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Product Information
Cell Phone Ring Holder Stand for Hand, 2 Packs AOPETIO 360°Rotation Magnetic Kickstand for Car Mount Hand Grip Finger Ring Anti-slip Universal for Smartphones iPads and More
4.74 / 5   (87 Reviews)
Price: $11.99


【Material】:This cellphone ring grip stand holder construction from soft silicone eslatic and the hand hold ring with zinc alloy bearing to keep rotating sturdy, the adhesive of the holder kickstand rings is surprisingly strong.It will prevent the phone to drop on your face when you on bed, and hands free to watch youtube.
【Great Design】: Unique appearance design formation of scrub sense avoid the scratches when the ring stand on table, the firm round ring is built with a soft form cushion effects to decrease finger injury.
【Instruction】: The ring swivels 360 degrees so you can view the screen portrait or landscape, also it can 180 rotation foldable and the ring grip holder include metal help to as a car mount when you driving.
【Multi function】: It sticks to you phone cover and you can do anything with cellphone, much easier just use one hand will operate freely, great for giving you an added sense of security while holding. Also can be used as tablet ring stand holder, it has magnetic plate inside for car mount usage.
【Feature】: The phone ring stand is an efficient way of preventing your phone from slipping off your hands, the ring holder as a temporary stand when you place your phone or any other electric equipment on a table or any flat surface.


These work great!

14 Nov, 2018
I got these for my kids and they love them! They stick great and makes using their phones so easy to hold in one hand with no worries of dropping! Having it double as a kickstand is awesome as well to... more »


18 Aug, 2018
Per chi utilizza lo smartphone con una sola mano è un grande aiuto.   Dopo diversi mesi sono ancora come il primo giorno, li consiglio.   Mai visto adesivi cosi forti. more »

mas grande de lo que pensaba

06 Aug, 2018
#RankBoosterReview #Sponsored  #AOPETIO ENLACE DE COMPRA: https://www.amazon.es/Mugig-Guitarras-Tama%C3%B1os-Espesores-Colores/dp/B01LW5S7QY MI OPINIÓN * Aunque es cierto q... more »


16 Jul, 2018
Molto soddisfatta dell'acquisto! La base si attacca saldamente al telefono (io l'ho attaccato sulla cover). Mi piace molto il fatto che l'anello sia rigido, quindi decidi tu la posizione i... more »

So handy

10 May, 2018
Great little accessory for your phone or tablet, ring holder that makes easy to use the camera and also is a kickstand which is great to streamview. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Aopetio https:... more »

Great design, works well. Stayed on

14 Apr, 2018
These are very durable, stay on tight to your phone.  You can put your phone in more than one position, on it's side or straight up and down.  Great purchase! more »


07 Apr, 2018
Utilissimo per tenere il cellulare in mano senza farlo cadere di continuo. Ha un adesivo fortissimo e tiene perfettamente. In più è magnetico e si attacca al sostegno magnetico in auto! more »

NUL ! Mauvaise qualité !

03 Apr, 2018
Très mauvais, ce lot de 2 bagues pour téléphone est nul, il c'est cassé au bout d'un jour d’utilisation ! Je recommande pas du tout ! De très... more »

Best phone Ring

15 Mar, 2018
Great quaity, easy to install on my phone, very sturdy, not like most, falls off within 2 weeks. Love the quality, fast shipment, awesome seller, highly recommended! more »

So handy

14 Mar, 2018
Great little accessory for your phone or tablet, ring holder that makes easy to use the camera and also is a kickstand which is great to streamview. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Aopetio https:... more »

Anelli per telefono

11 Mar, 2018
Davvero perfetti rotabili a 360 gradi.la colla che è applicata dietro e davvero resistente.consigliati more »

Muy comodos

07 Mar, 2018
Llevaba tiempo viendo este producto por la calle, en anuncios... y era un poco incrédula, pero alguien me lo recomendó y decidí probarlo. Y son geniales, las manos descansan du... more »


22 Feb, 2018
Arrivato leggermente in ritardo ottimo prodotto la confezione contiene 2 pezzi si adatta a qualsiasi telefono/custodia dotato di adesivo sul retro anello girevole funziona anche come appoggio telefono... more »

2 ring phone holder

22 Feb, 2018
Nicely made, easily allow you to stand the phone up on it side.  The ring is movable but not flimsy.  I do believe I will drop my phone I whole lot less.  Comes with two rings and items... more »

So helpful

21 Feb, 2018
This little ring is so helpful. All you do is take the backing off and stick it to the back of your cell phone about 3/4 down. It can be useful as a stand and to help you hold on to your phone thru th... more »

Cell phone ring holder

19 Feb, 2018
This is a great idea. My husband constantly drops the tablet and cellphone. This keeps it from slipping out of his hand. Woohoo! #RankBoosterReview #BoosterBlog #Sponsered more »

Great Product for keeping your devices from falling or slipping out of place!!!

