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Product Information
Best Foot Care, Foot Pads, Footpads Help Remove Impurities, Relieve Stress and Improve Sleep 10pcs
4.46 / 5   (28 Reviews)
Price: $13.99


100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Each foot patch is curated with all natural and organic ingredients. Our 100% natural formula bamboo foot pads are packed full of the best nature has to offer, so you can feel yourself once again, refreshed and revitalized.
BENEFITS FROM FOOT PADS: Quality of sleep, relieve tension, pain relief, stress relief, foul odor, and to generally develop a healthy, clean and more energetic lifestyle. Personal care product for both men and women.
QUICK & EASY TO USE : Apply pads every evening before going to bed. Wear for approximately 6-8 hours as you sleep. Our patches are individually packaged for freshness, and are ready to use at your convenience.
REJUVENATE YOUR SKIN: Over time, our product can soften and brighten your skin while also combating foot odor.
100% SATISFACTION : Your complete satisfaction is our main priority. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our Rachealgoodshop Foot Pads we will give you a full refund.


Great product!

12 Aug, 2019
Mom first tried it, and now I’m trying it. Sight Awkward smell, so stick it to the bottom of your feet over night and it turns black. Don’t know if it really helps but I find both my foot... more »

Natural Detox

06 Aug, 2019
I was a bit skeptical in the beginning but I did notice a slight difference the following day. There was a reduction in the soreness I experience. I am on my feet a lot at work so I thought I would gi... more »

They seem to work

25 Jul, 2019
I've been using them nightly for a few nights now, they do seem to work, even when I removed them from the 1st night of using them the patches turned black, I will say after I removed them though... more »

I was skeptical at first

14 Jul, 2019
I was pretty sure that these were just another fad. But I must say after trying them I was actually surprised at how well they worked, I have really bad allergies in the summer and always wake up cong... more »

great for detox

01 Jul, 2019
Love these. feel refreshed in the morning. These are simple to use pretty much a peel and stick. As you use these when the pads go from a black to a lighter color almost the same color as when you put... more »

Pain reliever

26 Jun, 2019
After whole day standing in my workplace, I have in pain , my legs and foot , and it’s hard me to sleep at night . Thank you for this foot pads , it’s help my foot relieve the pain and str... more »

They Really Work !!

24 Jun, 2019
I buy these all the time because I truly Love them !!  I put one on each foot right before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning I peel each one off and it pretty icky, lol !  But I... more »


05 Jun, 2019
Tried these a few times and they dont really do anything for me...not what they claim to.  more »

Easy to use.

25 Apr, 2019
Wow.  Just peel and stick. So easy. The first night I put this on my feet the results were disgusting but successful.  As an overall result I am definately sleeping better. more »

Heaven for your feet,

10 Apr, 2019
These patches really make your feet feel great. The amount of toxins you have in your body is incredible. The pads once you remove leave your feet feeling fresh and new. Especially great for those of... more »

Foot pads to relieve stress and to help sleep better

06 Apr, 2019
Me and my bf each tried these and I for one slept great that night. I seemed to have less stress.  more »

Good detox.

19 Feb, 2019
Amazing to see the toxins on the pads every morning. I am glad to have bought this product and to see how it’s removing the bad out of my body. Highly recommend. more »

Pretty neat foot pads!

09 Feb, 2019
Im not much familar with foot pads I thought it was neat after I got done applying the next day they was turned. It looked like it had the impurities in it. The smell was not the best but I am sure it... more »


20 Dec, 2018
Really great product for the price, so far has helped me sleep better! #rankboosterreview  more »

A stinky scam

07 Dec, 2018
First of all, these are a scam. The stuff inside the pads turns black when it comes in contact with moisture. It isn't taking anything out of your body. But more annoyingly, this actually added... more »

Ewwww but in a good way

02 Dec, 2018
This product works just as it claims. I am a chronic insomniac so I don’t know for sure if it truly helps in that area or not but it pulled out all sorts of toxins. It went on the night before s... more »

Just Try & Be Surprised!

27 Nov, 2018
Okay, be honest! Have you thought about using those foot patches you have seen advertised? I decided to try them out as part of my Sunday Spa Days last night and was surprised on a couple levels:... more »

Stinky Feet

24 Nov, 2018
These are awesome but they will smell your sheets & if you wear socks over them, they will stink as well. BUT, check out your complexion on the 3rd day or so! You can definitely tell they pull tox... more »

i enjoyed the pamering feeling

19 Nov, 2018
The patch that comes with it to stick to your feet is perfect size,it went on easily and was quite comfortable. I wear a 12 shoe size. When you wake up in the morning they do leave your feet a bit sti... more »

Did not receive

18 Nov, 2018
Lost in transit more »

Stick well

17 Nov, 2018
Not sure if they are doing any thing but they stay on all night and show black in the morning. Best Foot Care, Foot Pads, Footpads Help Remove Impurities, Relieve Stress and Improve Sleep 10pcs... more »

feels great

16 Nov, 2018
#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Best Foot Care These feel great and smell nice. more »

They feel amazing!

15 Nov, 2018
These make my feet feel so clean!  They take a little while to get used to, but the end result is definitely worth it!  I’m not sure about the better sleep, as I already slept fine. &n... more »

Foot pads for real

13 Nov, 2018
These best foot care foot pads are so great.  They help detox the body and work very well.  It also helps to remove impurities and relieve stress as well as improve sleep.  There are ea... more »

Tonny rank 324 foodpads

10 Nov, 2018
I like them. more »

Worked but couldn't keep on long

05 Nov, 2018
I used these only once. They started fine and adhere great. After less than an hour they began to become annoying and irritating even though they were applied to the thick and rough skin on my heel... more »