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Product Information
Dr. Foot\'s Toe Tubes, Fabric Sleeve Protectors with Gel Lining Pad to Prevent Corn, Calluses, Blisters and Hammertoes, Toe Separators Protectors for Men and Women (Medium 3/4\" Diameter - 5 Pack)
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Price: $14.99


Dr. Foot\'s Toe Tube Sleeves
There are five toe sleeves to protect your toes and fingers.
Each one less than 6 inch, cut according to the length of your fingers or toes.
Perfect for fingers or toes are very vulnerable to injury, such as truck drivers, builders,courier sorter,etc.
More suitable some sport amateurs, such as hiking, comping, travel,football,baseball,and so on. For people who spend a lot of time training or walking, toe rubbing hurts, and they need toe tubes.

Toes Protective
Used of anti - allergic medical grade gel make your toes comfortable and breathable, protect your toes against galled, injured nail,toe corn, callus and blister,etc.
Unlike other toe protectors, it\'s an open toe sleeve, prevents the injured toes from getting infected by sweat.

Measure the circumference of your toes by wrapping a tape around toes. Choose the toe sleeve size according to the circumference.
5 toe tubes total length about 29 inch,each one less than 6 inch.

24 Hours Customer Service
If you have any problems about quality or usage, please contact us in time.We are glad to help you solve problems. We also offer the quality warranty and refund guarantee,make sure you are satisfied with our items.


03 Mar, 2019
I got these for my fingers, I have surgery on them a few years ago an these were given to me when I had physical therapy an loved them well after therapy I didn't know where to get these. Seen the... more »

Easy to customize, harder to keep on

27 Feb, 2019
I picked these up at the same time as the toe caps, hoping one or the other would come in before my son's campout and he would have plenty of protection for his toes. But these came in later and h... more »

Dr Foots Toe Tubes

25 Jan, 2019
I use these all the time for a little toe that likes to hug the other toes too close!  These are nice because you can cut therm to fit any length, and they stretch to go around any size toe. Even... more »