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Product Information
Electrilucn Automatically Locking Windshield Phone Holder, Universal FIT
4.61 / 5   (28 Reviews)
Price: $13.99


1.Universally compatible to hold most smartphones with or without a case,and GPS devices using.your car dashboard or windshiled.
2.The front of the mount has a smooth face, to allow 360° rotation for enhanced viewing,at virtually any angle.
3.Strong suction cup which will allow the device to stay in place, even on the most rugged of roads.
4.New mounting technology allows the Slim-Snap mount to fit on dashboard and windshield.
5. Feature : Automatic Lock ,Protect your phone from hurt. A thin phone case will be perfect to fit this phone mount if your pohne is plus size


OK phone holder

16 Jul, 2019
This cell phone holder is OK! I had problems with it staying stuck to the surface.  The part that holds the phone wouldn't stay up it kept slipping down and, had to be pushed back up. The cli... more »

Its okay

11 Jul, 2019
It's just okay. It doesnt really hold my phone that well and it isnt very secure  more »

Nice Phone Holder !!

02 Jul, 2019
I really like this phone holder !  It easily stays put on both my dashboard and windshield with the locking suction cup.  Also it is adjustable for the different size phones and phones that... more »

Phone holder

24 Jun, 2019
Overall good phone holder for car, like that it extends retracts, goes up and down rotate. more »

Better than expected.

13 Jun, 2019
Very fit with my phone, easy to install. Planning to order two more for my kids. more »

Love It!!!

03 Jun, 2019
This phone holder works great for both my husband as well as myself. We have two different sized phones but this phone holder secures both of our phones and we never have to worry about it falling out... more »

Too small for the 7+, but sticks well.

26 May, 2019
Too small for the seven plus, but sticks well to the windshield.  more »

Great to be hands free!

22 May, 2019
I thought this phone holder for the car would be a good idea. I use it when I am driving for long distances and need to use my gps. #RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored  #electrilucn more »

Electrilucn Automatically Locking Windshield Phone Holder

25 Apr, 2019
A great phone holder, though there is a minor thing I didn't like about it. The release button is a bit hard to push to release your phone,  more »

Great phone holder and quality for the price!

18 Apr, 2019
I really like this phone holder. The best part of this holder is that it adjusts to any angle for great viewing at any angle, slides in and out for closer views and works in any position you move it t... more »

fit well

16 Apr, 2019
great product and it fit mostly any types of cell phone. Strong grip to hold my cell phone and it is safe to used it. Dasboard used wil be accurate to used this kind of phone holder. more »

Easy to use

14 Apr, 2019
The package was sent fast from Amazon FBA.Thanks to Prime. Pros: Easy to attach and remove your device and holds it securely. Adjustable Arm and the cradle can be turned vertical and horizont... more »

Phone holder

10 Apr, 2019
This phone holder is black and adjustable in many different ways. Very easy to put together and seems to be very sticky on the suction cup. We have attached it to our window since are dash has a slant... more »

Windshield Phone Holder

10 Apr, 2019
Works great. haven't tried it on any surface but glass but that's just me  Great idea for hands off phone use. Have only had it a couple of days so not sure how long the suction will hold... more »

06 Apr, 2019
First of all, I know that it stated it was not for use with large phone cases, but they really weren't kidding. I got this for my husband and he has an OtterBox on his phone. This doesn't fit... more »

Works great!

22 Mar, 2019
I like how easy it is to attatch to my windshield. It has great suction. I have had it up for over a month now and no issues. It holds my giant phone in the case which is a big plus for me.  more »

Works with any phone

20 Mar, 2019
I have the most horrible time trying to find a phone holder for my car. My old car had plenty of places that I could attach a holder but none of them seem to be compatible with the new car. This new h... more »

Great holder

20 Mar, 2019
This phone holder works great. It has a strong suction cup for my window. It hold my iPhone perfectly without issue. It’s highly adjustable. I definitely recommend this product! more »

works great

14 Mar, 2019
 #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Electriucn Great phone holder that attaches to the windshield. Excellent hold. more »

Yep - does what it's supposed to

11 Mar, 2019
#RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored #Electrilucn https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DNVPTRB more »

Did the trick

10 Mar, 2019
Bought this for my friend and they are pleased with it. Says it stuck pretty well upon first use. I ordered a similar one for myself.   #RankBoosterReview   #Sponsored  #Elec... more »

Electrilucn Automatically Locking Windshield Phone Holder, Universal FIT

08 Mar, 2019
Electrilucn Automatically Locking Windshield Phone Holder, Universal FIT. Works great with my phone. Easy to use. gotta nice style to it. #Rankboosterreview #Electrilucn #Huiyan An more »

Car Phone Holder

07 Mar, 2019
You have to attach the holder to a window to have the best use of this. You'll start to lose suction dependability if you try and attach to dash board or any other non smooth surface. Pick a place... more »

Love it

03 Mar, 2019
Work really well  more »


27 Feb, 2019
Holds the phone firm, struggles a bit with larger phones. more »

Very happy customer!

29 Sep, 2018
This is very handy easily put together and easily attached to your windshield highly recommend this phone holder makes life easier.                   ... more »

Works Great For my Smartphone!

29 Sep, 2018
This phone holder is great. I installed it to my dash, and was able to hold my phone there for complete hands-free operation. Much safer than carrying your phone in your hand, and it is adjustable... more »

Great suction

27 Sep, 2018
Very nice quality! This is not flimsy at all and has excellent suction! Great purchase! #Rankboosterreview #sponsored #electrilucn more »