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Car seat heater kit 12V for the ENGLISH MARKET | cable exit left | for all vehicles, camper, truck, van | MY SEAT HEATER TO go | the heated seat covers radiates a comfortable heat | temperature control
5.00 / 5   (7 Reviews)
Price: £18.99


✔ ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE FOR EVERY NEED - the remote 2 intensities thermostatic temperature control is very easy to use and releases a comforting temperature. The embedded thermostat prevents overheating of the seat cover. The seat protector is fed by 12 volt socket cigarette lighter of the car. Size 38,58x19,29x1,18 inches - colour black CABLE EXIT LEFT
✔ QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION - rubber bands with relative hooks guarantee a perfect fixing. The car front seat hot heater does not move anymore even in extreme situations. To clean the heating for seats just use a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth after removing the plug from the electrical current. The universal thermal seat cover is switchable between any car and the ideal tool for every winter.
✔ PREVENTION OF HEALTH - The heated pad cushion also helps yourself to stay better. Many motorists introduce rheumatic problems and / or pains on the back side. The uniform and continuously warm helps to assufage the symptoms and to make more comforting and pleasant trip
✔ IT CAN BE INSTALLED IN EVERY VEHICLE - this type of heating for seats can be installed in your motorcar, camper, van and truck that have a 12-volt socket. The seat cover MY seat heater TO go is adapted to any type of seat. The built-in rubber bands can be individually set and avoid the slipping of the pillow. Fits most any car or truck, at a much better price than that luxury option at the car dealership.
✔ ORDER NOW WITHOUT RISK -the small investment is repaid many times. This heating pad can be installed in most cars because the installation is very fast and simple. The heater was tested by experts in the field and has the european certification CE. An ideal gift for every season because the cold weather will come for sure. Ordering it now will make a good bargain, earning from the benefit of a reduced price, which also includes the reimbursement guarantee.


it is comfortable in winter

06 Mar, 2018
The cushion just take 3 min to get warm, it is comfortable in winter. And the timer is a good design which help me not need to worry about the cushion exhausts my battery that much. more »


25 Feb, 2018
Great item :) https://www.amazon.co.uk/vehicles-MY-radiates-comfortable-temperature/dp/B0759JLNRN i. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #myto more »

Works well.

24 Feb, 2018
This was the best deal for the price! My husband installed them and he said they were easy to install.  more »

What a difference on a freezing day!

12 Feb, 2018
This is just what I need on a freezing cold morning driving my old work car... I’ve got so used to being in my family car with all its gadgets it’s killing me to go back to basics and free... more »

Heated car seat cover

04 Feb, 2018
This is brilliant not only is it a car seat cover to protect your seat it also heats up for them colder morning's, it warms up quite quickly as well just love it #RankBoosterReview #seatheater&nbs... more »

works well

30 Jan, 2018
There is nothing worse than getting in the car first thing on a cold morning and having to wait until the engine has warmed up enough to put the heating on , now I actually don't mind having to wa... more »

Have a warm drive in the cold season

28 Jan, 2018
This front car seat heater from MY TO gives a great warm feeling in winter. Getting in a cold car is very uninviting on winter mornings therefore having a driver car seat heater is a good way to start... more »