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SimpleArt Brush Pens and Dual Tip Color Art Markers- Watercolor Fine Point and Fiber Brush Tip Fineliner Pens- Safe Non-toxic Water Based For Kids and Adult Coloring- 48 Unique Colors in Canvas Bag
4.96 / 5   (57 Reviews)
Price: $21.95


•DOUBLE TIP BRUSH PENS ART MARKERS - Our double tip drawing pens feature two different tips to help you excel in your creative passions. Use the 0.4mm fineliner tip for fine lines and precision detailing. Use the larger 1-2mm brush tip pen for coloring, filling, and brushing in the areas you choose.
•UNIQUE CANVAS BAG - Look like a pro with this unique canvas bag. Keeps your pens always organized the way you want. Great for families with active toddlers. You\'ll easily be able to take your dual tip brush pen set with you wherever you go with our convenient and unique canvas case.
•48 UNIQUE, VIBRANT COLORS - Reds, Yellows, Blues, Greens, Black, Browns, Pinks. Create the lightest of tints and the darkest of shade by using any one of the 48 vibrant colors of our dual tip brush pens set by themselves or by blending them together.
•HIGH QUALITY WITH MANY DIFFERENT USES - Whether you want to bring your class notes to life with highlights or spend a relaxing evening penning in color in an adult coloring book, our drawing pens will give you the limitless amount of color creations you want to bring your art. This is the perfect gift and addition for artists, students, kids, and more for arts and crafts, sketch etc. Perfect for coloring, art, illustrations, doodling, journaling, hand lettering and more.
SAFE AND NON-TOXIC - The ink is ACID-FREE & NON-TOXIC and Conforms to ASTM D-4236. It\'s safe for your health. You can rest assured to use it. Enjoy smooth flowing ink without the noxious fumes that come with other brush markers. Our odorless dual tip coloring pens will offer you hours of relaxing entertainment without the side effects of a horrible stench. If at any point you\'re not happy please contact us and we\'ll offer a replacement or a FULL REFUND!


Best brush pens ever!

03 May, 2018
I personally would recommend these SimpleArt Brush Pens and Dual Tip Color Art Markers to anyone, for kids an adults. they color so smooth an bright makes great for many prodjects. just many colo... more »

Awesome set

19 Apr, 2018
Very nice quality set of markers my daughter loves to draw and she really loves these markers #RankBooster #Sponsored more »

What a great colors.

13 Mar, 2018
What a great way to keep these beautiful pens, you just roll it up.  Nice quailty pens/markers super great for coloring.  It can be used by kids or even adults.  Perfect gift for anyone... more »

Beautiful Pens for detail work and durable pen roll make me HAPPY

04 Mar, 2018
  what a great purchase i made when i decided to purchase this brush pen set.  I love doing artwork and this is a great brush pen set with a wonderful assortment of colors.  The carr... more »

Excellent, Highly Recommend

18 Feb, 2018
These pens are so awesome! I love the color range and how smooth they write. The case is so great to have when traveling and just to keep organized. These are my new favorite pens! more »

awesome markers

12 Feb, 2018
these markers are amazing! they colour really well and they dont bleed through the paper more »

Love this marker set, perfect picture every time

12 Feb, 2018
I love this simple art brush pen and dual tip marker set. Comes in a nicely packed carrying case making it easy to pack up and take with you. The tips are made so you can get that perfect drawing, col... more »

Bright Easy to Carry Markers

02 Feb, 2018
These markers are extremly bright and colorful. I purchased them to add to my craft area but when my son needed to color a project for school I busted them out. They come in a roll up case that for is... more »

Fantastic set of markers with a case!

24 Jan, 2018
These markers are wonderful.  They produce such beautiful color and the brush tip makes it feel like you are actually painting.  My kids and I love these.  They are kid safe and come in... more »

Vibrant Color!

