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Product Information
UTTORA Diving Toys Underwater Swimming Pool Toys Diving Game Training Gift for Kids Boys Girls
4.93 / 5   (14 Reviews)
Price: $15.99


UTTORA 22 Pack Diving Toy Set for Pool Us:Make the time you and your family spend swimming even more fun with our collection of pool toys and water toys. Kids and adults love our diving toys, which double as deep-water teaching tools. A NEW WAY to get wet and take a load off.

1.This set is a must have for any family that enjoys a day at the pool!
2.Brightly colored dive sets toys with numbered point values can be easily found in the water and enhance game play in the water! 
3.Kids can improve their swimming skills by launching a ring, bandit ,stringy , treasures and chasing it through the water.Dive and retrieve-perfect for swimming training. 
4.With 22 pieces, it is enough to keep the whole neighborhood busy at the pool, let alone your own family.
5.Simply throw the dive toys into the pool, wait for them to sink to the bottom and then go in after them!
6.Makes a great gift & is perfect for the beach, schools, party favors, backyard, the lake, promotions and so much more!

Target Audience: Recommended for ages 3 and up.

Size: ring diameter 5.5\",fish length 5.0\", stringy length 6.2\",Sticks length 6.9\",grass length 6.5\",Seahorse length 2.5\"
Material:100% safety and non-toxic Rubber &ABS
Color: multicolored as stated in the picture
Approved:ASTM Safety Test

Package Includes:
✔ 3 * Diving Fish
✔ 4 * Diving Rings
✔ 4 * Diving Sticks
✔ 3 * Water grass
✔ 6 * Pirate Treasures
✔ 2 * Seahorse Treasures


Lots of fun

13 Jul, 2019
This is a huge set of pool toys!  My grand kids loved them.  A couple of the rings broke but the rest are fine and we're still having fun with them.  A great set, but a little overp... more »


02 Jul, 2019
Fun keeps the kids entertain at the pool more »

Nice pool set

20 Jun, 2019
This is a great pool set. My daughter swims in our pool almost every other day...she leaves these in the pool and they're still going strong. Nice quality.  more »


16 Jun, 2019
this works well in a bathtub also.  The baby loved it and had so much fun playing with it.  Will use it in the pool later this summer.  more »

Great swimming toys

14 Jun, 2019
These are great swimming toys for the kids they like going underwater to get them they're happy I'm happy highly recommended #RankBoosterReview  more »

Perfect Diving Set for Kids and Teens!

13 Jun, 2019
I bought this set of diving tools for my granddaughter, and they are superb. It comes with a huge variety of items they can dive for including rings, fish, seahorses, bars, and even seaweed I can a... more »


11 Jun, 2019
These pool toys are the best! I have four kids who spend the entire summer in the pool. These are awesome for keeping them busy. I love that this set has plenty of them to all have their own without f... more »

Kids love it

10 Jun, 2019
You get so many toys with this package it’s definitely worth the price I love it I will definitely have to buy another set because my kids are fighting over it but it is worth the money &nb... more »

Great deal!

10 Jun, 2019
This is a great purchase.  It makes a perfect gift for a little one!   more »


10 Jun, 2019
Great lot of toys for a day at the pool. My kids are excited to use them!   more »

Hours of fun!

09 Jun, 2019
Awesome 23 PIECE set of diving toys! Keeps the kids intertained for hours. The range of sizes make it fun for all ages.  #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #UTTORA more »

Great toys for the pool!

09 Jun, 2019
This is such a cool set of pool sinking toys! Simply throw the dive toys into the pool, wait for them to sink to the bottom and then go in after them. Makes a great gift for anyone with a pool or a go... more »

Love it!

07 Jun, 2019
I like this set of diving toys. They have some weight and stays at the bottom of the swimming pool. My kids are having so much fun! I highly recommend it! more »

Kids love these!

05 Jun, 2019
My kids love these pool toys! Great for teaching the young kids how to go under and hold their breath. Lots of fun with lots of variety. Comes with a bag to keep up with all your toys. Definitely woul... more »