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Product Information
LATITOP Red 2-Slice Toaster Brushed Stainless Steel with Extra Wide Slots, Removable Crumb Tray, Led Indicator, Auto Shut-Off, Toast Browness Setting, High Lift Lever
4.80 / 5   (40 Reviews)
Price: £24.99


✔ EXTRA WIDE SLOTS: This toaster designed with wide long slots to easily fit thick breads such as artisan breads, bagels and buns. So do not need to worry about bread getting jammed in toaster.
✔ CANCEL, DEFROST& REHEAT FUNCTIONS WITH LED INDICATOR LIGHTS: The light is always illuminated red when in use, and automatically go out when the toasting is done. Plus, the toasting operation can be halted at anytime by pressing Stop button, then the light will go out and toasting stops.
✔ SLIDE-OUT CRUMB TRAY FOR EASY CLEANING: There is a crumb catcher attached on the bottom of the toaster that can slides out easily, making it easy to clean up the debris of the breads.
✔ HIGH LIFT FUNCTION: Once toasting is done, the lever pops up higher than normal making it easier and safer to reach small slices.
✔ BREAD BROWNNESS CONTROL: The toaster has a control knob that can be adjusted for the amount of browning desired. The brownness setting dial goes from 1-7. Setting \'1\' is for lightest brownness and \'7\' for darkest toast.


Good buy!

30 Nov, 2018
It works perfectly, cant detect any fault! better than the branded toaster! more »


12 Oct, 2018
A great little toaster which works lovely, i made myself a cheese and ham wrap this morning and it fitted beautifully.  I have had it for quite a while now and it is easy to clean and maintain.&n... more »

Red red red!

25 Sep, 2018
i wanted a toaster that was bright red! I got it! Not only that but it works great too, easy to adjust the temp control and feels really sturdy too. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...... ...... more »

Excellent buy

11 Sep, 2018
Love this toaster Looks fab & cooks fab Highly recommend  more »

Ideal toaster

09 Sep, 2018
This toaster is ideal for a small family. It’s lightweight and easy to clean with a removable crumb tray. The lever almost reaches the top so no chance of your bread getting stuck. ... more »

Fits in nicely

05 Sep, 2018
Very nice colour! Lovely sheen to it! Good quality and great value for money! #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Latitop more »

does the job

03 Sep, 2018
It looks very good and goes well with my kitchen wall that's way I bought it.  Unfortunately mine arrived in a damaged box and it was 2 dent on the top of the toaster.  Longer length bre... more »

2 Slice toaster

03 Sep, 2018
Does exactly what you expect, I only use thick bread so the extra wide slots are a must for me. Toasts to a perfect brown and the toast was easily removed. The item has a pleasant appearance and looks... more »


01 Sep, 2018
Very sturdy good quality little toaster with a simplistic and contemporary design in a nice bright shade of red. it's straightfoward and simple to use and I am pleased with the results. High... more »


29 Aug, 2018
Good quality and works brilliant,  easy to use, its great for extra thick bread with it having wide slots so no more getting things stuck love it #RankBoosterReview #redtoaster #LATITOP more »


24 Aug, 2018
 ice red same as my kitchen  good value more »


23 Aug, 2018
amazing product for an amazing price. works great.  more »


19 Aug, 2018
Nice looking toaster. Does a good job more »

My New Toaster – Thumbs Up

19 Aug, 2018
#RankBoosterReview #Sponsored by Latitop  https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B079MCYV5T This is a smart looking two slice toaster, with the much needed added practicality of 1.5 inch wid... more »

Red toaster

17 Aug, 2018
Excellent value for money, lovely design and fits in beautifully with my red kitchen!! more »

Great Toaster

15 Aug, 2018
I love this toaster. We use it every day. It toasts evenly and quickly. The sides of the toaster stay cool to touch. I like that it has a frozen product button that acts kind of like a defroster. The... more »


14 Aug, 2018
Great little toaster and goes with the colour of my kitchen  more »

Working excellent

12 Aug, 2018
Easy to use , perfect and matches  for my kitchen color theme of red. It has a level of color when it comes to toasting the broad. Doesn’t consumes too much energy and it’s great for... more »

easy to use toaster

11 Aug, 2018
This is a compact and stylish looking toaster that is really simple and easy to use.  It toasts quickly and effectively and has a good function to toast bread from frozen.  The slots are wid... more »

