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Product Information
Plastic Storage Containers with Lids- BPA Free Clear Plastic- 5 Piece Set by Happi Home
4.96 / 5   (57 Reviews)
Price: $35.99


5 Piece clear BPA Free plastic air tight containers with Lid-Lock Mechanism for easy opening
Versatile containers that can help safely organize and keep all of your favorite foods fresher longer while keeping items easily visible and accessible. They can also store lots of other household items, such as glitter, beads, crayons, paperclips, pushpins, rubber bands, cotton balls, Q-tips, hair accessories, make-up brushes, etc. Let your imagination run wild!
These containers not only help organize your pantry and kitchen, they can also help organize craft rooms, home offices, kids rooms and bathrooms
4 Stackable sizes - (1)Tall 4in x 4in x 12in - (1)Large 4in x 4in x 8in - (2)Medium 4in x 4in x 6in - (1)Small 4in x 4in x 4in (height is with lid)


Great Set of Containers to Organize With!

17 May, 2018
I love, love, LOVE these containers. The fact that I don't have to pull out a machine to get vacuum seal is GREAT for me!  I've stored rice cakes, nuts, spaghetti, etc and nothing so far... more »

Very nice set

07 Apr, 2018
Love these canisters!! They come in 5 different sizes, making their uses endless. The air tight seal works great and is very easy to open and close without causing damage. I love that these are plasti... more »

Nice set of containers...

04 Apr, 2018
This is a really nice set of storage containers.  Comes with 5 different containers and snug lids.  Some will take piece-of-mind out of the fact that they are BPA free plastic. more »

Storage Containers

04 Apr, 2018
I wanted something easier to work with when I was cooking instead of the glass canisters I have, they are maroon and show every piece of sugar and flour that lands on them so I thought I could use the... more »

Love these

02 Apr, 2018
I simply love these containers! I use them to store cereal at home and other snacks! It keeps them airtight so it will stay fresh longer than usual. Highly recommended! more »

I like em but smaller than expected

22 Mar, 2018
I got these for the kitchen though I’m honestly not sure what’s going in them yet. They are vacuum seal that open and close easily with a latch- see the video. They seal very tightly. They... more »

Storage Containers With Lids

22 Mar, 2018
Great Quality well made containers. Perfect sizes. Nice looking. more »

Great canisters

20 Mar, 2018
These canisters are perfect. they are.well made and have an exceptional vacuum seal.  They keep all items well contained and fresh and are the perfect size for a variety of things. Would purchase... more »

Love it

16 Mar, 2018
These containers are so awesome they are very sturdy and strong made from good quality materials the lids lock securely and keep everything inside so fresh and secure and the different sizes have help... more »

Love this

16 Mar, 2018
Absolutely love these containers.  Are sealed tight and rlare not hard to open..they look very nice with food in them also more »


15 Mar, 2018
I loved these products. So amazing!!!  more »

Make any home a Happi Home with these durable, sturdy, high-quality plastic containers with lids, it’s a complete set of 5!

15 Mar, 2018
This 5-piece plastic storage containers with lids set is pure awesomeness!  It’s high-quality, well-made, very sturdy, ultra-durable, and dependable.  Each container is made from a pre... more »

I absolutely love this storage container

15 Mar, 2018
These are exactly what I have been looking for! The reason why I have been looking for containers like these is because I be small kitchen which results in very little counter tops and very little she... more »

Great storage containers

14 Mar, 2018
Plastic Storage Containers with Lids - BPA Free Clear Strong Heavy Duty Plastic - 5 Piece Set by Happi Home   This storage set is awesome. The jars are perfect for storing all kinds of food... more »

These are awesome. They are very airtight. .

13 Mar, 2018
These are awesome.  They are very airtight. The different sizes are wonderful for the different foods.  They stack just perfect in the cupboard.  I would recommend these. more »

Just what I needed

12 Mar, 2018
These are perfect for what I needed them for. The top is air tight with a thick seal. Great product! more »


12 Mar, 2018
These are very awesome. The quality is great and I love how much they hold. They keep my stuff more organized and theh containers have a good seal to them.  more »

Fantastic Set!

11 Mar, 2018
I've been looking for a set of well locking, air tight containers for our RV. This set is perfect. Locks in all our pantry supplies, is strong and clear so you can see what is inside. Easy on, eas... more »


10 Mar, 2018
I love these containers.  What ever I put in them is kept fresh more »

Very good quality

10 Mar, 2018
These re amazing containers with an amazing seal. They,snap down very tight and and are very great quality. I love the way look on my counter  more »

Excellent storage containers

10 Mar, 2018
I am very impressed with quality of the storage containers. I am definitely satisfied.  more »

the perfect storage solution

09 Mar, 2018
I love this set of 5 plastic storage containers. Each container has a locking lid with a silicone seal for an airtight seal. There are 4 different sizes- one Tall 4in x 4in x 12in - one Large 4in x 4i... more »

Works great

09 Mar, 2018
I got these containers to store me keto ingredient in. They work perfectly! They seal nicely and are easy to use. Built well and to last more »

Plastic Storage Containers with Lids - BPA Free Clear Plastic - 5 Piece Set by Happi Home

08 Mar, 2018
These storage containers are air tight.  They look great and work great in the kitchen to keep your ingredients fresh.  I gifted them to my mom, and she adores them.  I would highly rec... more »

Great Quality

08 Mar, 2018
Review 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Plastic Storage Containers with Lids If your looking for some very nice storage containers, these are it! SPACE SAVING DESIGN: 4 Stackable sizes - (1)Tall 4in x 4in x 12in - (1)L... more »

Great space savers.