18 Feb, 2018
Cell Phone Finger Ring Stand Holder (1set) AOPETIO Rotation Metal  Round Ring Hand Grip Kickstand for Magnetic Car Phone Vent Mount  in the color option of black is a great product that work... more »

love it

13 Feb, 2018
My mom has one of these for her phone. I had to have one for my phone once I found out that it would attach to my holder in my car. I have wanted the finger grip thing for some time now. It was easy t... more »

Works Perfect!

11 Feb, 2018
I Have Really Enjoyed My Cell Phone Ring Holder Stand For My Hand- It's An Anti slip- Holds Great & Looks Great too! more »

Pretty sticky and pretty nifty.

10 Feb, 2018
I had one of these previously, on an old case, but the ring wouldn't come off. It was nice to get a two-pack, so I have one as a backup. The only issue I have with the ring holders is when I'm... more »

I reccomed this to everyone

08 Feb, 2018
This is a wonderful addition to have to be able to hold onto your phone as well as prop it up so you can watch it talk on it or do whatever it is you need to do while not holding your phone it came ve... more »

Simple and useful

06 Feb, 2018
This is a really sturdy and easy design. It can look stylish on any phone or phone cover. The ring fits over the finger easily and helps hold the phone better. It is great as a kickstand...no slipping... more »


05 Feb, 2018
Having dropped my phone few time while trying to juggle too many things, i have come to realize that i need all the bells and whistles as they dont spoil the look of my phone. These self adhessive bas... more »

phone holder

03 Feb, 2018
these phone rings work really well and i love the color more »

Perfect timing

03 Feb, 2018
I bought this cuz I have a stand that it’s magnetic and this cake on time and they go perfect together  more »

Phone rings

31 Jan, 2018
Amazing phone rings! These rings are exactly as described and plus some. They are made of very quality materials and very easy to use. So far, I am very pleased with this item and I would definitely r... more »

Great extra to have for your phone

30 Jan, 2018
These phone ring holders are a great feature to add to your phone. If you are anything like me, I have my phone a lot! Since my business is based off my phone, I tend to use it quite a bit. This... more »

Great idea

28 Jan, 2018
I really like this new cell phone ring holder! It makes holding my phone alot easier. It's also great to use when you watch videos. It acts kind of like a stand for your phone. The ring easily sti... more »

Anelli per cellulare

27 Jan, 2018
Sono molto comodi, sia per tenere.il cellulare in sicurezza, ad esempio in metro o camminando evitando di farlo cadere o scuppare. Inotre possono essere usati per appoggiare e sostenere il cellulare i... more »

more than happy to have it!!!

27 Jan, 2018
This is the first time ever used this and they are great and handy. The anit-scratch machanism designed  (to the top of ring) by the company is user friendly. Little tiny rubber on the top can pr... more »

Clever Little device

23 Jan, 2018
These are so awesome to have for your mobile phones.  First off it comes with everything needed to apply to the back of your phone.  Once placed on the back of the phone, and this is super e... more »


22 Jan, 2018
nice more »


22 Jan, 2018
Works pretty well haven’t had any issues yet more »

Love 'em

20 Jan, 2018
First off, I'm giving these a 5 star rating because of both past experience with this type of product, and the fact that these are better made (and larger) than the one I had previously. Sli... more »

au top

19 Jan, 2018
vraiment parfait et très esthétique, y a juste à coller et hop vous pouvez le manipuler comme vous voulez et poses c'est très pratique pour regarder des vidéos e... more »

Hands Free

17 Jan, 2018
Simple cell phone device, must have cell phone device! I was always dropping my phone out of my hands and having to worry about cracking the screen. With these anti slip rings, I no longer have to wor... more »

Saved my phone many times

17 Jan, 2018
This little contraption is amazing. It has kept me from dropping my phone tons of times. I hook it on my finger and can carry groceries or whatever and not worry about dropping my phone. I love this.... more »

semplicemente fantastici

16 Jan, 2018
che dire non mi aspettavo che fossero cosi resistenti , quando li ho acquistati ero molto scettico ed avevo paura per il mio smartphone  invece poi mi sono ricreduto quando li ho provati hanno... more »

good phone holder

15 Jan, 2018
 I have a particularly large  5.5" phone which is tricky  to hold type or do anything else with just using one hand. Problem solved, this isn't a negative more a trade-off, the... more »

My Experience

15 Jan, 2018
I used to have a similar ring attached to my Samsung S7 Edge and had truly liked how I could carry my phone by slipping the ring through my finder, hang it on a hook I have installed in my truck and n... more »

Cell phone ring holder 2 pack

14 Jan, 2018
love love love!!!  i love this Phone ring holders, not only do they protect your phone from falling of your hands but you can also use them as a phone stand! the tape is really sticky which... more »

Good quality

12 Jan, 2018
Looks really nice on my phone !! Would order more!! The only thing I didn't like is that the ring is hard to pull up. more »

In love with these!

