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Product Information
Pest Mouse Repeller, Ultrasonic Pest Control Repellent with 5 Waves Anion Air Purification for Family,Restaurant,Office-Black
5.00 / 5   (3 Reviews)
Price: $27.89


RESTRICT PEST :This mice repellent besides repelling the mice,also can driving mice & Rats,squirrels,roaches, ants,insects,mosquito.Human and pets can be safed
PM2.5 REDUCTION :The electronic circuit can be used to release a negative ion have the obvious functions of air purification,sterilization and PM2.5 reduction
CHANGE ELECTRIC WAVE :The frequencies of the ultrasonic waves are always changing in order to avoid mouse/rat to have any \"adaptability\" and \"immunity\"
EFFECTIVE COVERAGE :The effective coverage of this 5 Waves Anion repeller is arround 100 square meters.Using one device is enough for one family.Certainly the effectiveness will be better if more devices used
WIDELY USED :This roaches repellent works by 3 speakers that can 360┬░control ,it can be widely used in family,office hotel,shop,warehouse,hospital,restaurant ect


Really cool idea with 5 different waves...

12 Jun, 2018
I am pretty sure that this products help keep the critters out of the area intended.  Not sure as we also have a regular schedule of treating the yard.  The area we live in is a constant inf... more »

Pest Repeller Really Repells

07 Jun, 2018
This ultrasonic pest control is pretty amazing.  We have been using it and it seems to be working very well.  It is also an air purification for the house, has five waves of different settin... more »

Genius is all i can say!!!!

03 Jun, 2018
Never thought about pest controller with air purfication function. This 5 waves ultrasonic pest repeller with air purificaiton give your a home even your business a peace of mind. With constant changi... more »