23 Jan, 2018
These are very cool to color with AND draw with!  Having a pen and marker in one was a great idea.  They are super easy to use, flow well and so versatile!  I love the vegan leather cas... more »

Great product

17 Jan, 2018
Great quality product more »

Brush Pens and Dual Tip Color Art Markers

14 Jan, 2018
This was a wondeful purchase!  I have used them several times, just to draw and decorate my very own version of wrapping paper for gifts.  They work great and are very durable.  The can... more »

Great Set

12 Jan, 2018
My Daughter absolutely loved these watercolor markers! The colors are bright and vibrant and there are 48 colors to choose from. The thin and fine tips make for a wide range of painting styles. They w... more »


12 Jan, 2018
 This is a very nice set. I have recently taken up drawing,  and these help color things. There is a good variety of colors and I like having both points. To be able to roll them all up and... more »

Great deal

11 Jan, 2018
These are perfect for my coloring books. They are of very nice quality and long lasting. Nice bag  more »

great colors

10 Jan, 2018
My son uses these to color every day. The colors are really great. They are bright and bold and show up well. I love the canvas that you can keep them in. It makes it so much easier to keep up with th... more »


10 Jan, 2018
These are AMAZING! They are dual tipped I’ve been using the small side for all my journaling. The larger tip has been great as well with learning caligraphy and just different fonts which are al... more »

Awesome kit

09 Jan, 2018
I absolutely love this product. The shipping was super fast, only two days. The quality of this product is great and it comes in its own storage bag which is very well made. I would recommend this pro... more »

Bright colors

09 Jan, 2018
#SimpleArt dual tip markers are fantastic.  I used this set for some arts and crafts.  The canvas bag is awesome.  Very nice and bright colors.  Will be buying a set for each of th... more »

Love it

08 Jan, 2018
SimpleArt Brush Pens and Dual Tip Color Art Markers Set- Watercolor Fine Point/ Fiber Brush Tip Fineliner Pen- Water Based For Kids /Adult Coloring, Manga, Calligraphy- 48 Unique Colors in Canvas Bag... more »

Lovely markers

08 Jan, 2018
These markers are absolutely wonderful.  I love their double sided pens. These are great for coloring in stress relief coloring books. more »

Bold and Colorful Markers

08 Jan, 2018
I love coloring and drawing in my spare time. These dual tipped markers are great. The colors flow evenly and write smooth. There is minimal bleeding. They are comfortable in my hand. The caps fit tig... more »

Good product

06 Jan, 2018
The holder for the markers is probably my favorite part because even when the markers are dried out I can use the case. The markers surprisingly blend and don't bleed through paper like I had thou... more »

Odorless and Vibrant

06 Jan, 2018
I love love love these Markers! They come in a nice canvas bag, that folds up nicely and snaps closed with the snaps. You get a total of 48 beautiful vibrant colored markers. They have a fine point ti... more »

water brush pens and coloring pens

06 Jan, 2018
My granddaughters just fell in love with these pens . They said it makes it so nice to color with . they love to color and draw and they are very good at it .these pends are sovery helpful at it. We f... more »

Great set.

05 Jan, 2018
24 dual tips come in convenient roll up bag. 48 different colors. Work great and look really vibrant. Excellent set. more »

48 color Marker Set

04 Jan, 2018
Beautiful set of 48 color markers on one end and gel pens on the other. Wrapped in a gorgeous leather case.  more »

Dual Tip Markers

04 Jan, 2018
This comes with 48 dual tip markers in a canvas bag that you roll up to store away. Since the latest craze for adults is the adult coloring books these are perfect for coloring in your books. You have... more »

Nice set.

04 Jan, 2018
My Daughter absolutely loved these watercolor markers! The colors are bright and vibrant and there are 48 colors to choose from. The thin and fine tips make for a wide range of painting styles. They w... more »

Awesome set

03 Jan, 2018
I got this for my mom for christmas. She loves it! She really likes that each market has the two different sides so she can use the same color for different kind of strokes.  #RankBoosterRevie... more »

Flawless brush strokes!

01 Jan, 2018
Great for everyone! I used these to do crafts with my younger children and to paint by myself (which was super relaxing) and they created beautiful artwork for both myself and the kids. Flawless brush... more »

Every color in the rainbow

01 Jan, 2018
As you can see from the photo below how thin of a line these pens write… and the wide swish from the brush tip. I am looking forward to playing more with these pens this summer. The case they c... more »


01 Jan, 2018
beautiful colors and work smooth. Best I’ve had so far more »

Great set

01 Jan, 2018
My kids just loved these. Great quality. more »


01 Jan, 2018
Love I absolutely LOVE these markers they work well  draw smooth and have alct of colors #RankBooster #Sponsored #simpleArt more »

Wonderful Art Brush Set

31 Dec, 2017
This brush pen set is so awesome.  It has so many colors and comes with it's own bag, just roll it up, snap it closed and you can store it or take it with you anywhere you go.  Great for... more »


