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Product Information
Huibudch Magic Inductive Truck Line Car Toy Cars Magic Mini Car Children\'s Gift Toy for Kids (Fire Truck)
3.91 / 5   (11 Reviews)
Price: $9.00


Magic Car: Your kids will be so happy for this present of magic car. OPEN THE SWITCH \"The car will follow the black line automatically\". Why?
Easy To Use: You draw a line with a marker or dark crayon on a piece of paper, and when you turn the car on, there is a sensor on the bottom that follows the line. It Provides entertainment as long as you want to keep drawing new paths !The train follows the marker line just like the directions indicate.
Cool Toy: Kids will love their new toy and see their toy follow what they designed by their hands. It will be much fun play with it.
Improve: Inductive car not only break the convention of playing toys, But also improve the ability of children\'s hands-on. Children will get a lot of fun from it and design everything their want.
Small Size: Magic car come with small size, it is very portable and suitable for children ages 3 or more. To see how this particular one works, \"GET ONE TODAY AND GIVE THEM A SURPRISE\".


Fun for all ages!

03 Apr, 2019
There was definitely a learning curve when we first started playing. My son is 5 and he and my husband spent about 20 minutes learning what worked and what doesn't work. That's something that... more »

Broken out of the package

06 Nov, 2018
This item was broken right out of the package...I purchased new batteries for this item because I figured he would play with it a long time before he throws it in the trash or anywhere for that matter... more »

These are fun!!

25 Oct, 2018
we have had a blast trying to trick them on making complicated paths. This has been fun for the whole family!! more »

Not worth the money.

21 Oct, 2018
I bought it because my grandson loves firetrucks. This truck did not work from the start. The back wheels are turned in and very loose. It never followed any line. I am returning to sender. more »

Matchbox sized

19 Oct, 2018
Very detailed and so cool that it follows the road you draw. Love this. more »

Fun truck

28 Sep, 2018
Such a great toy. Kids draw a line for the road with a black crayon and the truck follows it. They love it. It goes wherever they choose. # rankboostersteview #sponsers ii more »

Very nice toy

24 Sep, 2018
I have gifted this toy to my 7 years old son and he really enjoyed it  more »

Such a cool Idea

23 Sep, 2018
My favorite thing about this car is that it really works. You just draw a line and watch it go. It will follow it around and around. I was afraid it wouldn't work on things like notebook paper but... more »


20 Sep, 2018
~ What ~ Made of colorful non-toxic ABS red plastic and metal, this little fire truck can follow a written line drawn on a piece of plain piece of paper. For ages 3 and older, the vehicle measures 3... more »

It’s ok

19 Sep, 2018
the car really put-puts along, SOMETIMES stays on track, sometimes not, there’s not any precision at all. My kid was getting pretty frustrated but ended up getting a little better the longer he... more »

Cute little truck

13 Sep, 2018
I bought the fire truck model as my grandson likes to play with his fireman cap on. He can draw a route to a burning building he has drawn and watch the truck make its way to put out the fire. He like... more »