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Egg Cooker Cups - for Hard and Soft Boiled Eggs Without Shells. Set of 6 Made from Non-Stick, BPA Free Silicone. As Seen on TV. Easy to Use. Bonus Recipe eBook. Delicious Healthy Egg Dishes Every Time
5.00 / 5   (9 Reviews)
Price: $7.99


It\'s a fact! Eggs are good for you! They are the original pre-packed food and a great discovery!

Regardless of how we like to eat our eggs, preparing them the perfect and healthy way can sometimes be a challenge. We at SchiPPer bring you the ultimate egg cooker cases - easy, clean, always tasty and pretty much foolproof. Just place the closed cups in a pot with water and hey presto!

* 6 White Silicone ShiPPer egg cooking cups with red tops.
* Instruction manual included in the packaging.
* FREE BONUS Egg Recipe eBook.

The cooking cups are made of FDA approved, food-grade silicone and the red tops are made of FDA approved food grade PP Plastic both of which are of the highest quality and completely BPA Free.

Each cup is the perfect size for any size egg with additional ingredients and they take up almost no space and are virtually indestructible.

The thermodynamic design allows the cups to act as a surrogate shell for the egg so that the egg cooks exactly as it would in the shell.

Egg boilers or egg cookers are a great addition to your kitchen. Boil multiple eggs at once and each member of the family can have their own favorite type of egg almost simultaneously which means that everyone gets to eat together.
* Soft boiled eggs take the least time, just 8 - 10 Minutes
* Followed by medium boiled 11 - 13 minutes
* Hardboiled 13 - 16 minutes
* Omelets and scrambled eggs just 13 - 15 minutes.
Instruction manual is included with all the relevant information.

You can even add your favorite ingredients to your omelets such as vegetables, cheese and meat. (All meat products must be fully cooked before beginning to cook the eggs). Just refer to your FREE BONUS Egg Recipe eBook so you never run out of new ideas.


Cool little egglettes

13 Jun, 2019
I got these on a whim. Really wanted them to be awesome. And they are. I wish the eggs were a bit more 'round' when they come out but they still make good and EASY hard boiled eggs. Who cares... more »

Awesome once you learn the trick

24 May, 2019
Easy to use once you learn to spray the inside with oil first! Perfect eggs everytime and cool fast with no peels! #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Schiipper more »

Worth it

16 Apr, 2019
Nifty gadgets to Have in the kitchen. My kids, including my teens, I absolutely loved making a lunch snack that was tailored to what they wanted. Super easy to use super easy to clean I really am happ... more »

very nice

15 Apr, 2019
i love these things very easy to use and to clean after more »

Easy to use if you follow the directions

14 Apr, 2019
Many of the review for this product stated that the eggs stick to the containers. I found this to be true...if you don't read the instructions. The key is you still need to spray each of them with... more »

These Silicone Egg Cookers Work!

11 Apr, 2019
These egg cookers by #Schiipper work. Just spray a tad of oil in each food grade silicone egg,  crack open the egg and put the red plastic food grade top on, and cook. When done pop out, let cool... more »


10 Apr, 2019
So this egg maker got a lot of mix reviews but from what I can see the things that people really complained about is obvious from just looking at it. People complain a lot about how the egg is an egg-... more »

hard boiled

08 Apr, 2019
Works great. This is a very good concept. Tired of trying to peel hard boiled eggs, then this is what you need.  Works just as described and thye come out great. Highy recommeneded. more »

No peeling makes eggs so easy

04 Apr, 2019
I really like this set of egg cookers.  No peeling makes these worth a ton.  They are cute, and they will fit into any kitchen with red in it. more »