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Product Information
Natural and Hand Made Incense Sticks Variety Aromatherapy Gift Pack 40 Sticks Agarbatti | Lavender | Rose | Jasmine | Lily | Lotus |(1 Pack of 5)-Stress Relief
3.95 / 5   (20 Reviews)
Price: $8.99


. Quantity:8 Sticks Per Box Total 40 Sticks; Burning time: 30-40 Minutes; 11 flavors random
.Perfect for everyday use, wedding, events, aromatherapy,Spa, Reiki, Meditation, Bathroom setting
.Quality: Scented, Essential oils, floral combinations,so you can enjoy your spiritual calm.
.GREAT MEDITATION SET:relieves anxiety & fatigue , the scents are clean and true. This incense set is perfect for people who meditate, practice yoga or who simply wish to use aromatherapy to fill their environment with natural aromas.
.Great way to neutralize odors for your home, This will create an alluring environment and promote confidence, optimism and cheerfulness


Great gift

18 Dec, 2018
 these made a good gift for my husband. He really like them. They burnt well. Not the strong smell but they get the job done more »

smell the aroma

13 Dec, 2018
Smell the aroma of these. Set up, light and enjoy. more »

Burning Smell but otherwise basically scentless

26 Nov, 2018
So, if you ever tend to use incense, I am sure that you are familiar with the problem that incenses from various brands all smell and burn different. I decided to give this incense pack by Corcio a tr... more »

not a strong smell

23 Nov, 2018
These sticks do not have a strong smell. And if you want to sell something for 9$ it shouild not come to me with a 1.50 sticker from dollerzilla on it.  #Rankboosterreview #Sponsored #CORCIO &nbs... more »


19 Nov, 2018
I bought these incense to keep my house smelling good. I love the variety of scents and the fact they are long lasting. The smell is very light and not overbearing. A great way to make your home more... more »

They have almost no fragrance to them. They smell like wood burning

16 Nov, 2018
Not worth your time or money. cool packaging and box though more »

Good smelling

11 Nov, 2018
Was lookin for something natural i can say they are on the thin side but other than that they are as described comes with 5 diffrent scents rose is my favorite      #RankBooste... more »

Burns longer than a backflow cone

08 Nov, 2018
The first thing I want to mention and I hope the seller sees this.  Atleast take the time to put a sticker over the dollarama (Canada's Dollar Tree) $1.50 price before shipping out incence... more »

Smells nice

06 Nov, 2018
Got these for my son who has been using them and he loves the smell. more »

Hand Made insence

05 Nov, 2018
It;'s been awhile since ive used insense, but since they stated they were hand made, i thought i'd give them a try. The are really nce smelling not to strong and burn nicely. #RankBoosterRevie... more »

Smells good

04 Nov, 2018
I like em. The smell is strong but it works great. Love em.  more »


02 Nov, 2018
good size, not the short stick. Love the fragrance.  more »

They All smell the same

01 Nov, 2018
Did not care for these incense's- none had a smell like the package said- more »

Long lasting scent

01 Nov, 2018
I love burning incense. There is just something warm and comforting about it. Plus, it makes my rooms smell great and the scent always lingers long after the incense is gone. This set comes with 5 dif... more »

Smell Great!

31 Oct, 2018
I pushed the stem of the "rose" scented incense stick into a candle and lit it up- although it doesn't smell much like a rose to me at all, it did have a wonderful scent that was st... more »

Incense sticks

29 Oct, 2018
These smell amazing, lavender is my favorite.  more »

Great Scents and Great Variety

28 Oct, 2018
I recently purchased #Corcio incense sticks #Sponsored by #RankBoosterReview. I was very pleased with the selection of since they were all Floral and they range from Jasmine Lily Rose lavender and Lot... more »

smell wonderful

27 Oct, 2018
The natural handmade incense sticks smell wonderful. more »

Ummmm no

26 Oct, 2018
First, all they smell like is burning wood. Each and everyone of them. They smell like a campfire, which yes, I do enjoy. But I wanted to smell Jasmine.  The second reason for only one star is... more »