Compliments the kitchen

10 Aug, 2018
brings colour to the kitchen, well put together and more importantly works the way I’d hoped for, toasts well, even all over. Bread slots are wide enough to put good size slices in. Really happy... more »

Great buy

10 Aug, 2018
This Red 2 Slice Toaster , by LATITOP is ideal for anyone but if your out there running around trying to think of what to get someone as a gift for there first home or they are off to Uni then check t... more »


04 Aug, 2018
The toaster is a traditional make. Nice and easy to use. It cooks the bread how you want it with the settings you choose. The only downside to it, is you can't fit in the larger slice bread you ha... more »

nice toaster

02 Aug, 2018
This is quite a nice toaster, and I like its red, silver and blackcolorss, which coincidentally match some of the other appliances I have in my kitchen. The toaster was ready for use straight out of t... more »

Very Stylish

30 Jul, 2018
Very stylish! Have recently decorated our kitchen and when I saw this I instantly fell in love as the colour matches our kitchen perfectly. Toaster itself is very modern, simple to use with a re... more »

I've named him Gerald

30 Jul, 2018
  A great little toaster!! Has been with me through thick (bagels) and thin (rye slices) and performed commendably. Lovely bright red colour, ideal if you've got a colourful fun kitchen! T... more »

First toaster in my new flat

29 Jul, 2018
I just moved to a new flat and as most of you know, we start looking for all the basic essentials of daily living. I found this particular toaster on amazon (my goto site for basic shopping) and the c... more »

Super toaster !!

26 Jul, 2018
Purchased this because the old toaster died and this one was great value and red... so it matched my other kitchen accessories perfectly  i didn’t need an all singing all dancing toaster... more »

" Makes the best toast in the world " quote from my 7 year old who is a very fussy eater.

25 Jul, 2018
" Makes the best toast in the world " quote from my 7 year old  who is a very fussy eater.  I had no problems putting thick bread in the toaster and have even nicely toasted cru... more »

Great looking at half the price of others

25 Jul, 2018
LATITOP Red 2-Slice Toaster Brushed Stainless Steel with Extra Wide Slots, Removable Crumb Tray, Led Indicator, Auto Shut-Off, Toast Browness Setting, High Lift Lever This toaster is well made and... more »


20 Jul, 2018
My first try I used bread that was to tall which is something to consider when using this toaster. It does do the edges of the bread which I really like and an even toast. I also like to switch toaste... more »

works well, easy to clean

18 Jul, 2018
This is quite a nice toaster, and I like its red, silver and black colours, which coincidentally match some of the other appliances I have in my kitchen. The toaster was ready for use straight out of... more »

Great item

18 Jul, 2018
Very pleased with my new toaster more »

LATITOP Red 2-Slice Toaster With Extra Wide Slots

17 Jul, 2018
After my previous toaster broke I decided to replace it with a better model with wider slots so I could use it with buns and teacakes as well as bread, crumpets and muffins. I liked the look of this o... more »


17 Jul, 2018
suoerb toaster great function for defrost, heat and stop button great colour good quality  more »

Does what it should

16 Jul, 2018
Nice little toaster in a burnt red colour, nice wide slots for the bread and high livel lift so no poker fingers or utensils in to take out whatever you've toasted only drawback is the length of t... more »

Fab toaster

14 Jul, 2018
Brilliant little toaster nice and easy to use and very stylish.  #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #LATITOP more »

Great replacement.

13 Jul, 2018
This toaster comes securely and sensibly packaged. It is able to toast muffins, crumpets etc. As well as thick sliced bread. It toasts uniformally so no light or dark spots. It is aesthetically... more »

Great toaster!!

12 Jul, 2018
Loved it from the very first toast!! Toasts evenly. I am using number 6. Like it brown, but not burnt brow and this toaster make my bread absolutely perfect. Very fast thou. Thank you! more »

Very happy

12 Jul, 2018
Very good product for the price. Bought this for my partner who loves burning food and can't cook even making toast in a grill is big step for her. She can use this easy and make light toast to... more »

A retro designed red toaster with several modern useful functions by Latitop

08 Jul, 2018
The toaster by Latitop has a retro design with a nice red colour. It is made of stainless still and zinc on the outside with the grill made of aluminium. Despite its retro design this toaster has seve... more »