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Product Information
ALIKE Car Sun Visor Anti Glare UV Car Visor 2 in 1 Universal HD Day and Night Car Visor Extender Windshield Driving Visor
4.70 / 5   (10 Reviews)
Price: $14.98


ANTI GLARE - Alike Car Sun Visor Mirror blocks the glare of sunshine and filter 90% of harmful UV rays. Effective prevention of snow blindness in winter. The Night Vison Mirror can soften the high beam and reduce the risk of this driving beam.
EYES COMFORTABLE - Alike Car Sun Visor Extender elimiate the harmful ray to eyes, relieves eye fatigue and protect the safety of driver car Ideally for people who are more sensitive to glare.
EASY INSTALLATION - Alike Car Day and Night Anti-Glare Visor can be installed quickly and easily. Just press the button to open the bracket, clip it onto your overhead visor, adjust the bracket position and fix it. The sun visor is adjusted by rotating 180 degree to accommodate your needs.
UNIVERSAL - Alike Car Visor is universal in size, compatible with most vehicles. The car sun visor can easily kept in the storage when not in use. Once folded back, the space it takes is minimal.
PREMIUM QUALITY - Alike Universal Sunshade Mirror Goggles Shield is made from premium quality thick, strong, safe and durable PP & TPR material to give maximum strength and durability for long lasting usage.


Sunshine glare buster

27 Oct, 2018
When the sun is blazing away in my direction causing sight problems when driving this is a serious help. Love the sun but not in my eyes. It's nice to have a sun visor when you don't h... more »


26 Oct, 2018
first off there is film on both sides of the panels that needs to be removed. It's diffudiff to start. They should really have it marked and have a tab to pull them off easier. They work just f... more »

Works great

21 Oct, 2018
It is a hood product. It definitely helps on sunny days. It helps with the glare during day and night. more »

Car visor

03 Oct, 2018
*Remove the protective film* Don’t be an idiot like me and nearly throw this thing away bc I didn’t know it had a protective film over it! Lol I thought it sucked but thought there’s... more »

Can drive at night

01 Oct, 2018
It has been many years since I have felt comfortable driving a night. This is my solution to a huge problem. more »

I've been needing this

18 Sep, 2018
I've been needing this for quite some time, Lots of hills and valleys in my area that cause blinding light all of a sudden and this helps keep that from being a hazard, more »

Mounts easily and works as described.

14 Sep, 2018
So far this visor is working quite well.  I have only had the opportunity to use the daytime (dark) visor since I don't do a lot of night driving.  Also, I am in a rural area and they do... more »

not very user friendly

12 Sep, 2018
The Alike Sun Visor Anti Glare is a great idea but the delivery is lacking. Hopefully with a few modifications it will be more user friendly. more »

Glad I rechecked how I installed it!

04 Sep, 2018
I was upset with this at first...then I looked more carefully at the instructions.  Yes, instructions come in handy sometimes :D  I had put it in upside down so it was blocking my view when... more »