12 Jan, 2018
These are simply amazing! So useful and makes it so much easier holding my phone! They stick great and very durable, they come with 3m stickers to stick to your phone. You get two in a pack for $11.99... more »


12 Jan, 2018
makes holding phone so much easier plus helps me from dropping it all the time, #rankbooster#aopetio  more »


11 Jan, 2018
These are super cute. Me and my older daughter have it on our phones  more »


09 Jan, 2018
J’étais à la recherche d’un support de téléphone quand je suis tombé sur ce produit que je trouve intéressant. En effet, c’est un pack de de... more »


09 Jan, 2018
tutto ok!!!!!!!!!!!! more »

Not very strong worked for a couple weeks

08 Jan, 2018
#RankBoosterReview ii. # Sponsored iii. #AOPETIO loved it at first the ring is pretty stiff but is flexible and moves. The magnet isn’t very strong at all and after 2 weeks it would not stay... more »

A Great Help !!

08 Jan, 2018
These Rings are Awesome !!  I tend to drop my phone alot so it is a great help to me to be able to handle my phone without worrying about my other fingers touching the screen while I am googleing... more »

molto utile

05 Jan, 2018
Utilizzo questo anello come sostegno per tenere il cellulare in mano e non farlo cadere, ma anche come stand, perchè mantiene le inclinazioni che gli si dà. Lo trovo molto utile! more »


04 Jan, 2018
This is so amazing!  More than I thought it would be.  This is one of those things that you didn't know you needed until you have it. I'm always so worried I am going to dr... more »

Great for propping your phone up

04 Jan, 2018
These are great for propping up your phone for watching movies or TV shows on your phone. My husband had one that made his phone like  a spinner and he prefers those. I like this one because its... more »

muy practico

03 Jan, 2018
En ocasiones tenemos el problema de necesitar las dos manos al utilizar nuestro teléfono y que este no termine en el suelo.   Estos anillos están precisamente pensados para qu... more »

Cell phone ring stand review

03 Jan, 2018
This product is amazing! I have been using it for a few days now and haven't dropped my phone a single time! It's so amazing that I gave the 2nd included ring stand to my mom and bought anothe... more »

Anello supporto per cellulare

02 Jan, 2018
Ottimo prodotto quando si e in giro si può tenere il telfono in mano senza rischiare di poterlo perderlo, anello resistente e pratico. more »


02 Jan, 2018
These cell phone stands/ ring holder by #AOPETIO work great.  They're durable and easy to attach.  These hold my phone on a kickstand so that I am able to watch videos or access my phone... more »

Who doesn't love these?!

02 Jan, 2018
I love the way my phone fits into my hand with one finger thru the loop, it feels so nature.  And it's a bonus that it also serves for my magnetic mount for my car too.  These things are... more »

pratique et simple à utiliser.

01 Jan, 2018
Il me permet d'avoir une meilleure prise sur mon téléphone quand je l’utilise.   L’utilisation est simple. Il me suffit de glisser mon votre doigt à tra... more »

Degli stand particolari

30 Dec, 2017
sono 2 stand adesivi da applicare allo smartphone o alla cover con cui regolare la parte inferiore e inclinarla a piacimento cosi da avere un supporto che mantenga il telefono. sono davvero utili more »


30 Dec, 2017
Very nice product, very good quality of choll, it attach in every part, not only for phone! Very useless. more »

Cell phone ring holder

29 Dec, 2017
I love my new ring holder!! Fits perfectly on my phone and helps a lot, I can actually reach the top of my screen now without having to use both hands, score! ❤️ more »

Phone ring

29 Dec, 2017
My kids love these things but they also go through quite a few of them. #rankboosterreview #sponsered #aopetio more »

Magnetic ring phone holder

28 Dec, 2017
Brilliant. Great as it helps hold onto your phone while taking a photo with one hand.  Can also be used with in car magnetic phone holder.  https://www.amazon.co.uk/AOPETIO-Kickst... more »

Anneau téléphonne

28 Dec, 2017
Vraiment magnifique produit de qualité . Je recommande vraiment pour le rapport qualité prix  more »

Fuerte adhesivo

26 Dec, 2017
#RankBoosterReview, vendido por #RebeccaZhao, éstos anillos marca #Aopetio sirven para tener bien sujeto el móvil, es rotativo totalmente, con un fuerte adhesivo que se adapta a las supe... more »

Keep my items safe, from sliding out of my hand.

