantly rubbing up against the door frame scratching so this was right up his alley! He is happy getting scratched and It takes care of his shedding for me! Win win!!... more »