08 Mar, 2018
These are great storage containers. Includes 5 different sizes for storing pasta, sugar, flour, creamer, powdered sugar and a variety of other dried goods. more »

Storage containers

07 Mar, 2018
The 5 piece plastic containers are really handy for kitchen supplies like rice, noodles, beans, crackers, candy, or whatever your wanting to keep fresh. The seals are in good working condition and are... more »


07 Mar, 2018
I got this to help organize my food closet and to save on space.  This is perfect. It is easy for my kids to open them up and use. It BPA free which is an added bonus. I highly recommend this for... more »

awesome air tight container set!!!

07 Mar, 2018
Its an awesome product, just what I needed. I use them for storing my coffee, sugar, cookies and spice powders. They lock in the aroma very well. The lids are super air tight yet easy to close and ope... more »

Overmet my expectations! Love these containers!

06 Mar, 2018
These containers are extremely nice. I was very surprised and super pleased with the uniform packaging and the superb quality. Each container has a locking lid that seals extremely well. As you close... more »

Nice & compact storage

06 Mar, 2018
Nice compact storage containers!  Stackable & has enough space for what I want to store. https://www.amazon.com/Plastic-Containers-Plastic-Happi-Home/dp/B0791JLRGK #rank booster  #... more »

These work very well and helps organize my kitchen

06 Mar, 2018
https://www.amazon.com/Plastic-Containers-Plastic-Happi-Home/dp/B0791JLRGK I got these a few days after I ordered them and in excellent condition there's five clear plastic containers with lid... more »

I like it

05 Mar, 2018
This is a really nice storage container. It has a different size which is cool. more »

Great container. Easy to use.

05 Mar, 2018
Highly recommend to friends and family. Great quality and seal perfectly. The best purchase I made this year. Easy to open and close and reopen again. Very easy to use. Fit mostly everything. I used i... more »

Perfect for pantry organizing

05 Mar, 2018
These storage containers with lids are exactly what i needed for organizing my pantry. Perfect! I love that they are all the same colored lid as well. It looks so much better. A+++ more »

sleek design and keeps everything organized beautifully

05 Mar, 2018
I had cute jars on my counter for everything.  Each one was cute, but as a collection, it was starting to look dated.    What I needed was organization, and I found it with these beauti... more »

Really nice set

05 Mar, 2018
#rankboosterreview #sponsored #happihome this is a really nice set of containers. Love the different sizes. They look really nice on the counter in the kitchen.  more »

Nice air tight lids

05 Mar, 2018
Perfect pack of storage containers for storing food for a while or short term. It has air tight lid covers which prevents rotting or spoilage keeping it fresh as it was recently opened. Comes with 5 c... more »

Great for easy storage

04 Mar, 2018
these are awesome! So easy to use and manage especially when you have your hands full. It only takes one hand to work the seal tight lids. And get multiple sizes for storage of a few different things... more »

Store everything

02 Mar, 2018
These containers are decently large which is great because you can store so much in these. They are plastic but look fantastic regardless and don't feel cheap. IF you want to spice up your ki... more »

Great for organization

02 Mar, 2018
I absolutely love this product! Made by Happi Home, these Plastic Storage Containers with Lids are so versatile they can be used anywhere. This set of 5 containers come in different sizes so it is the... more »

Handy !!!

02 Mar, 2018
These storage containers come in handy !! I have four kids.  So we go through a lot of food.  They tend to not close bags or boxes properly. So food does go stale.  There's five dif... more »

100% recommend

02 Mar, 2018
Highly recommend these storage containers.  They are great quality and seal perfectly. The best purchase I could have ever made.  more »

Great for storage

02 Mar, 2018
Happi Home Plastic Storage Containers with Lids - BPA Free Clear Strong Heavy Duty Plastic - 5 Piece Set by Happi Home   This 5pc set is great light weight easy to open and close, lids a... more »

Great Value, Quality Product!

02 Mar, 2018
I was so pleasantly surprised by the incredible quality of these containers as well as ease of use. You simply place lid & flip tab for an airtight seal. Great for cereal, pasta, the options... more »

great fit

02 Mar, 2018
very nice set of plastic containers with a very tight seal.  very easy to use,  you can lock the lid either direction.  great sizes to choose from.   more »

easy to open

01 Mar, 2018
These canisters are very nice. They look good and hold a lot. Easy to open even with arthritis in my hands more »

Keeping my kitchen organized!

28 Feb, 2018
I have been putting off getting my kitchen organized but when I opened my cabinet doors a few weeks ago and boxes started falling out on top of my head, it was then that I knew I really need to get wi... more »

Amazing Set

28 Feb, 2018
I absolutely love this set.  The various sizes are perfect for the different things that we put in them.  I also love that they truly are air tight.  The only problem I have had with th... more »


27 Feb, 2018
My mom love sthese so much! Great quality and seal great.  more »

Great Tight Lids!

27 Feb, 2018
Oh My Goodness ,I Just Love My Plastic Storage Containers! Look Beautiful in My Kitchen! I Am A Happy women! Seals Tight to keep it all fresh! A MUST BUY! more »

Perfect for long food storing

25 Feb, 2018
Very durable and well made food storage containers with easy to open and close air tight lids. Comes with 5 different containers each with different sizes for different purposes and they are all made... more »

The best ever !!!!!

25 Feb, 2018
Love the product got Them to Go with some other locking storage containers that are similar. I like the sizes I got them for that purpose. I needed more large and small containers, I however was disap... more »

This set is AmAzInG!

25 Feb, 2018
My wife was extremely excited when this arrived. She has complaining about not having enough counter space , so I decided to get this set for her.The are very well made, and hold alot of items. They w... more »

I love my new canisters

24 Feb, 2018
These canisters are perfect for my new apartment. I love the size, I love the look and I love how the lid locks on to keep my food fresh.  They are going to look great on my new kitchen counterto... more »