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N2N Fidget Spinner - The Crusaders Spinner, Tri-Leaf Gyro of Bronze Alloy with Ceramic Bearing,High Speed Spins, Anxiety Relief Toy (Silver)
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Length of side are 55mm, Net weight 58-60g, imported Sweden SKF hybrid shaft, ceramic beads + steel ring, removable bearing kits, surface natural oxidation effect, shield symmetry design, 48 rivets integrated processing, the actual autobiography time test no less than 4 minutes.
A Brief Introduction to the Crusades - A total of two hundred years from the 1100th to the 1300th, a war against Islam initiated by the Christian Holy See, aimed at Islam (that is, ISIS) ), The reign of the Holy Land \"Jerusalem\", for the Crusades of the history of the historians have their own definition, and actively believe that the effective organization of the Muslim culture in Europe and military invasion, is the letter of God to maintain the holy war
the theme of the Crusader jihad is \"faith\", as we firmly believe that the domestic Caesar can make do not lose the original works of foreigners, which coincide.
the Crusaders English called the Crusades, which crusades the word innovation, revolutionary significance, meaning that this is a new design to overthrow the previous design.
the medieval cold weapon Battle of the war is different from the modern war, are swords and sword from the halberd, full of bloody at the same time, by a special meaning, which \"sword\" and \"shield\" has been extremely profound connotation of the equipment, especially shield With the \"guardian\" \"defense\" \"perseverance\" \"perseverance tenacious\" profound meaning, which I agreed with Caesar that is a very good theme.



08 Dec, 2018
This is a heavy-duty well-balanced will mechanized fidget spinner. It has smooth spin motion and ball bearings and has long spin times and the minutes. The design is pretty cool with a crusade theme. more »