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Product Information
6 Piece White Ceramic Knife Set Kitchen Knives Ceramic Blade Set &Vegetable Peeler with Adjustable Holder Stand Box Pack (Red)
4.50 / 5   (2 Reviews)
Price: $17.99


【 Comfortable and Easy to Use】: Lightweight and easy to grip handle allow you to handle it accurately while cutting many things.We made these Ceramic Knives according to chef-quality comfort standards, which means your hands, wrists, and arms will stay fatigue out while you cook.
【Safe and clean 】:Rust proof and will remain oxidation free, fish, fruits, vegetables, meat ,bread that guarantees the family\'s health and food\'s cleanliness . easy to clean
【 Durable】:Ceramic blades are harder than steel and longer-lasting impervious to juices, oils, acids, staining, rust and linger food and metallic tastes .
【Set Includes 】:3,4 ,5 ,6,inch ceramic knifes and Vegetable Peeler , Holder Stand. This knife and peeler set would be a nice option to add in your kitchen utensils collection.
【 Everyone Want】: You\'ll realize just how special these classic ceramic knives are as soon as you open the delivery package. The beautiful magnetic case will be something that you proudly display on your countertop.


Great knives.

09 Feb, 2018
Excellent ceramic kitchen knives set. Include block. Sharp blades and sleek modern design. Include veggie peeler as well. Nice set. more »

It was late.

08 Feb, 2018
I was VERY excited for new knives. My old knife set was from my wedding and even though it has a sharpener, They just don't seem to be sharpening.  The block had collapsed rece... more »