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Product Information
INFMETRY 90 Pcs Capsule Letters, \"Message in a Bottle\" Glass Favor Bottle
4.69 / 5   (16 Reviews)
Price: $14.00


Cute and novelty pill capsule design - 90 Pcs Capsule Letters and one glass bottle
There is a blank piece of paper inside the pill, you can write whatever you would like on it
A great way to show your feeling to others if you do not have courage to speak out
Perfect gift for girlfriend or boyfriend
Message in SMS? How about a message in a capsule. There are 90 capsules in a bottle, so the only problem is what you want to tell your lover? Write a secret love note to cure her/him broken heart every meal, every day. Or just like the boy in the movie \"Millionaire\'s First Love\" which is a romantic tear jerker movie, asking her to \"eat\" it every day to tell her the adore and miss he didn\'t say before. Small but potent, a definite cure for sure!


Great way to say i love you

31 Mar, 2018
I filled this bottle with little love notes for my grandson to have one each year on his birthday. It was easy to write and assemble the pills and i just love the idea and design. If I could change th... more »

Message in a bottle = Marriage

08 Jan, 2018
As I was traveling, I gave one of my close friend this bottle. I don't like why, but at that time it was callng his name,  He surprised his GF with a proposal using this bottle. ... more »

Great Idea For a Child!

07 Nov, 2017
This bottle was initially smaller than I thought it was, but it still served its purpose. I bought these to give to my children, to give them little pick me ups and quotes whenever they want.  If... more »

Great novelty item

15 Oct, 2017
Very Very cute. I had a ball passing these around at my party. Most people didnt use them but it was indeed a conversation topic. more »


10 Oct, 2017
These are very cute and would make a good gift for someone or to leae i message for your parner in there lunch  i do not see useing them for kids because they look like pills and they might ea... more »

Message In a Bottle

09 Oct, 2017
 This cute Message In a Bottle by #INFMETRY is a neat little gift to give someone you love! It has 90 "capsules" inside of it, each contains a little scroll of paper. They are blank &am... more »

So cute! This thing is so damn cute.

05 Oct, 2017
So cute! This thing is so damn cute, I don't want to give it away! I had intended to give it to one of my children who was in the military however I don't think I'm going to do that anymor... more »


03 Oct, 2017
You would never think that this product would bring so many smiles to sosmeone's face but it has. I sat over my coffee and wrote little notes of encouragement and good wishes and some added love t... more »

Such a romantic and sweet idea!

02 Oct, 2017
I have always been a romantic and love writing sweet love messages to my husband and when I saw this "Message in a Bottle" Glass Favor Bottle, I just had to have it.  I knew I had to su... more »

Novel idea

02 Oct, 2017
This is a unique concept.You get 90 pc of capsules in here.The capsules have a small piece of paper rolled up inside.You can write your message in here and give it as gift.The capsules all come in a s... more »

Great for games and drawing winners

02 Oct, 2017
Got it for my daughter's bday party game. We wrote different messages and kids acted out, some I used for drawing the prize for the games. The colorful capsules looked very attractive and everyone... more »

Message in a bottle

02 Oct, 2017
Wow! This is adorable! Not kidding! Comes in a glass bottle! The papers are sweetly rolled with a metal golden ring around them inside the pills. They easily unroll so you can write your message. The... more »

Message in a Bottle

01 Oct, 2017
My #Sponsored #RankBoosterReview on my #INFMETRY  90 Pcs Capsule Letters, "Message in a Bottle" Glass Favor Bottle! This is such a cute idea, too adorable.. I do wish the wri... more »


29 Sep, 2017
GOOD more »