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Product Information
Professional Kitchen Scissors Cooking Scissors Made From High Quality Stainless Steel and Light Weight Is A Household Necessity for Herbs,Meat,Fish,Poultry & 100% Satisfaction
4.89 / 5   (36 Reviews)
Price: £6.66


♥MULTI-FUNCTION KITCHEN SCISSORS - Premium Culinary Scissors can be used cut cakes & butter, can opener, herb scissor, vegetable peeler, screw driver, bottle opener and nut cracker
♥COMFORTABLE AND UNIQUE -Multi-function scissors has a razor-sharp stainless steel blade that won\'t rust and a comfortable, non-slip handle. Its unique curved sides make it extremely rigid and allow you to apply more force when it\'s needed.
♥EASY TO USE -almost no pressure, when you pick up multifunctional scissors to cut the hardest cheese into ground fluff,cutting Chicken, Fish, Meat Vegetables, Flower stems, Herbs,Cardboard, Plastic & even Carpet,Clean up is a breeze- just separate the scissors with water rinse or throw them in the dishwasher.
♥SAFETY ASSURED -100% Food Grade Stainless Steel ,PROFESSIONAL QUALITY & are corrosion resistant with,The plastic handle will not be stuck together,It\'s not like cheap scissors.
♥100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If you don\'t love Multi-functional Kitchen shears for any quality reason, we\'ll replace it or give you every cent back. No Questions Asked.



09 Mar, 2019
Good quality, seems very well made, good price too more »


27 Aug, 2018
Nice idea and very neat looking, so handy on the side of the fridge. Product nice and sharp. Using the scissors holder as straw holder for my k8ds on fridge door more »

Great price!

14 Aug, 2018
Really nice sharp scissors at a great price more »

Excellent quality

01 Aug, 2018
Excellent quality and very sharp accurate scissors more »

good scissors

30 Jul, 2018
Decent scissors. They come apart which is great for cleaning them and the magnetic fridge holder is a nice addition. For cutting chicken and other meat they are decent, but I might splash out on a goo... more »

All action sissors

28 Jul, 2018
Great pair of kitchen sissors, does eveything it says they should! more »

Versatile, sharp and suitable for many uses

28 Jul, 2018
These scissors are really sharp, they have so many different uses around the home, they come apart simulation by opening them to their widest point so they can be cleaned easier, this is such a simple... more »

Kitchen Scissors

23 Jul, 2018
Good robust scissors that comes apart for easy cleaning. Sits in it's own holder with a fridge magnet on the back. They cut meat, peel & cut fruit & veg, remove fish scales, snip sharp... more »

Decent Quality

23 Jul, 2018
Good quality serated kitchen scissors comes in a nice wall hangable magnetic holder. Rated 4 stars instead of 5 as the plastic handle and holder do not enhance the potential quality of this item but t... more »

Must have kitchen tool

21 Jul, 2018
These scissors are amazing. They cut through anything with ease, even frozen meat. They seperate into two pieces for easy cleaning. They are really sturdy and have loads of uses. I love th... more »

Fantastic Set of scissors and more

17 Jul, 2018
Since i recieved these i have had the chance to use them multiple times, the scissors themselves are very sharp and easily cuts through everything ive tried with them, the come apart simply by opening... more »

very good

17 Jul, 2018
these are very good and sharp they do the job more »

5* fantastic sharp scissors!

11 Jul, 2018
Fantastic quality scissors! Very durable and solid! They are really sharp too so cuts through items with so much ease! #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Bodo more »

Superb quality and functionality

10 Jul, 2018
Never have I ever found scissors like these. Highly recommended for all households. The amount of uses for these is awesome.snip sharp bone, peel and cut fruit and veggies, cut meat, open bottles and... more »

Really handy all in one scissors

09 Jul, 2018
Good build quality. Comes with magnet for the fridge to hold them can peel fruit and veg take scales of fish crack nuts and more. Very good to have in the house  #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored... more »

Very strong

26 Apr, 2018
I got these to use in the kitchen and they do the job very well, they are very strong and can easily cut through chicken bones and ribs. They can cut through anything and I also use them in the g... more »

Nice product

22 Mar, 2018
these are perfect for his household. My little girl is clued up and old enough to be able to open kitchen drawers now even with ‘childproof’ locks on them... all sharp knives are in holder... more »

Handy Kitchen Scissors

17 Mar, 2018
I found these kitchen scissors handy and helpful in my kitchen,because I can do a lot of things with them,not only cut something but and cut and peal fruits and vegetables ,snip sharp bones,open bottl... more »

love it!

16 Mar, 2018
good quality item more »

Really Good

15 Mar, 2018
I purchased these to use in the garden but was really surprised by how good they are that they’re replacing a set of kitchen scissors instead.  They’re multipurpose with 7 function... more »

A Good Quality Pair of Multi-Functional Kitchen Scissors

13 Mar, 2018
#Rank Booster Review # Sponsored by Bodo  https://www.amazon.co.uk/Professional-Stainless-Household-Necessity-Satisfaction/dp/B075B6BY5R This is a good quality, eye-catching pair of... more »

Makes meal times so much easier

07 Dec, 2017
I cook all my own meals from scratch which includes prepping. It works out cheaper to purchase whole chicken breast than to buy diced chicken breast. but this means dicing it myself. The scissors &... more »

Great functional scissors!

24 Nov, 2017
  RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #boter Been looking for some new scissors and these not only do the job but also act as a  bottle opener nut crackers Cut cakes vegtable... more »

great buy

04 Nov, 2017
good quality kitchen scissors and the wee magnetic holder means I can always find them on my fridge door without having to empty out a drawer or 2! more »


30 Oct, 2017
How did I survive before discovering these Scissors? Best. Invention. Ever! No need to use lots of different utensils and less washing up for me. Winner!!!!! #RANKBOOSTERREVIEW #SPONSORED #TOMHU... more »

Great product

23 Oct, 2017
Great product very useful all in one item very impressed  more »

Professional multi functional cutting kitchen scissors

05 Oct, 2017
These scissors are multi functional and can be used to cut food like fruit,vegetables,garlic,ginger,meat etc.They are also a can opener,herb scissor,vegetable peeler,screw driver,bottle opener and nut... more »

Perfect Kitchen Accessory

22 Sep, 2017
I did not know that you could fit so many functions into one pair of scissors. You can tell that these were designed by someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen. From the magnetic holder to t... more »


21 Sep, 2017
One of the best buys on here. Lovely item. Would recommend  more »

A perfect buy for any kitchen

18 Sep, 2017
I bought these Professional Kitchen Scissors Cooking Scissors  as i needed some desent kitchen scissors for cooking , i was actually quite suprised as they do so much more than i was expect and t... more »


16 Sep, 2017
amazing , they are good for so many things, the way he comes apart to use as other tools enough highly recommend  more »

excellent product

13 Sep, 2017
Excellent product best kitchen scissors ive bought. would recommend more »

Very usefull item

11 Sep, 2017
This is a fantastic item and very usefull. i would highly recommend that this item is purchased, its amazing quality and superb value for money. would make a great addition to anyones collection. this... more »


10 Sep, 2017
Brilliant these so many things u can do with them deffenty a must for the kitchen draw  more »