31 Dec, 2017
I am so thrilled with these pens. It is below 0 at my house and I was scared to death that they would freeze in the mail and then not work or have issues because they had to sit in my mailbox all day... more »

An awesome set perfect for adult coloring

31 Dec, 2017
The misses is a huge fan of adult coloring books.  She typically uses gel pens but expressed interest in giving markers a try, so I ordered her this set.  First off, the markers come in a ve... more »

great markers

31 Dec, 2017
#rank booster, #sponsored, #brand name fantastic markers and fantastic price, work great. Grand daughter does professional artestry and these are her favorite kind of markers. only problem, is figu... more »

Really brings out the artist in you

31 Dec, 2017
Afriland SimpleArt Brush Pens and Dual Tip Color Art Markers Set- Watercolor Fine Point and Fiber Brush Tip Fineliner Pen- Safe Non-toxic Water Based For Kids /Adult Coloring- 48 Unique Colors in C... more »

Amazing markers

31 Dec, 2017
I'm seriously in love with this marker set! What a great idea! Comes with 48 double sided markers. One side is a thick marker and the other is a fine point marker. It comes in an adorable case too... more »


30 Dec, 2017
These are absolutely amazing!  Plus the bag that they come with is perfect.  The pens/markers write wonderful and smoothly.  They also have very nice colors, not to mention just how man... more »

Dual sided- great colors

29 Dec, 2017
Loving using these!  more »


29 Dec, 2017
Gave these to my daughter for Christmas and she loves them. Great colors and ink dispursment.  more »

Markers and case

28 Dec, 2017
These markers are excellent - color is true to cap representation, and the carrying case is very handy. I love the sheer number of colors! They don't bleed through which is great. I also like that... more »

Lovee all the colors

27 Dec, 2017
I love all these beautiful colors and that i have a finner point side and other side looks like a paint brush. Makes my artwork look like a painting !! Ive gotten alot of compliments of my artwork&nbs... more »

art kit

27 Dec, 2017
i love this art kit the markers are nicely done i can use them as a pen or as a marker they are double sized too which makes them easy to use and very light weight and the carrying case that comes wit... more »

Beautiful Set of Pens

27 Dec, 2017
This is a very beautiful set of pens.  They come in a case that can be rolled back up.  The pens can sit comfortably in the cast.  There are many shades of each color.  I love how... more »

Two tips are better than one!

24 Dec, 2017
I purchased these markers for my 12 year ofd granddaughter, who loves arts and crafts.  What's cool about these markers are the dual tips.  One side is fine for lettering and small detai... more »

great art pen brushes

23 Dec, 2017
Do you love art and drawing and coloring? If you do then these marker brushes are great for you. They are dual tipped; one side is fine point and the other is like a caligraphy paint brush marker. The... more »

Nice case

23 Dec, 2017
I love these dual tips markers.  Not only can i do tiny details but i can also do full coverage or areas easily.  There is a lil bleed thru on lightweight paper but I love these.  Anoth... more »

Art pens

22 Dec, 2017
These are fine brush art pens have amazing color very fine tip for nice drawing I use it for my adult coloring books and my find brush pens that I draw on canvas with very nice more »

Good quality markers

21 Dec, 2017
I really like the markers and how I actually color within the lines of my coloring book. Good vibrant colors. I like being able to take them on the go in the canvas bag. The only thing that I I don... more »

All the colors you need.

18 Dec, 2017
There are 48 different colors. Each marker with 2 different ends. One end is a fine tip for details and small lines.The other end is a paint brush shaped marker for thicker water color brush type line... more »

SimpleArt Brush Pens And Dual Tip Color Art Markers - Watercolor Fine Point And Fiber Brush Tip Fineliner Pens - Safe Non-toxic Water Based For Kids And Adult Coloring - 48 Unique Colors in Canvas Bag

18 Dec, 2017
The SimpleArt Brush Pens and Dual Tip Color Art Markers by Afriland comes with 48 different colored pens neatly organized in a canvas bag that rolls shut and has a snap to close it which makes it perf... more »

Very nice 48 dual tip marker set!

17 Dec, 2017
This is an impressive dual pen brush set.  I love coloring, doodling and illustrating.  Art has always been something that I have enjoyed and after three years of art classes, I've learn... more »