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Product Information
2 Taco Holders Bundle with 2 Placemats, Stainless Steel Taco Stands, BONUS: 01 Ebook (15 Tasty Recipes), Gif-Ready Packaging by SteelBee
4.80 / 5   (5 Reviews)
Price: $13.99


▶️ DO YOU NEED A TOOL FOR ASSEMBLING AND SERVING TACO ON TACO TUESDAY? - With our Taco Holder Stand, now you can lay up to 04 taco shells per taco holder, and doing all sorts of manual magic for the filling not to fall out during making, stacking or moving the tacos from the kitchen to the dining table.
▶️ IS THAT A MULTI-FUNCTION TOOL? Yes, let me tell you why, our Taco Shell Holder has 03-04 convenient compartments. It's suitable for Taco, Tortillas, Pita Halves, Veggie Wraps, Chicken Nugget, Hot Dogs, Pizza, etc.
▶️ We know you are always concerned about the obnoxious stains after cooking, with Stainless Steel 201 Material which is shiny, ultra-durable and easy to clean, your problem will be solved.
▶️ With 02 PVC PLACEMAT ATTACHED - Combined with 02 Taco Holders, your family meal will look more colorful and luxurious(Dimension: 18"X12"; Material: 70% PVC, 30% polyester).
▶️ BONUS: 01 FREE EBOOK (15 Tasty Recipes for the Holiday by SteelBee). Box contains: 02 Taco Holders; 02 PVC Placemat. Gif-Ready Packaging.


handy for sandwiches as well

28 Aug, 2017
we already used these for tacos the night I got them.  Over this past weekend I made quick sandwiches and the counter was wet from the pickle jar so i put the sandwich in the taco holder.  w... more »

So Helpful!!!

12 Aug, 2017
These are perfect for taco night in a house full of hungry teens. Works well for soft taco shells too! The kids loved using them as well. A must have for a quick and easy taco night   more »

Cool way to make tacos

01 Aug, 2017
I love tacos but they are messy to make.  This set of 2 Taco Holder with placemats by SteelBee make the job much easier.  Comes with 2 holder that measure 7" wide and 2" tall. ... more »

we won't use anything else and they even work for soft shell

01 Aug, 2017
These are so nice and I would love to buy 2 more so everyone has their own taco tray. These are so stable and so much nicer to use then laying down the tacos on your plate on their side so all the fil... more »

Holds so many foods

31 Jul, 2017
Such a neat idea to keep your food in place. These Taco holders are perfect for holding the shells as you make your taco or fill a pita pocket! even hold hotdogs so you can prep them quick and easy. I... more »