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Product Information
LED Glass Jar by Luffy - Automatic Multi Colored Light - Thick Durable Glass- Great for Creative Corner Decor, in Your Home or Garden - Make Original DIY Gifts - Use as Beautiful Night lamp for Kids
4.29 / 5   (14 Reviews)
Price: $14.95


ILLUMINATE YOUR EVENTS, CORNERS AND MORE--- You can use this Led glass jar for special events, weddings and parties. Illuminate your garden pathway, place as table centers or simply use to create a magical effect in your childrens\' bedroom.
ORIGINAL AND UNIQUE GIFT--- Sometimes the smallest gifts can be the most meaningful ones. This light up jar will make a unique and special gift for the people you care about. It may be small, but with some creativity, it will warm your heart.
AUTOMATIC MULTI COLORED LIGHTS--- This little 4x4.3\" jar contains multi colored flashing LED lights that are located in the lid of the jar. These pretty lights will change colors automatically with the flick of a switch.
USE FOR DIY PROJECT--- This jar comes empty, giving you the chance to fill with shells or colorful glass pebbles that will create a cool effect with the flashing LED lights. You can also fill with dry sea coral or marimo balls.
THICK AND DURABLE BOROSILICATE GLASS--- The material used is high borosilicate glass.This glass is thick, durable and resistant to extreme temperatures.


Really neat!

31 Mar, 2018
I put rainbow colored popcorn in this cute little jar and keep it on the shelf for decoration the lights really look neat with the popcorn and the batteries have held up very well i think i might get... more »


21 Jan, 2018
I really love this little guy and i cant wait to fill it with decorations and moss balls :-) thank you for such good quality :-) more »

Cute little jar

20 Jan, 2018
Cute little decor jar. You have to take cap off to start the battery. Changes colours. You can make your own decor scene inside or just leave as is. Great buy.  more »

Excellent night lamp

16 Jan, 2018
This lamp is great for a kids room, it is small but lets off enough light when it is dark. The best thing about it is that you can decorate the outside and make it your own. #RankBoosterReview ... more »

#luffy jar

15 Jan, 2018
So cute.   Perfect for the luffy heart! more »

Terrific night light

12 Jan, 2018
This is a terrific night lamp for my kid's room, it gives off the right amount of light. It works well, my kids love it. I like that you can customize it by decorating the outside of it. more »

Love this product

12 Jan, 2018
This is such a cute product!! You can make a small aquarium with the light to light it up. Was super impressed with this product. Has durable glass and can be used for a night light. #RankBooster #Spo... more »

Arrived broken, immediately send a new one

07 Jan, 2018
The seller immediately sent me a new lid to my jar after it arrived broken with the light not working. These are pretty neat and small but large enough to fit a bit of decoration inside them. #Ran... more »


25 Dec, 2017
The glass feels thin, the light is useless, the cork lid doesn't fit properly. Not worth it. more »

Glass light

21 Dec, 2017
Looks very plain but its very affective and beautiful once the light is on.. glass is not too thick either so looks very delicate what makes it more impresive and makes the changing colours look lovel... more »

beautiful with glitter

19 Dec, 2017
LED Glass Jar by Luffy -looks really nice in my living room and my daughter trys to pinch this for her room as its so pretty , we have put glitter in the jar and its all over the glass , when the ligh... more »

Not very exciting

10 Nov, 2017
This is a glass sphere, clear, with a cork top stopper and a small battery that powers the lights. The item itself is empty until it is added to, and the battery lasted about an hour. Disappointed to... more »


11 Oct, 2017
I think this is such a cute idea for kids.  They can put virtually anything in this little glass container. Shoot they could grow a plant, put in pictures just about anything really.  The to... more »

Nice jar, doesn't light up

06 Sep, 2017
I'm sure I got a defective one since no matter how many times I flick the switch, the light doesn't come on. Besides that, it's a nice little jar that is good for a small aquatic plan... more »