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Product Information
CTA Home Seller Kit,Selling Your House Kit,St Joseph Statue Authentic Home Selling Kit - This Kit Will Sell Your House or Home
4.59 / 5   (17 Reviews)
Price: $9.99


Thousands have followed the age-old practice of burying a statue of St. Joseph with the hope of selling or buying real estate. Practitioners say that petitioning St. Joseph for help brings almost immediate results.
You can bury the statue upside down, in the back yard, in the front yard, near the \"For Sale\" sign, in a flower bed, or even to bury him exactly 12 inches deep.
Kit is 3.74\"H x 0.98\"W x 0.98\"D, and includes 3.0\" RESIN St. Joseph figure, prayer to St. Joseph, and instructions.
In more recent times it has become common practice to bury a St. Joseph statue to help sell your home. Pray to St. Joseph daily and witness the power of prayer!Results not guaranteed.
It is important to proudly display your St. Joseph statue and share your story with others if your prayers are answered.


Cheap Plastic

17 Jun, 2019
This is made out of really cheap plastic. The point of this statue is to bury it outside so it doesn't need to be amazing but I did expect better quality.  more »


03 Dec, 2018
The statue is much smaller than I thought but it came quickly and was well packaged. We will see if it works. For the price, I had to take a chance. You can get one here: https://www.amazon.com/C... more »

Nice Figurine

02 Dec, 2018
I got this kit by CTA for a friend who plans to move soon and is actively working on selling her home. Now, I can’t vouch for whether or not the product works as I have only had it for a brief p... more »

Cute Little Kit

28 Nov, 2018
I've actually used this process once before and was successful. We could not sell our house until we planted a statue of St. Joseph upside down in the yard in front of our house. We prayed and our... more »

I really like this

23 Nov, 2018
I really enjoy the story behind this. I don’t have a house for sale but was intrigued by the story so I purchased this. Very neat. #rankboosterreview #sponsored #CTA more »

As described

22 Nov, 2018
The item arrived very fast and cant complain about anything. more »

It Works!!

04 Oct, 2018
My mom was having a difficult time selling her house. I saw this and bought it right away even though I felt a bit silly. She was all for it and we buried it as instructed. Exactly 30 days later the h... more »

St. Joseph Statue

02 Oct, 2018
I have followed the instructions and put St. Joseph in my front garden to sell my house.  It's been more than 2 weeks and no offers on my house.  Maybe it's a little superstitious, b... more »


13 Sep, 2018
it comes with instructions and a st Joseph statue.  i just did it my way and prayed  more »


13 Sep, 2018
Unfortualy I decapitated My St Joseph Statue, by dropping him on his head, while trying to get him out of the packaging.  Its really fragile, so dont do what I did.  I sure hope I wont get a... more »

Very pretty

12 Sep, 2018
let’s hope it works! It arrived in a nice cute little box! Looks like good quality. #rankboosterreview #sponsored #cta #saintjoseph more »

It doesnt take much faith

16 Aug, 2018
CTA Home Seller Kit,Selling Your House Kit,St Joseph Statue Authentic Home Selling Kit - This Kit Will Sell Your House or Home    I am not very religious, but I do feel St. Joseph has... more »

I received excatly what I was expecting.

02 Jul, 2018
There is not much to say, it is a good quality and presentation. I received excatly what I was expecting. more »

Hope It Works!

25 Jun, 2018
When I put my house up for sale 8 years ago it was on the market for over a year with not one hit. I heard about the St Joseph statue and figured it sure couldn’t hurt. I literally sold the hous... more »

I've Heard Great Things

18 Jun, 2018
This Joseph Statue Home Selling Kit is an absolute great deal. I have heard from not one - but several people that swear by this to sell their home. I love the prayer card that comes with it. You can&... more »


15 Jun, 2018
CTA Home Seller Kit,Selling Your House Kit,St Joseph Statue on amazon. This was a lot smaller than I had expected. None the less is a beautiful pierce and looks great on a shelf. Very detailed and inc... more »