26 Dec, 2017
sticks great, now I'm able to hold my phone with without worrying about it sliding out of my hands, also works well as a way to prop my phone up on my desk, etc.  more »


25 Dec, 2017
Do exactly what they should more »

Great item!

24 Dec, 2017
Nice item, work as expected. Good quality. more »

Never drop your phone again!

23 Dec, 2017
These gadgets are excellent for creating a grip for your finger. It can be maneuvered so that it fits your natural position. 10/10! more »

A Must Have

23 Dec, 2017
My daughter said mom you need one of these so I had to get me one.  I see why she said I needed one.  It attaches to my phone and can be used as a hand grip so I am least likily to have my p... more »

soporte de movil

21 Dec, 2017
pack de dos a un precio estupendo.Incluye todo lo necesario para tener un bonito soporte que puede colocarse en el coche o para llevar tu movil o smartphone a donde se quiera.Además gira comple... more »

Una gran Sorpresa! Mucho mejor de lo esperado!

21 Dec, 2017
Sinceramente compre este producto sin ningun tipo de esperanzas sobre todo por que no pense que lo fuera usar para nada. Suelo usar el movil para algun juego y a veces se duerme la muñeca de... more »

Buenos anillos

21 Dec, 2017
Son unos anillos para agarre del movil,una tablet etc. que vienen muy bien para navegar con el movil sin temor a que se caiga al suelo ya que quedan perfectamente anclado en tu mano tan solo metiendo... more »

Muy bueno

20 Dec, 2017
Genial invento. Cuando coges el móvil puedes poner el dedo por el anillo y tienes mejor agarre. Puedes poner tu móvil horizontal apoyado con el anillo en cualquier superficie. Es bastant... more »

Joli et agréable à toucher.

19 Dec, 2017
Jolies finitions sur ces anneaux de téléphone, un design tout en courbes, un style distingué, une matière très douce au toucher, un métal argenté bien... more »


19 Dec, 2017
Puoi trovare un indirizzo: https://www.amazon.it/gp/product/B075DXRV73/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Scoperto attraverso http://www.rank-booster.com . #RankBoosterReview # S... more »

Buena calidad y bastante util

19 Dec, 2017
El soporte se coloca en la parte trasera del telefono mediante una adhesivo 3m , viene un segundo de repuesto ,El anillo se puede usar para cuando usas el movil y asi que no se resbale o caiga al suel... more »

Divertido y Práctico

19 Dec, 2017
Según la ficha está hecho de acero aleación de zinc y plástico (yo no entiendo mucho la verdad). El tamaño es de unos 4cms, ideal para sujetar cualquier dispositivo... more »

Anillo móvil premium

15 Dec, 2017
Me ha sorprendido.el acabado metálico del anillo . Muy premium . El adhesivo es fuerte y dudo que se despegue en mucho tiempo.   Funciona correctamente , el tamaño para ... more »

Great gadget

28 Nov, 2017
This ring stand grip/fidget spinner is a nice idea, keeps my hand occupied when im waiting in line at the store or bank or wherever it is I might be.This works great for a cell phone stand and also sp... more »

Does the job

26 Nov, 2017
Bought as a spare, but it does the job! I heavilly reccomend this item for phone owners. https://www.amazon.com/AOPETIO-360%C2%B0Rotation-Kickstand-Anti-slip-Smartphones/dp/B074557PRS i. #R... more »


18 Nov, 2017
I sit here now using one of these ring holders! I have it attached to the back of my rather large phone, & thanks to this nifty little thing I can use one hand to hold AND type without the worr... more »

Nice Cell phone ring holder.

14 Nov, 2017
first time i buy for myself.I liked it.Now i buy for my daughters.Great product,design,color, texture, all excellent. more »

Great gifts!

13 Nov, 2017
I bought one of these for myself but it came with 4 so I gave them as gifts. My friends were stoked. They were perfect gift ideas. They work great as a kick stand and a way yo hold your phone,  e... more »

A must have item

05 Nov, 2017
This is fantastic.  I am always dropping my gadgets, now they are safe and sound. This looks great on phones and tablets and is very comfortable to use. I love that it is magnetic, it sticks m... more »