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Product Information
Descriptive Dishwasher Magnet - Brightly Colored and Easy to Read - 2”x7” Dishwasher Sign from Vila - Smooth Glide to reveal Clean or Dirty - Low Profile Design Sticks to any Magnetic Surface
5.00 / 5   (6 Reviews)
Price: $10.95


✔ HIGHLY VISIBLE YET NON-INTRUSIVE --- The sleek thin design of the 2\" x 7\" (5cm x 18cm) Vila Dishwasher Magnet fits beautifully on any brand, color or style of dishwasher. The words \'clean\' and \'dirty\' are highly visible and surrounded by backgrounds of red (dirty) and green (clean). You can quickly check to see the status of your dishes with just a glance.
✔ SIMPLE ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE IN THE FAMILY --- Once you place the Vila Glider Magnet at a convenient position, it is simple enough for anyone in the family to change the status of the dishes. A smooth slide tension design securely keeps the cover in position so that one only needs to gently glide the tab to reveal either Clean or Dirty.
✔ WATER-RESISTANT, NON-SCRATCH SURFACE --- There is no need to worry about unexpected splashes of water because the scratch-resistant Dishwasher Magnet from Vila is not affected in any way by water. No matter what the environment is, this strong magnet securely remains in place on any magnetic surface.
✔ PROMOTES GREATER COMMUNICATION --- Whether it\'s between co-workers, father and son or mom and the housekeeper, communication is very important in order to keep a household or office run smoothly. The descriptive slide magnet for dishwashers lets everyone instantly know the status of the dishes.
✔ UNIQUE GIFT FOR MANY OCCASSIONS --- Every household should benefit from the convenient Dishwasher Magnet making it an excellent gift idea for many people in your life. The high-quality laser graphics blend in great with any decor in any kitchen; it\'s perfect for a housewarming, Mother\'s Day or a unique bridal shower gift.


dishwasher magnet

27 Nov, 2017
Dishwasher mgnet that says clean or dirty. this has this ever saved us extra work . we are forever putting a dirty dish into clean dishes or trying to put them away and find out they are dirty.I used... more »

Great for The dishwasher

17 Nov, 2017
This brightly colored and easy to read Dishwasher sign by Vila is a great tool to have in the kitchen. There are 5 people in my house and all 5 are capable of recognizing the different colors. The Red... more »

Dishwasher magnet

10 Nov, 2017
Yes finally we know when looking if clean or dirty right away instead of asking everyone. Lol very helpful in my house. Thx #rank booster #dishwasher magnet  more »

Dirty/Clean Dishwasher Magnet

26 Oct, 2017
I love this dirty/clean dishwasher magnet. It's a nice size and to slide to dirty/clean is really easy to do. It also has a sturdy sticker as well if your dishwasher doesn't have a metal front... more »

Dishwasher Magnet

25 Oct, 2017
I love this magnet! Sticks right on the door of the dishwasher & everyone knows right away if they need to load or unload the dishes.  Check it out here: https://www.amazon.com/Descript... more »

#RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Descriptive dishwashermagnet

18 Oct, 2017
The magnet works great. Great way for my kids to know the dishwasher is clean or dirty. more »