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12+3 Pcs Reusable Stainless Steel Straws, 3 Colors Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Eco-friendly Metal Straws,FDA-Approved Straws (Set of 15,6 Bent+6 Straight + 2 Brushes+1 Carry Bag)
5.00 / 5   (5 Reviews)
Price: $12.99


Here\'s How You Can Save Your Money & Protect The Environment While Sipping On Your Favorite Frozen Cocktail...

Did you know that those unhealthy and costly disposable plastic straws have been banned in multiple countries? Did you know that you can save your money, do your part for the environment and support your health by choosing a set of reusable metal straws?

Introducing The Ultimate Set Of Stainless Steel Drinking Straws By Mengya!

Now you don\'t have to settle for all those low- quality and unhealthy plastic straws anymore, since our metal straws 12-pack is here to cover all your drinking needs while saving you a small fortune!

Why Choose Our Heavy-Duty & Practical Metal Straws?

SUPERIOR-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - our stainless steel straws are rustproof, odorless and leave no metallic aftertaste.

PERFECT FOR ALL DRINKS & BEVERAGES - including rum, whiskey, gin, tequila, cocktails, smoothies, fruit juices, milkshakes, water, coffee or iced tea.

IDEAL FOR ALL GLASSES & TUMBLERS - our 10.5-inch straight/bent metal drinking straws are perfect for highball, hurricane or coffee glasses, tumblers, cans or even small bottles.

MOM- APPROVED DESIGN - cleaning the Mengya metal smoothie straws is a breeze, since the set includes 2 x convenient cleaning brushes for maximum results.

ECO-FRIENDLY & REUSABLE - instead of running every other week to the store to buy plastic straws, you can invest in our reusable metal straws once and for all.

Don\'t Forget Our Promise!

If you are not 100% thrilled with your metallic straws, we will buy them back from you at full price!

What Are You Waiting For?

Click \"Add To Cart\" NOW & Get Your Stainless Steel Tumbler Straws 100% Risk- Free!


Excellent Quality Set and Great Price!

04 May, 2019
We had only purchased the regular hard plastic straws, until a friend of ours mentioned there were stainless steel straws out there!  This set is amazing!  It comes with a bag to keep it all... more »

Lots of straws

28 Apr, 2019
I shouldn't need any straws for awhile!  These are great and I like the cleaning brushes!  Plus they come with a very cute linen bag. more »

Perfectly portable!

16 Apr, 2019
If you are trying to cut down your trash impact by using reusable straws instead of single use plastic straws, this set is great! It comes in a slim little muslin drawstring bag and contains !!12!! st... more »

12 + 3 pcs Reusable Stainless straws

16 Apr, 2019
This set contains 6 bent straws and 6 straight straws and 2 brushes.   In our household, we are trying to eleminate the use of plastic straws altogether, so these are just what we were looking fo... more »

Very nice straws

10 Apr, 2019
I have been using plastic straws for the longest time and I suddenly realized that I just keep purchasing them and I thought I could save some money if I just bought these straws. After using them for... more »