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Product Information
Fivanus Compact Automatic Vacuum Sealer Sealing System with Food Savers Starter Bags - Silver- Buy One Get 2 Pack Food Sealers Rolls
4.80 / 5   (10 Reviews)
Price: $54.99


Fresh up to 7x Longer, one of kitchen essentials.Thanksgiving Big Gift: You can select the buy one get one promotion below.(2 pack free food sealer roll).
This machine is small and compact, and does not take up the large space of your kitchen. Unlike other brands is its low decibel work to make your kitchen without the noise impact, let you have a pleasant kitchen life.
Multifunctional Sealing Modes, Auto Full Vacuum Seal (6-15s), Half Vacuum Seal (the vacuum level is up to you), Seal Only (10-20s). Equipped with 10 pcs vacuum bags(6 \" x 5 and8\" x 5), so you can get started right away.
Easier operation. Press both ends of the top cover correctly to close it (Left to right, heard two clicks). Select the mode you want, easily start your work. Equipped with LED indicator lights clearly show you the status of machine.
We take full responsibility for product quality and offer 5-year warranty with 100% satisfaction. Customer service and technical support are available for 24 hours if you have any further requirements.



09 Feb, 2018
Works great. Make sure to buy more bags as this only comes with a few. more »

Was it new?

27 Jan, 2018
not sure if my product was new since the box came open. The item was sealed but there were parts on the outside which were not. Not sure if it is good yet as I have not been able to use it yet but ove... more »

save your food from freezer burn

17 Jan, 2018
this is so worth it, to save your food from freezer burn, buy in bulk and save money by using the vacuum sealer, everyone one should have this #rankbooster#fivannus#vacuumsealer more »

#Fivanus Compact Automatic Vacuum Seale Easy to use

10 Jan, 2018
#My mother found Fivanus Compact Automatic Vacuum Sealer just as easy to use as the FoodSaver you see advertised and for lot less money. You use the same bags you use for the FoodSaver.  more »

Saving Money in So Many Ways !!

08 Jan, 2018
I an soooo glad I made this purchase !!  . I a single mom with one small child and with having this machine, I can buy the Great Prime Meats that when on sale, you have to buy in bulk, but as a s... more »

Good sealer.

05 Jan, 2018
A decent made sealer that is a bit smaller than others I have tried but just as effective. 3 different settings for full vacuum, half vacuum or just seal. Quietoperation. Comes with starter pack of ba... more »


05 Jan, 2018
We absolutely love this vacuum sealer.   We buy in bulk, so anytime we can save time and money we do. This makes sealing bags and cans very simple ( like press a button simple ).  ... more »

Works great

02 Jan, 2018
Works as stated, easy to use,  more »

Works as well as the more expensive machines!

01 Jan, 2018
This sealer works great! Simple to use and comes with bags to start you out. The directions are super simple and the machine is so quiet. At this price, I can afford to seal a bunch of food and f... more »

I was so excited to buy this!

29 Dec, 2017
I had a different brand of food saver before and it quit working. I bought this to replace my other one. I had a bit of a hard time getting it to work right off the bat, if you dont put enough pressur... more »